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Презентация Урок английского языка в 7 классе Пантелеева И.И. МОУ школа 1,г.Спас-Деменск. 2006 г.

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Presentation on theme: "Презентация Урок английского языка в 7 классе Пантелеева И.И. МОУ школа 1,г.Спас-Деменск. 2006 г."— Presentation transcript:

1 Презентация Урок английского языка в 7 классе Пантелеева И.И. МОУ школа 1,г.Спас-Деменск г.

2 Задачи урока: 1)Познакомить учащихся с лексикой по теме « Спорт» и обеспечить ее первичную отработку в серии языковых и речевых упражнений. 2)Познакомить с образованием наречий образа действия. 3)Формировать умение определить тему текста по заголовку.

3 Answer the questions: 1.Why is it necessary to go in for sport ? 2.Do sport and physical training make people strong and healthy ? 3.Which sports are typical for all countries? 4.Do sport help people to keep fit? 5.When were the last Olympic games ? 6.Where were they held ?

4 The xx Olympic Winter Games They were held in Turin, Italy from February 10, 2006, through February 26, : PosCountryGoldSilverBronzeTotal Medals 1 Germany USA Austria Russia Winter Olympics medal count

5 Medals for champions: 1.Gold medal 2.Silver medal 3.Bronze medal

6 It is a group of many games every four years. For example, skating, skiing, bobsledding, ice hockey, figure skating.

7 Speak about figure skating: Say: If you like figure skating. If you prefer to watch figure skating on TV or at the stadium. If this sport is the most popular in our country. What you like best: ice dancing, pair figure skating or singles. Who was the champion of the XXth winter Olympic Games in mens singles ?

8 There are running and jumping, swimming and diving, basketball and football. Do you know anything about football? Do you like football? Do you have a favorite team or player?



11 The Adverb Sad – sadly Slow – slowly Loud – loudly Happy –happily Quick –quickly Dangerous –dangerously Beautiful –beautifully Good –well Bad -badly

12 Mach the headings and the advertisements for the sport clubs: Horse-riding club, football club, cheerleaders club, snowboarding club. 1.This club is for people who have the style! You love horses and fresh air. You want to know all about horses and ride well. Join us, please! 2. Do you want to have fun? Can you shout loudly? Can you dance well? Everybody is welcome! You will find the best friends you have ever had. 3. If you are super brave, super cool and super fit, come and jump with us! It is very beautiful and exciting sport, but it is also hard work! 4. Do you need a challenge? We have one for you! If you want to be really fit and to become a very famous football player, join our club. Youll learn to play quickly. Challenge-вызов –To be fit- быть в хорошей физической форме –To join-присоединяться –Cheerleaders-заводилы ( подстрекающие болельщиков в спортивных состязаниях)

13 Correct the underlined part of the sentences to make them true to life, use these words: trainers, hockey stick, court, gloves, swimming suit, bicycle, warm. a) To play hockey you need a racket in your hands. b) A boxer needs mittens. c) Tennis is played in the swimming pool. d) For swimming women wear trunks. e) Football is impossible without snow. f) A runner needs a ball. g) A cyclist uses a car.

14 What is your favourite sport? Football, tennis, cycling, running, polo, skating, freestyle skiing, weightlifting, ski-jumping, figure skating, basketball, hockey, boxing, gymnastics, chess, swimming.

15 Are you good at sport ?

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