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casa suenos ~ A “Full Time” Charity Estate Home…

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1 casa suenos ~ A “Full Time” Charity Estate Home…
MANZANILLO . MEXICO A “Full Time” Charity Estate Home… …Helping Those In Need!


3 The closest thing to Paradise we have ever experienced. Suenos has spoiled us for life! Allen & Sandra H & Friends (Director, Ford Motor Company) Suenos under promised and over delivered beyond all possible belief! Bobby Rahal (Indy 500 (Winner/Driver/Owner) Ditto That! Michael & Marco Andretti (Indy 500 Drivers/Owners) The most awesome sunsets, in the most fabulous home, with the finest in culinary delights, and unsurpassed service …anywhere, anytime, any place!!! Lewis T & Friends (Director, Wendy’s International)

4 10,000 Sq. Ft. Marble, Granite, & Concrete, Melded Into
Exotic Etruscan Architecture Poised 60 Feet Above The Pacific On The Mexican Riviera

5 2 Pools An Open Palapa Bar 4 Sundecks

6 “BUT” Suenos Has No Bedrooms! It Does Have

7 & …All Sea Facing …5 Exotic Master Suites Fully Air Conditioned
Dolphin Paradise Fully Air Conditioned Rainforest Waterfall Palm …All Sea Facing

8 An Abundance Of Culinary Delights…
…That Will Simply Spoil You For Life!!

9 Our Very Own Spa A World Of Sport A Full Time Staff Of 5 A Very Private Beach

10 & Golf “To Die For” Pebble Beach “Step Aside”
Las Hadas by Pete Dye (18) & Pebble Beach “Step Aside” “To Die For” Golf El Tamarindo by David Fleming (18) Isla Navidad by Robert Von Hagge (27)

11 & Such An Awesome Cause! Five Couples. Seven Days. Five Staff.
Incomparable Memories. Such An Awesome Cause!

12 Award Parameters *Must Be Used Within One Year Of Auction
*Based Upon Availability At Time Of Request *Can Accommodate More Than 10 With Upgrade

13 Dig Deep! Isn’t It Amazing, How Pockets Get Deeper…
…When You Bid From Your Heart!! Dig Deep!

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