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Online Bengali Newspapers: A Comparative Study

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1 Online Bengali Newspapers: A Comparative Study
Presented By: ASHIS BISWAS Librarian Gurunanak Institute of Dental Science & Research, Kolkata.

2 Introduction Newspapers are the most prominent sources of current information. Online version is more helpful to access the global information by overcoming all geographical limits. Users may access irrespective of their location. Thus it fulfils the law, ‘Information for all’. Also known as web newspaper, it exists on the WWW either separately or as an online version of a printed periodical. Much like printed versions, they too have the same legal boundaries. Editors of online medium consider that many political, social and sport events could be published online faster, competing TV and radio. Sangbad Pratidin ( has launched the first Bengali website in Bengali in India.

3 Objective To locate the readers of Indian online Bengali newspapers.
To compare the online Bengali newspapers from different perspectives. To identify the impact of online Bengali newspapers in Bengali newspaper market. To identify the advantages and limitations of online Bengali newspapers.

4 Readers of Online Bengali Newspapers
Bengali is the national and official language of Bangladesh and one of the 23 national languages recognized by India. It is the official language of West Bengal and the co-official language of Tripura, Cachar District of southern Assam and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 67% Bengalis who use internet read online Bengali newspapers. Majority of readership is in the age group of years. Professionals in the IT, education and media fields constitute almost half (48%) the readership. A large number of NRI Bengalis read online Bengali newspapers. Proportion of female readers is considerably smaller than male readers – only 13%.

5 Scope and Coverage To conduct this study 11 online Bengali newspapers have been taken into consideration. They are: Aajkaal Abasar Anandabazar Patrika Bartaman Daily Desher Katha Ganashakti Goldnews Samayik Prasanga Sangbad Pratidin Century Sangabad Uttarbanga Sambad

6 Comparative Analysis Publication and Distribution
Presentation of News Items Option for Updated Breaking News Running Headlines News Sections Arrangement of Pages Hyperlink News Search Option Provision for Back Issues RSS Feed Focus Area of News Bengali Font PDF Version Photography or Image

7 Impact of Online Bengali Newspapers
It is only in the last few years that Bengali newspapers have entered a more temperate period, in which publishers gradually work towards finding the appropriate place for online version of newspapers in news market. Bengali NRIs find easy access to Bengali newspapers and keep themselves updated about political cultural and social issues. These save time for many internet savvy Bengalis. Advertisements. Evolved into a profitable industry.

8 Advantages Online newspapers are seamless and can also add technologies. Free of charge and easily accessible. Online editions lend themselves to use as a research medium. More stories on the front page are available. Offers links to internal archives. Online configuration encourages users to control the flow of information.

9 Limitations Online Bengali newspapers sometimes fail to open.
No RSS feed. Updated breaking news is only provided in Anandabazar Patrika.

10 Conclusion The advent of internet has not spared the newspapers. The newspaper publishers all over the world are facing the challenge to compete with other electronic media. Good online Bengali newspapers should publish verifiable news in real-time i.e., live. They should incorporate news updates and RSS feed to gain more popularity and consequently a larger global circulation.


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