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University of Salford Andrew Kemp MediaCityUK Whats it all about 26 th April 2010.

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1 University of Salford Andrew Kemp MediaCityUK Whats it all about 26 th April 2010

2 What is MediaCityUK all about? How will we play our part? How can you play your part? A partnership for our customers and citizens


4 The Build Phase (£500+ million Peel & £50 million Public Sector) 51% of the workforce are from Greater Manchester 2,143 people have been trained 56% of contracts awarded to Greater Manchester contractors 1,669 students, teachers and advisers involved in the project to date Over £50k raised for charity Delivery Phase 1 Office space – 700,000 ft 2 (65,032 m 2 ) spread across five buildings Studio block – 250,000 ft 2 (23,225 m 2 ) – 7 TV and 2 audio; one dedicated to BBC Philharmonic Retail and leisure space – 80,000 sq ft (7,432 sq m) divided into units 378 apartments, divided between two towers 218 bed hotel Five-acre public realm area, including piazza, capable of holding 4,000 people Tram terminus, extending the current tram line Foot bridge across the Manchester Ship Canal, linking Salford Quays with Trafford Wharf 300 cycle bays Multi-storey car park with approximately 2,200 spaces Facts and Figures

5 The Community BBC moving 2500 staff from 2011 Radio 5 Live, Childrens, Sport, Learning and Future Media and Technology and BBC Manchester University of Salford over 1000 students and staff Large Media/Digital/Arts/Computer Science capacity Large PGT and PGR facility Commercial hub for integration with commerce – Local, Regional, National and International A front door to the local community and its citizens North West Vision and Media Global-Local retailers 1000+ businesses Public sector services The Technology 18 million meters of fibre High bandwidth with on demand expansion to move multi media around the globe Next generation voice, broadband and data connectivity Connectivity to global media and broadcast networks Facts and Figures

6 City Life Integrated with Lowry, Old Trafford and Imperial War Museum Shops, bars and cafes etc 378 apartments Two areas landscaped parkland leading to Trams terminus and large open piazza with a capacity of 5000 Visitors, employees, residents and students Skills and Talent Manchester is home to the second largest Media/Digital cluster in Europe 20,000 companies and 15,000 employees in this sector in the North west 18 Universities with 1 hour drive time 300 media related courses and in excess of 15000 students studying computer science related subjects (MIDAS) Outputs 200 acre site 1.5 billion boost to local economy over the next five years 1000 plus businesses 15,000 jobs over the next five years New ways of doing business locally and globally A true hybrid of partners to create a leading edge digital capability and opportunity Facts and Figures


8 Education and Human capital development Opening opportunities for all through digital content and distribution to point of consumption to align with customer lifestyles. Re-skilling at all levels in new media and digital capability for both economic and social benefit. Delivering to learners new tools and environments from which to learn and innovate Offering leading edge programmes from UG/PG, to CPD that are developed with industry, with digital and media at their core. Offering true on the Doorstep partnerships to deliver blended learning and development with commercial and non-commercial partners locally. Providing a modern, rich cultural environment in which to incubate future talent from the young to the older members of society and all members of the community in between. Community engagement The public transport network will become a key strategic asset. Our expertise in advanced visualisation and digital media will enable innovative curriculum development that meets the needs of learners who must combine study with part-time work and family responsibilities. MediaCityUK will be a sub-community within itself and we are working with all parties to ensure the facility blends in with the local and wider communities in all aspects from work to leisure, education to health. Work is underway in developing a resident-wide calendar of events for the public realm areas and the main piazza The aim is to make the venue a destination of choice and to ensure it is vibrant, interesting and multi faceted and that it evolves both organically and in a managed and exciting way. How will we play our part?

9 Wealth creation The integration of media and digital capability will be a key driver for the economy moving forward Competition will be wider and faster in response MediaCityUK will be a key enabler and provider to the economy, and therefore key to the regions economic prospects and its position as leading the digital revolution MediaCityUK will drive enterprise at an individual level and provide economic opportunities to those individuals Stimulation will not all be at corporate level, but also at household level Social responsibility The facility will provide on line and off line interactions Stimulate debate and conscious behaviour from participants Use capability to enable greater Corporate Social Responsibility Allow all to practice greater social responsibility through lifestyles and stages How will we play our part?

10 The challenge and opportunity we have as a group? MinMax 1.Only Media & Digital Hub in UK 2.Collection of Industry and associated supply chain businesses 3.Enabling Technology will remove large numbers of barriers to entry 4.Enable participation from small single trader or individual learner, to global conglomerate and group learners 5.Will drive out barriers of physical location; the return of the cottage industry is a real prospect 6.Move from buyer-driven market to a customer-centric one Min Max Education and Human capital development Wealth Creation Community Engagement Social Responsibility Others Min Max

11 Programmes and Services We will be delivering:- Over 40 programmes of study ranging from UG – PG. The main theme being PGT/UGT and PGR We will have a student population of over 1,300 utilising the facility in 2011/12 We will be delivering, with Industry partners, relevant and of the time professional development courses There will be a formalised set of events/seminars/research activities & performances etc throughout the year in the public areas The events will focus on key themes:- Energy Media & Digital Economy Human Rights, Social Justice, and Security Innovation The Built Environment Health and Wellbeing There will be collaborative opportunities for all partners inside and outside the park to get involved with all activity undertaken We expect to welcome over 30,000 members of the public to events and activities throughout the year These events will range from educational visits, to active research, and performances The programmes we will offer range from:- Children's Digital Media Production Journalism, Digital Broadcast Technology, MBAs and Health Programmes The facility will be research intensive in collaboration with key industry sectors and be open to collaboration for all industry to participate with us.

12 Programmes and Services We will provide world class facilities in which to undertake these activities and are investing to achieve this. We want to partner with as many organisations as possible to achieve a shared service, shared benefit, 24 hour facility:- Facilities include HD TV Studios Radio Broadcast Studios Living Lab Research facility Central interactive display facility Media Suite Digital Media and Performance Lab Post production facilities Edit facilities Meeting rooms Lecture theatres Meeting pods Dubbing theatres Digital library services High speed interconnectivity Serviced PC and Mac Facilities General meeting space and refreshment facilities

13 University Facility


15 What does partnership look like in MediaCityUK Full supply chain integration into University operating model in the city Partnership models for all programmes from short courses to PHDs and all in between. Industry and commerce engagement: light to heavy in all programmes Joint developments and research Open partnerships with other tenants both on and off the media park Developing and delivering new ways of learning and engaging Working with community partners from all sectors Profit and not for profit models Shared services and resources to support partners through various levels of development and maturity from highly participative, to participate as you need.

16 UOS SMEs Community Partners Sponsorships IPR Developments Shared Services Course design & delivery Integrated Teaching & learning Remote access Collaborative sector experience EventsSeminars Industry engagement Conferences Training & Development Joint Developments Research The Opportunity

17 How can you get involved Talk to us after the session Suggest ways to engage with us and our tenant partners Make suggestions for new models of working and knowledge sharing Attend ongoing update sessions Tell us what you are up to and how we can get involved Lets make it happen: only 65 weeks to go before we open for business Join with US Today and moving forward

18 Thank you for your time QUESTIONS? Andrew Kemp, Programme Director 0161 295 6438

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