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2 Distribution of Survey Participants with respect to gender DİYARBAKIR-2013

3 Distribution of Participants with respect to Nationalities In the graphic below, the number of golf visitors from Germany is 114; 37 from England; 26 from Austria; 9 from Holland; 8 from Scotland; 3 from Sweden. Their main motivation for visit is not merely golf. They also visit for holiday, business and recreational purposes. DİYARBAKIR-2013

4 Educational background of survey participants: As the educational background of participants is analyzed it surfaces that high school graduates constitute the greatest share. 22 participants avoided answering this question, 73 reported to be high school graduates, 32 with a masters degree, 31 college degree, 32 elementary-secondary education diploma and lastly 31 PhD graduates. DİYARBAKIR-2013

5 Age interval of survey participants Below graphic illustrates age interval of participants. The most frequented age is 48 and the average age is 49. The smallest age 10, the highest age 76. As the ages are grouped by 10 people, 30 - 40 are interval is the most frequented interval with 53 people. Next comes 40 – 50 age interval. The least frequented group is 20 – 30 age group. DİYARBAKIR-2013

6 Frequency of golf playing of survey participants Percentage based distribution of total 196 answers provided by foreign visitors participating the survey is as below given. Of all the foreign visitors in Turkey, a ratio of 65% play golf few times in a week in their routine life. A comparison of golf playing frequency between men and women revealed that in men golf play tendency a few times in a week is 65,4% and the same tendency amidst women participants is 64,5%. That is a finding proving the fact that golf is not a gender- specific sport but quite the opposite it is way of valuing life via sport not making life a sport all alone. DİYARBAKIR-2013

7 The other countries survey participants visited for golf playing As the visitors have been asked which countries they visited for golf playing the first country is Spain (64,04%) followed by Portugal (34,98%). The USA is close to Portugal and ranks third, France fourth (30,54%), South Africa fifth (23,65%) as listed in the order above. DİYARBAKIR-2013

8 Greece Indonesia Barbados Canary Islands Maldives Jamaica Slovenia Cuba Dominic Republic Sweden Cyprus Bali Hungary Holland Japan Caribbean Islands Germany Morocco Egypt Thailand Scotland Belgium Switzerland Tunisia Austria England Ireland Italy South Africa France USA Portugal Spain DİYARBAKIR-2013

9 Information Channels Playing Role in Survey Participants Selection of Turkey The foreign visitors have been asked about information channels playing role in their selection of Turkey as golf destination. 102 participants have answered as a friends suggestion. This is quite a familiar response in Turkeys tourism image. Due to the negative Turkey image persistent in some of the visitors minds Turkey as a country misses the chance to exhibit its full potential. Package tours Media Friends suggestion Prior visits to Turkey DİYARBAKIR-2013

10 Features Regarded as Essential in Golf Regions and an Overall Analysis of Golf Region in Turkey The next question involved the features golfers paid heeds to in places they selected to play golf and the level of importance they attached to such features. Next they have been asked to rank the performance of Turkeys golf regions according to these specific features. In the subsequent graphic these two features have been contrasted via column graphic method. It has been acknowledged that the foremost features golf playing visitors seek are quality and hygiene in accommodation facilities. The average point attributed to this feature is 9,02 out of 10- point system. The score Turkey received from the same quality is 8,36. Second most important feature is quality of golf courses and this feature bears 8,99 points. Foreign visitors gave Turkey 8,61 points for this criterion. Third most important feature has been weather conditions and the feature posed an importance of 8,71 points and Turkey received total 9,08 points for this criterion. Fourthly comes security with a score of 8,33 and Turkey received total 8,49 points for this criterion. Fifth most important feature for golfer tourists has been total cost of golf playing and this feature had 7,93 points. DİYARBAKIR-2013

11 Features Regarded as Essential in Golf Regions and an Overall Analysis of Golf Region in Turkey In terms of overall cost the score given to Turkey has been 7,96. Quality restaurants as the sixth most important feature pointed towards 7,92 and Turkeys score from this criterion has been 7,12. Seventh most important feature has been transportation means with 7,73 points. In this criterion Turkey with a total score of 7,80 is comparatively higher than the average score. Eighth feature for golf tourists is nature with a score of 7,15. The total score Turkey received from nature and natural beauties is 6,98. The ninth most important feature is package tours with a score of 6,43. In terms of package tours the visitors gave 7,77 points to Turkey. The tenth most important feature is sunbathing and swimming opportunities and its importance level is 6,35. DİYARBAKIR-2013

12 Features Regarded as Essential in Golf Regions and an Overall Analysis of Golf Region in Turkey In terms of coastline opportunities Turkey has been awarded with a score of 7,19. In the light of provided answers for foreign visitors it appears that entertainment and night life activities, other alternatives of sport, shopping facilities and historical places bear less importance. In the graphic below importance levels and success scores are listed comparatively. Collectively in 11 features Turkeys success ratio is higher than attributed importance level by the foreign visitors. Nonetheless in four features Turkey has failed to meet the standards. Even more, of all these four features two are the most signified ones (quality and hygiene of accommodation facilities and golf course quality). DİYARBAKIR-2013

13 Features Regarded as Essential in Golf Regions and an Overall Analysis of Golf Region in Turkey DİYARBAKIR-2013

14 Analyzed features: 1.Quality and Hygiene of Accommodation places 2. Quality of Golf Courses 3. Weather Conditions 4. Security 5. Overall Cost of Golf Playing 6. Quality Restaurants 7. Transportation Means 9. Nature 10. Package Tours 11. Sunbathing and Swimming Opportunities 12. Entertainment and Night Life 13. Other Sport Activities in the Region 14. Shopping 15.Historical Places and Museums DİYARBAKIR-2013

15 Turkeys score in terms of features attributed to golf regions The table below provides a detailed illustration of the data Turkeys score in terms of features attributed to golf regions GenderMaleFemaleTotal AverageSStd. DeviationAverageSStd. DeviationAverageS Std. Deviation Quality and Hygiene of Accommodation places 8,18122,001,438,7458,001,258,36180,001,40 Quality of Golf Courses8,46125,001,328,9158,001,088,61183,001,26 Weather Conditions8,99119,001,229,2756,000,829,08175,001,11 Security8,39119,001,418,6955,001,598,49174,001,47 Overall Cost of Golf Playing7,89123,001,888,1157,001,657,96180,001,81 Quality Restaurants6,97115,002,067,4454,002,137,12169,002,09 Transportation Means7,64107,001,878,1250,001,607,80157,001,80 Nature6,94109,001,867,0849,002,226,98158,001,97 Package Tours7,6592,001,888,0537,001,867,77129,001,88 Sunbathing and Swimming Opportunities 6,9793,002,097,6942,001,807,19135,002,02 Entertainment and Night Life5,7991,002,346,6436,002,596,03127,002,43 Other Sport Activities in the Region6,0489,002,476,1637,002,616,08126,002,50 Shopping5,76101,002,186,0746,002,125,86147,002,16 Historical Places and Museums5,83114,002,756,3946,002,865,99160,002,79 DİYARBAKIR-2013

16 The Countries listed by survey participants as the most favorable countries with golf regions Scores and Ranks of Favored Countries RankCountryScore 1Turkey456 2Spain236 3Germany189 4Portugal141 5USA123 6South Africa96 7Austria85 8France59 9Italy48 10England46 11Iceland46 12Thailand37 13Scotland28 14Holland14 DİYARBAKIR-2013

17 In the new list prepared accordingly, Turkey ranks first with 456 points and followed by Spain with half of a score (236). Germany with 189 points comes after Spain then Portugal in fourth rank with 141 scores. The U.S. with 123 scores ranks fifth. That table illustrates the countries survey participants reported to favored most to play golf. Thanks for listening DİYARBAKIR-2013


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