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Loreto College St Stephens Green PrincipalMs Tríona Barrett Deputy PrincipalMs Mary Mc Ateer.

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1 Loreto College St Stephens Green PrincipalMs Tríona Barrett Deputy PrincipalMs Mary Mc Ateer

2 Information for Parents Class 2014-2020

3 History of the College 180 years on the Green The 1986 Fire The newly built school Recent developments

4 The College Philosophy The Loreto philosophy of education is centered in God and rooted in Gospel values where truth, freedom, justice, sincerity and joy find expression. It is inspired by the words and actions of Mary Ward and Ignatius Loyola

5 We hope that our graduates will be capable of developing and deepening a relationship with God, and of seeking to find Him in all things. be happy, friendly, and self-confident, with a sense of humour and an awareness of their God-given gifts and the need to continue to develop them. have a generosity of spirit and a readiness to place their talents at the disposal of others, especially the most needy. be motivated and prepared to take their place in the community and to contribute selflessly to the common good. Proud of having belonged to a Loreto College with due respect for its values and those who taught them.

6 Our Mission Statement In an atmosphere of mutual respect and justice, we are a community that aims to provide a rich and diverse curriculum catering for the needs of each individual student. We provide a holistic education wherein we strive for excellence in the pursuit of knowledge. Social concerns and spiritual values are central to our educational philosophy, while sporting and cultural endeavours are encouraged. Each student is challenged to realise her full potential and to recognise the dignity of each human being.

7 We ask you …… To support our ethos To encourage participation in liturgy To recognise that all we do is underpinned by a commitment to faith and faith development To actively embrace the values which your daughter will encounter here

8 School Day Monday, Wednesday & Friday 08:55-15:20 Tuesday & Thursday 08:55-16:00 Day begins with a Reflection on the intercom at 08:58.

9 School Day Monday 08:55-14:408 x 35 min. classes 14:40-15:201 x 40 min. class Break10:40 - 10:50 Lunch12:35 - 13:30

10 School Day Tuesday and Thursday 08:55-16:009 x 40 min. classes Break10:15 - 10:25 Lunch12:25 - 13:20

11 School Day Wednesday and Friday 08:55-15:208 x 40 min. classes Break10:15 - 10:25 Lunch12:25 - 13:20

12 School Day Typical Monday 08:55Options 09:30Maths 10:05Irish 10:50History 11:25English 12:00Religion 13:30Physical Education 14:05Physical Education 14:40Geography

13 Facilities Sports Hall3 Science Labs Oratory2 Art Rooms Library2 Kitchens Assembly HallMusic Room Conference Room Canteen (Gerards) – breakfast and lunch

14 Liturgy Morning Prayer in the Oratory every Friday morning at 08:30 Four Folk Masses take place throughout the year on Saturdays at 18:30 Retreat Programme Grandparents Mass Carol Service Full School Mass Marking of all Seasonal Events

15 Extra-Curricular Activities MusicCeiliúrWind Ensemble Folk GroupChamber Group Orchestra SportSoccerTable Tennis Gaelic FootballAthletics CamogieHockey BasketballCross-Country Gymnastics Social JusticeMission PossibleJPIC St Vincent de PaulAmnesty Model United Nations EnvironmentEvergreen OtherDebatingYoung Scientist DramaPop-up Art Workshops

16 Class Allocation Classes are mixed ability Ordinary level classes are organised where there is a need in Irish and Maths

17 Subjects for Junior Cert Gaeilge Maths English History Geography Science CSPE RE Choir SPHE PE Music Art Business Home Economics French Spanish German Latin

18 Transition Year Gaeilge Maths English Science Commerce Careers PE RE Community Work Placement (2 weeks) Work Placement (2 weeks) Computers Cookery for Today Classical Studies Ideology & International Relations Mini Company City Quay Modern Irish Politics French Spanish German Italian for Fun Additional subjects on the timetable are: Music/Drama, Debating, Aerobics and RSE Activities: Martial Arts, First Aid, Skiing, Pilates, Introduction to Law, Samba Drumming, Road Safety Awareness, Modern Dance, Computer Safety, Fire Safety, Song School, Aromatherapy.

19 Leaving Cert Subjects Gaeilge Maths English Biology Chemistry Physics Accounting Business Economics Music Art Home Economics Geography History Latin Applied Mathematics French Spanish German

20 Assessment o Continuous Assessment in terms 1 and 2 for all years o Mock exams for 3 rd and 6 th years in February o Summer exams for all o Reports sent to parents three times a year

21 Levels Chosen by Students 89 students in Leaving Certificate 2012 class Higher LevelOrd. Level Irish73*13* English890 Maths6128 At present the full 89 students are doing Higher Level in all other subjects.

22 Special Needs Education o In December 2013 parents will be invited by letter to inform us of any existing psychological reports or special educational needs. o Individual meetings are arranged in the May preceding entry. o Learning Support/Resource o Very active Learning Support Department.

23 Admissions 2014 96 places available 30 go to Loreto Junior School 2 places will be offered under the new scholarship scheme 64 places allocated according to the following criteria: Sisters of current or former students Daughters of staff members Nieces of Loreto Sisters Daughters of past students Names on the Admissions list The first name for 2014 was recorded on: 15 th May 2001

24 Dates 21 days from today 1 st round 7 days to return docs 2 nd round etc…

25 Procedures 1. Green form to be completed this evening 2. In the next 21 days successful applicants will be offered a place 3. The place must be accepted within 7 days (deposit of 1,000 and Registration of 32 to be included with acceptance) 4. Letter will then be sent securing the place 5. In the event of non-acceptance, the place is automatically offered to the next applicant on the waiting list

26 Thank you Questions Welcome

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