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“In The Game” Advertising Strategy

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1 “In The Game” Advertising Strategy
Enhancing the Brand’s Visibility and Perception Chris Sorgie CVP, Corporate Communications

2 The average American is exposed to more than 600 advertising messages per day.*
*Source: The Nielsen Co.

3 America loves watching sports
+16% 2010 vs. 2009 Sports TV viewing increases. Broadcast primetime viewership declines. -8% 2010 vs. 2009 Source: TargetCast tcm analysis of data from The Nielsen Co. A25-54 Program Live Ratings Date Range: 1/1/ /31/2009 for CY'09 1/1/ /31/2010 for CY'10

4 Sports Advertising Spend Soars
Top 50 advertisers spent $6.6 billion on sports advertising in 2010. +27% 2010 vs. 2009 Insurance category was the fifth-biggest with $528 million in 2010. +30% 2010 vs. 2009 Source: SportsBusiness Journal analysis of data from The Nielsen Co.

5 New York Life Advertising Challenges
Break through the clutter Competitive environment Limited budget

6 Opportunity: In-Game Brand Integrations

7 Brand Integrations During Live Sports
Sports programming is watched live by 97% of the viewing audience. NYL branded features and signage appears within live game action. Added benefit of bonus exposure on sports highlight shows. Primetime shows rank amongst the ‘most DVR’d’ content. *Source: Nielsent TV ratings **Source: COMCAST TV Pulse Survey 2010

8 “In the Game” Strategy Innovative Action Game Live Relevant Message
Brand Teams Winning Audience Engaged

9 “In the Game” Strategy Innovative Action Game Live Relevant Message
Brand Teams Winning Audience Engaged

10 “In the Game” Strategy includes:
Big East Tournament SEC Football on CBS BYU and Utah Double Coverage feature Hockey overtime Safe and Secure baseball features UConn Men’s and Women’s Basketball Little League New York Life Protection Index

11 New York Life’s Big East Title Sponsorship

12 New York Life Cube Toss Challenge

13 NYL SEC Football First Down Marker
SEC Football on CBS – The #1 NCAA Football conference. New York Life logo is superimposed on the field along side the 1st down marker 4 times each game including the SEC Championship game. This is the first time CBS allowed an advertiser to digitally insert their logo inside live game coverage. 13

14 Utah and BYU Double Coverage Sponsorship
Entitlement of Double Coverage in-game feature during all Utah & BYU Foot Ball games on Mountain West Network In-game billboard and sponsor message Utah Challenge college scholarship Play Video Clip

15 NHL OT Sponsorship: 7 teams & NHL Network
NY Islanders NY Rangers Play Video Clip NJ Devils

16 Safe & Secure MLB Features
He’s Safe at 2nd, Safe and Secure, New York Life

17 Expanding Safe and Secure Lexicon used the Safe and Secure language as a photo caption after Shane Victorino slid safely at home The San Francisco Chronicle used the Safe and Secure language in a headline when Buster Posey scored winning run.

18 New York Life Sponsorship of UConn Basketball
Center Court Logos TV Visible Signage

19 New York Life Sponsorship of UConn Basketball
Presenting Sponsor of Record Breaking Game UConn Women sets NCAA Record with 89 Consecutive Wins

20 Activation – Record Breaking Game

21 New York Life Sponsorship of UConn Basketball
UConn Men win NCAA Tournament

22 Little League Sponsorship
National Coverage World Series on TV Ad in Magazine Signage On-line Local Sponsorship Over 125 leagues: Child ID program Field Signs Logo on Uniforms Social Media & Newsletters

23 Little League Sponsorship Activation

24 What is the New York Life Protection Index?
The authoritative measure of a team’s aptitude in pass protection. Created by sports information leader STATS. Statistic is comprised of passing yards, sacks, hurries, knockdowns and penalties by the offensive linemen. Team rankings are updated weekly throughout the regular season.

25 New York Life Protection Index Goals
To increase brand awareness among NFL fans. Deliver NYL “protection” message. Generate earned media. Provide engaging platform for social media. Generate leads

26 National/Local Media Coverage

27 Next Steps: Personal Protection Index
Create consumer facing interactive tool that correlates to the NYLPI – generate qualified sales leads for agents

28 Brand Integrations: Radio City Christmas Spectacular
Gift Box logo is integrated into the Time Square Scene of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

29 Summary High impact and innovative Delivered relevant messages
Reached an engaged audience Bonus impressions Positive feedback from agents and managers Opportunities for activation and lead generation Helped lift unaided brand awareness, improved brand perception and increased purchase consideration

30 Q & A

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