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The United States of America By Ana Losada Pérez.

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1 The United States of America By Ana Losada Pérez

2 1)The USA is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC 2) It has got 50 states located in NORTH AMERICA: CANADA MEXICO Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean

3 3) It has got 300 million people: the AMERICANS 4)It is the FIRST WORLD POWER: economic, political, military and cultural influence 5) Todays PRESIDENT is George W. Bush:

4 6) ORIGINS:INDEPENDENCE of 13 colonies from Great Britain: 4th JULY 1776 INDEPENDENCE DAY: 4th July


6 - The WHITE HOUSE (home of the President):

7 8) Important AMERICAN CITIES: MANHATTAN (New York): Financial power


9 LOS ANGELES: homeland of cinema

10 BEVERLY HILLS: A meeting point for celebrities and the high society

11 DALLAS: famous for its oil plantations

12 9) The AMERICAN DREAM: A person can live better thanks to hard work, courage, intelligence and freedom American ideals: 1)Democracy 2) Work, welfare and economic success 3) Patriotism

13 10) EMBLEMS of the USA: The FLAG It dates back to 1776 (American Independence). It has got 50 stars that represent the 50 states It has got 13 stripes (white and red) that represent the 13 colonies

14 NEW YORK It is the biggest and most emblematic city, the centre of business, music and art

15 SYMBOLS OF NEW YORK: The Statue of Liberty (freedom), yellow cabs and skyscrapers


17 AMERICAN FOOD: Hamburger and chips Apple pie

18 BASKETBALL: THE N.B.A. Basketball teams: Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Nicks Players: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille ONeal

19 HOLLYWOOD: The center of CINEMA The Academy Awards or Oscars Films:

20 AMERICAN MUSIC The USA is the birthplace of rock, jazz, blues, soul, rap… Elvis Presley: The King of Rock Louis Amstrong: The King of Jazz

21 Eminem: The King of Rap


23 MILITARY POWER: The Pentagon


25 1. What is the capital city of the United States? a)New York b) Washington c) Chicago 2. Who is the present president of the USA? a) Benjamin Franklin b) Theodore Roosevelt c) George W. Bush 3. What is the countrys official currency? a) US Dollar b) The Sterling Pound c) The Euro FINAL TEST:

26 4. Where is Hollywood? a) In Los Angeles b) in Miami c) in Kansas 5. When was the Independence of the USA? a) 4th July 1776 b)5th March 1926 c)4th July 1789 6. Who was the King of Rock? a) Louis Amstrong b) John Lennon c) Elvis Presley 7. What does the Statue of Liberty represent? a) Beauty b) Freedom c) Power

27 8. What city is the centre of business? a) Detroit b) New York c) Miami 9. What is the most popular sport in the USA? a) basketball b) football c) tennis 10. What are the typical American dishes? a) hamburger, fries, and apple pie b) pizza and spaghetti c) bacon and eggs 11. How many stars does the flag have? a) fifty b) forty-five c) forty

28 12. Which of these films has more Academy Awards? a) Casablanca b) The Wizard of Oz c) Titanic

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