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By Rob Baumann – General Manager Of Motorcycling South Australia Inc.

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1 By Rob Baumann – General Manager Of Motorcycling South Australia Inc.

2 Overview A representation of all Recreational Users Recreational Users Overview The Role of Controlling Bodies Motorcycling SA Information Motorcycle Information What recreational users require and why Problems Associated What the Controlling Bodies have to offer The role Motorcycling South Australia is playing Potential Solutions Conclusion Controlling Body Contact Details

3 Recreational Users Overview Todays presentation is to provide an overview on some of the Recreational Users of Local Government Land. Some of this use is legal and some illegal. This presentation is also to provide some information on the Controlling Bodies for both Motorcycles and Motor Vehicles. My background is largely in Motorcycles, specifically Off Road Motorcycles, so this presentation is directed with this in mind. However, there is a large cross over in use and needs of users from both groups and participants from both groups populate the same areas for the same reason. It is largely the size of the vehicle that varies in this.

4 The Role of Controlling Bodies Most sports and recreation types are governed or sanctioned by a controlling body. Everything from Aussie Rules to Motorcycling and everything in between. Controlling bodies are designed to provide some sort of structure to sport. This can be in a number of forms. From providing a playing environment to implementing rules and regulations. Controlling Bodies assist to provide a fair and level playing field. Whilst most controlling bodies relate to a competition background, a large number of the individual sports (such as motorcycling and cycling to name a few) also provide services to recreational users. These services are provided as these recreational users is where new memberships and growth of the sport largely come from. As most controlling bodies are membership based, the services provided relate directly to the members and the current status of the sport. This is where land use comes into it. Part of ensuring the long term success of any sport is finding a way to provide playing areas for the sport and recreation.

5 Motorcycling SA Information Motorcycling South Australia is one such controlling body. The Mission Statement for MSA includes - is committed to the Development and Growth of Motorcycle Sport and Recreation Activities in this State. MSA is a non-profit organisation that is controlled by its members. The role of MSA is to provide a safe and controlled environment for motorcycle sport and recreation in South Australia. The history of MSA is very large. The organisation was founded in 1911 when motorcycle racing commenced at the Adelaide Oval. It has had various name changes throughout the years and it is state branch of the national body – Motorcycling Australia. The services provided by MSA include: Event Promotion Competitor Licensing and Insurance Club Development Sport Inclusion and Development Volunteer Training and Support Coaching and Officiating Riding Facilities Whilst we are largely a competition focussed organisation, the recreation side of motorcycling is very important. Future growth of the sport relies on the recreational users as this is where a large percentage of future memberships come from. Also land use is a huge issue as both the competition and recreational users require locations to participate in the sport. Whether these areas are used for practice or social use.

6 Motorcycle Information Following is some statistics relating to motorcycles in South Australia. MSA membership base for 2008 was 9629 members with 6534 of these holding annual licences with the organisation Of the Licence holders in 2008, 904 were senior competition riders, 421 junior competition riders and 5209 non-competition or recreational riders MSA has 40 affiliated clubs across the state covering the bulk of the state Of the 40 clubs, 33 have their own riding facilities In the first 6 months of the year, the association has held 425 non-competitive or recreational activities and 100 competitive activities Of the 425 non-competitive activities over 2/3 of these are for practice or ride days A recent survey was conducted in Western Australia which showed that one in four people had a motorcycle across the WA population. Our state is one of the smaller motorcycling states in Australia largely based on population MSA reaches approximately 1/3 of the motorcycle riding community in South Australia MSA has no ties or links to the outlaw bikie groups As you can see, the motorcycling community is far greater than what most people think. Now add to this the number of 4WD vehicles you see on the road each day and you can start to understand the size of the issues relating to land use and in particular, illegal land use for recreational purposes.

7 What Recreational Users Require and Why Most recreational users do respect the law and have an understanding as to why they are in place. Illegal land use comes from a number of reasons. Some for reasons of the thrill of braking the law. Most simply come from the lack of available options. This is more evident the closer to the Adelaide Metro area that the land is. What recreational users want is very simple. Basically they want somewhere to enjoy their hobby or pastime. Be that driving down a track or challenging themselves on an obstacle. Really they are no different than anyone. Where the land access issue comes into it is that in South Australia, suitable locations are hard to find unless you directly know a farmer or similar who has this terrain on their property. Why they do this is for many forms. Pleasure, challenge, fun, freedom – the list goes on. Users of government land comes in many forms. They all use for the same reason. Be it a footy oval to kick a ball, a jetty to fish from or a government reserve to drive through. The difference comes in the access and availability of these areas and the consequent environmental impacts from the different uses. From a motorcycling perspective, MSA is very aware of these needs and have worked hard to ensure that we can cater to needs and requirements of the recreational rider. This means working hard to ensure club facilities are open as often as possible, owning our own properties and educating the wider motorcycling community on safe, controlled and legal riding.

8 Problems Associated As with any land use, there is a number of issues. These include: Environmental Impacts Accidents Legal Liability Noise A big problem with recreational users and land use is the control aspect. How do you control the person and how do you ensure that they follow and use the land correctly.

9 What the Controlling Bodies have to Offer The controlling bodies play a vital role in Land Access issues for a council or government department. These bodies all have specialist trained staff with a large amount of knowledge and experience to assist in many ways including: Education programs Land Management The same land management and access issues that councils face, so too does the controlling bodies. Controlling bodies also have the ability to directly access the specific component of the population that needs targeting. This component includes members, recreation users, other facilities and the industry. Controlling bodies also have the same end goal. That is to ensure that access is controlled legally to allow for the sport and recreation to continue into the future.

10 The role Motorcycling SA is Playing We are well aware of the problems illegal use of recreational vehicles cause. Not only for councils, but also for our sport. Bad reports of activities hurt everyone. The region that we have been most involved with so far is the Murray Mallee region where we have been working together with councils, the NRM board and concerned residents to address various problems. Whilst we only have direct power over our members, we can still assist and advise on various issues. These issues in the past relate to noise, track building and illegal use of road verges. As mentioned previously, we have also worked hard to ensure our facilities and the facilities of our clubs are open more regularly to provide a location for some of these riders to go. We have also purchased more land to assist this further. On top of this, we have been involved with the DEH in reviewing land access policies and even joined the NRM in an ABC radio interview on land access in the Murray Mallee.

11 Potential Solutions This is the easy one to say, but the hard one to make happen. Possible solutions include: Greater access to government land Designated areas and trails (similar to the Mountain Bike Park at Eagle on the Hill) More ride parks and 4WD parks Joint Education Programs Co-promotion of specific events in government land areas to limit use (such as trail bike rallies or tag along 4WD tours) Whilst some of these solutions are hard to make happen and may not be the solution some parties are seeking, MSA is of the belief that access and use of the government land is inevitable and that some use needs to be recognised. We are also of the belief that closing down areas (such as has occurred at Pelican Point) is only a band aid solution to the bigger problem. Recreational use will occur whether areas are closed down fully or not.

12 Conclusion In closing this presentation, I want to highlight to all that all controlling bodies involved with land access are there to assist all government agencies and councils. We all have the same goals. If nothing else, I hope that this presentation has been educational to all to provide the information that we want to help to provide a sustainable land management program to allow the future of recreational use of vehicles such as motorcycles and 4WDs.

13 Contact Details Motorcycling South Australia Inc. 251 The Parade Beulah Park SA 5067 Phone: 08 83329000 Fax: 08 83329100 Website: Email: General Manager: Rob Baumann SA Association of 4WD Clubs PO Box 178 Enfield Plaza SA 5058 Phone: 08 83590627 E-mail: Website:

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