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Safety Week 14-20 October 2013. KNOW IT AND CHANGE IT.

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1 Safety Week 14-20 October 2013


3 Injuries can affect all New Zealanders – not just the injured person.

4 [company name] is supporting Safety Week this year to encourage you to: Change your personal injury forecast

5 Safety Week 2013 focuses on: Sport & Recreation Alcohol Steps & Stairs

6 Get involved in sport & recreational activity Its good for you and we want you to keep safe while doing so to reduce your risk of injury.

7 Drink in moderation To reduce the likelihood of injuries because 1 in 8 people drinking this weekend will get drunk.

8 Take extra care on steps & stairs 20% of injuries that happen in or around the home are on steps and stairs.

9 Safety Week 2013 national and regional activity

10 TV commercials

11 Online advertising

12 Regional print advertising

13 Online personal injury forecast tool

14 What well be doing Promoting Safety Week via internal and external communications (newsletters, intranet) Workplace activities and events Distributing Safety Week resources to staff.

15 Posters Safety Week Resources

16 FlyerBookletManagers Guide

17 Safety Week Resources ActiveSmart brochure and poster

18 Safety Week Resources Physical activity pamphlets

19 Safety Week Resources Alcohol resources

20 Any questions or ideas?

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