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Turkey & Middle East Distributor

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1 Turkey & Middle East Distributor
Tel: (pbx) Fax:      

2 Mission of PARAMED “To improve people’s lives by helping healthcare providers detect, diagnose, treat and prevent diseases using the best imaging technology available, while providing the most comfortable patient experience possible.”

3 About PARAMED Paramed was born in 1998 with a specific concept in mind: designing, building and commercializing MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) systems which were patient friendly and capable of reducing any discomfort caused by the MRI exam. Half of the employees have an R&D background and work towards new concepts like "open architecture" scanners or dedicated systems customized to serve the orthopedists or the sport medicine, rather than the breast radiologists and the brain surgeons. Paramed MRI systems are sold in USA and Europe. The strive towards innovation is also being carried out through a strategic partnership with ASG Superconductors and Columbus Superconductors, two companies belonging to the Malacalza Group and dealing with superconducting magnets technologies (the core of any modern MRI system). Thanks to this cooperation, Paramed is the world's only company to make use of a recently discovered material (the magnesium diboride) in its systems, therefore positioning its products at a technological leading edge.

4 MrJ 2200 A whole new dimension in Orthopedic Imaging

5 MrJ covers all applications:
C-SPINE L- SPINE SHOULDER HIP (Dual Femur) ELBOW WRIST (Hand) KNEE ANKLE TMJ (mouth) NEW ! Orthopedic Applications NEW ! Orthopedic Applications

6 An MRI system designed specifically for Orthopedic Imaging.
Very best technical solutions to guarantee superior image quality. Leader in dedicated MRI

7 Advantages of MrJ 2200 Easy to install Extremely reliable
Can accommodate high patient volumes Best cost / quality ratio available

8 MrJ 2200 It blends the operative flexibility of a compact dedicated orthopedic system and the performances of the state of the art whole body scanners Its flexible hardware platform is able to handle coils with MAX technology with up to 8 receiving channels, ensuring future evolution in coil technology will be integrated seamlessly

9 Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being closed in, so the below equation is real for claustrophobic patients Conventional MRI

10 MrJ 2200 permits greater exam flexibility with a relaxed non-claustrophobic patient

11 Site Plan MrJ 2200 is the most compact and light weight system in the orthopedic market segment; it can be installed virtually in any clinical environment. It only needs max 16m². MrJ is 0,22 Tesla. Also it has FAST-RISE sequence with TURBO FACTOR 9.

12 MrJ 2200 includes: Complete MR imaging of joints
Multiplanar FLS (Flash Localizer System) Fast Sequences package DICOM Print, Store, Worklist-MPPS

13 MrJ 2200 brings comfort A result of a careful study of ergonomics
Largest magnet opening Wide patient table Extremely quiet gradients Non-claustrophobic approach reducing patient anxiety and movement artifacts.

14 Everything about the MrJ 2200 is designed to accommodate even the most-difficult-to examine-patient. From the easily accessible and comfortable exam table to the wide array of flexible coils to the truly open experience, the MrJ allows examinations to move quickly, with positive patient experiences and superior image quality. All patients, whether obese, claustrophobic or those patients that require non-traditional patient positioning due to painful injury can be treated in comfort and with the highest confidence.

15 Wide array of Coils Shoulder Lumbar Spine Knee Ankle Wrist / Hand

16 Image scans of MrJ 2200 Knee FSE T2 Hip T1 Shoulder GFE Shoulder STIR

17 XT MrJ 2200 The XT MrJ 2200 was developed to extend the performance of the MrJ 2200 to accommodate Cervical and Lumbar spine applications, as well as new pulse sequences and dedicated clinical protocols.

18 Extending what’s possible in Orthopedic MRI
Extended performance of XT MrJ 2200 Increased Field Of View, up to 26 cm Additional set of dedicated coils C-Spine Imaging L-Spine Imaging Extended software and sequences of XT MrJ 2200 Presaturation/Flow compensation Multi-slab multi-angle acquisition New Fast-RISE sequences with Turbo Factor 9 New dedicated clinical protocols

19 More Image Scans of MrJ 2200 and XT MrJ 2200

20 More Image Scans of MrJ 2200 and XT MrJ 2200
TMJ, GFE T2 closed mouth TMJ, GFE T2, open mouth

21 More Image Scans of MrJ 2200 and XT MrJ 2200
L-Spine. SE T1, FAST RISE T2 C-Spine. SE T1, FAST RISE T2

22 More Image Scans of MrJ 2200 and XT MrJ 2200
Knee. GFE STIR Hip. SE T1 Shoulder. GFE STIR Wrist, GFE T1

23 Turkey & Middle East & Asia Distributor
Tel: (pbx) Fax:      

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