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16035 Lavenham Road Huntersville, NC 28078 - U.S.A. Phone & Fax: +1-704-992-6555

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1 16035 Lavenham Road Huntersville, NC 28078 - U.S.A. Phone & Fax: +1-704-992-6555 E-mail: Performance Architecture to go Beyond Personal Best Global Management Consultants Corporate Presentation

2 © Salum International Resources.2006 2 Corporate Presentation - Outline I.Overview II.Our Philosophy: Performance Architecture III.Our Approach: Performance Acceleration IV.Services V.Photo Gallery VI.Contact Information

3 © Salum International Resources.2006 3 I.Overview of Salum International Resources Management Consulting company focused on Performance Architecture, serving companies that utilize executive education as a strategic tool for improving organizational performance, enhancing competitiveness and changing cultures We design and deliver learning experiences in the areas of Leadership, Sales and Innovation Founded in 1993. Located in Charlotte, NC, USA Project Alliances with Global Consultancies, Executive Coaches and Management Experts World-class Advisory Board

4 © Salum International Resources.2006 4 I.Overview - Carlos Salum, President Performance Architect engaged in Performance Blueprint Design and the implementation of Performance Acceleration Training in the areas of Leadership, Sales and Innovation Trains corporate executives to develop performance blueprints that help them go Beyond Personal Best Held executive positions in information technology, sports marketing and event management companies Participated in ground-breaking research in peak performance training with some of the world's leading sport scientists: Dr. James Loehr, Dr. Nicholas Hall, Dr. Jack Groppel, Pat Etcheberry and Enrique Pisani Contributed to the careers of outstanding tennis players such as Gabriela Sabatini (U.S. Open champion, 1990) and Sergi Bruguera (French Open champion, 1993-94), the Italian Davis Cup Team (1991-92), among many others Organized exclusive corporate events featuring world-renowned creative thinking experts like Dr. Edward de Bono, Richard Saul Wurman and Dudley Lynch Promoter of a yearly sponsored conference in Europe featuring Nobel Prize Laureates in Economics and top Economics' professors from Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford. Professional Tennis Coach – Produced Playwright – Documentary Film Producer – TV and Radio Commentator

5 © Salum International Resources.2006 5 I.Overview - Performance Architecture Matrix Performance Architecture is a process for aligning knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to formulate a customized action plan (a performance blueprint) that helps executives go beyond perceived limitations (beyond personal best) and achieve specific goals Performance Design We integrate the philosophical, strategic and tactical aspects of Peak Performance into the design of a Performance Acceleration Training plan for the organization Sales Sales Acceleration Consultative Selling Client Focus Communication Influence Responsiveness Innovation Creative Thinking Value Design New Concepts Change Strategy Integration Transformation Leadership Purpose Mission Values Vision Strategy Motivation Teambuilding Performance Blueprints Performance Acceleration Training

6 © Salum International Resources.2006 6 I.Overview – Corporate Performance Blueprints Transformation Objectives 1 Corporate History 2 Competitive Environment 3 Corporate Objectives 4 Current Capabilities We design Performance Blueprints for every critical area of the organization, which helps leaders align, focus, energize and mobilize all of the corporate resources in service of the corporate mission Needs AssessmentDesignDevelopmentDeliveryLeveraged Implementation [ TIMELINE ]

7 © Salum International Resources.2006 7 I.Overview - Leadership Performance Blueprint Visionary leadership is: knowing that you already are what you want developing your strategy for dealing with your arrival to your target destination helping others understand and act on your new reality Strategy Alignment Execution - Dudley Lynch and Paul Kordis – The Strategy of The Dolphin We help executives design a Leadership Blueprint through a development process linked to the organizations strategic agenda. Our tools help align the teams focus, instill purpose, generate energy, achieve breakthrough and sustain high performance. Leaders create energy in others by instilling purpose Steve Sullivan – Leading at Mach 2

8 © Salum International Resources.2006 8 I.Overview – Sales Performance Blueprint Motivational Acceleration is a calculated series of actions that allows you to benchmark the quality of your customer relationships and then implement a program that dramatically improves them at an accelerated pace. - Steve Sullivan, Selling Made Simple Image: The Panacea Model by Sullivan Performance Programs Responsiveness As Performance Designers, we help establish a client-focused, value-driven Sales Performance Blueprint to master Responsiveness. Sales executives will gain long-lasting influence over prospects and clients, which will accelerate their sales conversion exponentially.

9 © Salum International Resources.2006 9 I.Overview – Innovation Performance Blueprint Why Innovate? To Unblock To Improve To Find Opportunity To Map New Ventures What-is thinking is concerned with Truth. What-can-be thinking is concerned with Value. Virtuous Cycle of Innovation by Elliott Ichimura © Copyright 2003 Dave Pollard. Is the glass half full? Is it half empty? Its full and a half! We help develop an Innovation Performance Blueprint to meet the demands and opportunities faced by the organization. Creative development work requires searching for alternatives to established procedures (thinking "out of the box") to create new ways of defining performance criteria and find new value.

10 © Salum International Resources.2006 10 I.Overview – Clients and Consulting Associates Neurology Consultants of the Carolinas Faheem Rauf & Associates Sample Client ListConsulting Associates LEADERSHIP Sullivan Performance Programs Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Chuck Swannack Alan Hald Change-Leaders Manres AG SLT - Jerome Trancart SALES Sullivan Performance Programs Promostudio Dr. Nicholas Hall Robert Mazzucchelli Gina Gallagher Trish Gullett Enrique Pisani INNOVATION Dr. Edward de Bono Brain Technologies Corporation 2cfor2c Complex Coaching Silicon Valley World Internet Center

11 © Salum International Resources.2006 11 II.Our Philosophy – Performance Blueprint Design Remember that your influence begins with you and ripples outward. So be sure that your influence is both potent and wholesome. All growth spreads outward from a fertile and potent nucleus. You are a nucleus. -John Heider The Tao of Leadership Facilitate understanding of the fundamentals of Performance and their connection with Value- delivery and Profitable Results Enhance the application of Leadership, Sales and Innovation Performance Blueprints at the individual and corporate level Transfer the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Habits required to go Beyond Personal Best and become peak performing executives Deliver Performance Acceleration Training for managers and executives so they can successfully lead across and within their business units Create memorable, experiential learning events that accelerate the absorption of transformational concepts Utilize powerful thinking tools to facilitate the design of new individual and corporate worldviews and achieve enduring success

12 © Salum International Resources.2006 12 III.Our Approach – Performance Acceleration Training Knowledge Attitudes SkillsHabits Emotion Logic LearningPerformance Externalization Transformation Internalization Transition Often times, negative attitudes and bad habits block the path to Leadership, effective Communication and Innovation. Developing the emotional side of performance requires specific training. Performance Acceleration Training is a process for that integrates the physical, mental and emotional skills into a Performance Blueprint that enables the access to the Ideal Performance State (IPS) on demand, under pressure. As a result, executives become physically, mentally and emotionally strong, responsive, flexible and resilient while increasing their coping range to face personal and work challenges. MENTAL and EMOTIONAL TRAINING PERFORMANCE BLUEPRINT IMPLEMENTATION PHYSICAL TRAINING IDEAL PERFORMANCE STATE Positive Emotion High Positive Energy

13 © Salum International Resources.2006 13 Performance Acceleration Training is based on seven key markers of Peak Performance that become the core of a Performance Blueprint to align Focus, manage Energy and achieve Breakthrough Performance. III.Our Approach – Key Peak Performance Markers 2. Principles Values Emotions – Perceptions – Behavior Real Self – Performer Self Ideal Performance State Peak Performance Training Model 1. Purpose Mission Goals Objectives Milestones 4. Adaptation to Change Anticipating Change Achieving Breakthrough Creative Thinking and Value Design 5. Energy Waves Stress and Recovery Waves Real Self Training Rituals 6. Identity Performer Self Training Rituals Training Monitoring 7. Transcendence Enduring Success Fulfillment Significance Legacy 3. Inspiration Vision-building Success Modeling Benchmarking Sustained Focus

14 © Salum International Resources.2006 14 III.Our Approach – Performance Acceleration Results Start with a plan Maneuver and Control Performance Acceleration is the result of the dynamic alignment and integration of the seven key markers of Peak Performance through three stages, increasing overall Responsiveness, Thinking Efficiency and the capacity to enjoy Enduring Success. Beyond Personal Best

15 © Salum International Resources.2006 15 III.Our Approach - Performance Brainware Individual Team Source: The BrainMap. ©Brain Technologies Corporation We utilize powerful and effective brainware tools to help you analyze Performance issues such as: how you personally handle performance issues how a person thinks, feels and does what you can be expected to do with who you are. how to design a guide to your future growth help you deal with business challenges knowing yourself, knowing others how to make better business and life decisions At the team level, if you recognize the thinking base someone else is operating from, you know much of what you need to know about what to emphasize, encourage, complement or avoid. Some of these performance development tools are: Peak Performance Training Blueprints Performance Acceleration Inventories Team Training Protocols Emotional Intelligence Evaluations Personality and Leadership Tests Worldview and Values Assessments Lateral Thinking Toolbox 360º Feedback Assessment Appreciative Inquiry Goal Setting Instruments

16 © Salum International Resources.2006 16 IV.Services – Performance Blueprint Implementation Awareness and Skill-Building Application Organizational Action and Change

17 © Salum International Resources.2006 17 IV.Services – Sample Client Engagements First Corporate Offsite for ABN AMRO Private Banking in Miami, FL, 1999 First Corporate Offsite for ABN AMRO Private Banking Switzerland in Interlaken, CH, 2000 ABN AMRO Private Banking Switzerland Management Meeting in Brunnen, CH, 2001 ABN AMRO Private Banking Switzerland Advisory Team Presentation Skills Seminar, 2001 ABN AMRO Private Banking Private Clients Web Portal Road Shows, Switzerland, 2001-2002 ABN AMRO Private Banking EC1 Management Meeting in Monaco, 2002 Benfield Group – Teambuilding Workshop with Ian McMonagle, London, U.K., 2002 ABN AMRO Private Banking IPC Web Portal Focus Groups, Creativity Workshop - Zurich, 2002 ABN AMRO Private Banking IPC Creation of Training and Development Web site, 2002 ABN AMRO Private Banking IPC Worldwide Meeting in Luxembourg, 2002 ABN AMRO Young Bankers Association First Worldwide Meeting in Amsterdam, NL, 2002 ABN AMRO Private Banking EC2 DPM Intranet Sales Tool Road Show, Europe, 2003 ABN AMRO Young Bankers Association Second Worldwide Meeting in Chicago, IL, 2003 ABN AMRO Private Banking Sports Desk Launch in Zurich, Switzerland, 2003 ABN AMRO Private Banking IPC Worldwide Conference in Amsterdam, 2003 ABN AMRO Private Banking P&PS Team Offsite Meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland, 2004 ABN AMRO Private Banking Switzerland PIB Meeting in Venice, Italy, 2004 Information Management Group, Lecture on Peak Performance Coaching, Germany, 2005 Neurology Consultants of the Carolinas – Teambuilding Workshop, Charlotte, NC, 2005 Bank Julius Baer – First Offsite for Region 4 – Interlaken, Switzerland, 2006

18 © Salum International Resources.2006 18 V.Peak Performance Gallery (Sports) Gabriela Sabatini, U.S. Open Champion 1990 2006 International Tennis Hall of Fame Inductee Sergi Bruguera French Open Champion 1993-94 Dan Jansen Speedskater Olympic Gold Medalist 1994 (Above) Carlos Salum with Dr. Jim Loehr, mentor and former associate. Dr. Loehr is recognized worldwide for his contributions to the field of Performance Psychology. He is the author of nine books, a corporate consultant and speaker. Salum organized Dr. James Loehr worldwide speaking tours and projects. He also contributed to the training of world-class athletes during their careers highest achievements and to the development of a corporate structure with some of the leading peak performance experts in sports, based in Tampa, FL. (LGE Saddlebrook Sport Science). "Excellence is achieved. It is not stumbled upon in the course of amusing oneself. It is built upon discipline and tenacity of purpose."

19 © Salum International Resources.2006 19 V.Peak Performance Gallery (Corporate) The Nobels Event is an exclusive branding opportunity for corporations seeking to make a memorable impact in their environment and complete their social legacy with an investment in education Salum International Resources has partnered with Promostudio from Venice, Italy, to market the event worldwide, which features Nobel Prize Laureates and top Professors in Economics. Exclusive event organized for ABN AMRO Private Banking in Venice, Italy; November 2004. The participants were a select group of High Net Worth Individuals who created an entrepreneurial network to share new investment opportunities worldwide. The guest speakers were Dr. Edward de Bono, Dudley Lynch and Richard Saul Wurman. The meeting was hosted in the private Island of Tessera, in the Veneto Lagoon. 2003 Global Management Conference organized for ABN AMRO Private Banking at Duin & Kruidberg, Holland, to announce the restructuring of the operating business model. The corporate entertainment consisted of a cocktail during a boat trip on the Amsterdam Canals, followed by dinner served at the world-famous Rijksmuseum, facing the "The Night Watch" by Rembrandt van Rijn, while listening to a Baroque music trio.

20 © Salum International Resources.2006 20 VI.Contact Information Salum International Resources, Inc. 16035 Lavenham Road Huntersville, NC 28078 U.S.A. Phone & Fax: +1-704-992-6555 E-mail:

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