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Sports Nutrition and Your Teen Athlete Presented by: Deborah Grandys Registered Dietitian.

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2 Sports Nutrition and Your Teen Athlete Presented by: Deborah Grandys Registered Dietitian

3 Topics of Discussion 4 Nutrition 4 Hydration 4 Supplements


5 The most appropriate diet for the teen athlete is one that: 4 Is high in nutrient-dense complex carbohydrates 4 Contains moderate amounts of protein 4 Is low in saturated fat and cholesterol 4 Provides sufficient calories

6 As a parent, you should promote the three basic principles that are key to a high performance diet: 4 Variety 4 Moderation 4 Balance

7 How parents can help their children eat better: 4 Buy more healthy foods 4 Substitute your childs favorite foods with more nutrient dense or similar 4 Provide nutritious snacks and fluids for before and after practice and competitions 4 Model healthy eating

8 Meeting the nutritional needs of the teen athlete: 4B4Breakfast 4L4Lunch 4S4Snacks 4B4Before sports 4A4After sports 4D4Dinner

9 Importance of a High Carbohydrate Diet

10 High Carbohydrate Foods

11 The Truth About Protein

12 High-Protein Foods

13 Choosing Nutrient-Dense Foods

14 Healthy Snacks for the Teen Athlete

15 Eating for your childs sport: 4 Short duration events (stop and go sports) 4 Intermediate-length events 4 Eating for endurance events 4 Refueling during exercise


17 Special Fluid Needs of Teen Athletes

18 As a parent, you should: 4 Educate you child on the importance of proper hydration 4 Prevent dehydration 4 Know the signs of dehydration and its treatment

19 What is Dehydration?

20 Warning signs of dehydration: 4L4Lethargy 4M4Muscle cramping 4M4Mental confusion 4S4Seizures

21 Dehydration and Electrolytes: 4 Important for bodily function 4 Lost during sports 4 Replaced by foods in a balanced diet 4 When deficits occur 4 Sports drinks help

22 Studies Show Sports Drinks Best For Young Athletes

23 Sports Drinks vs. H 2 O

24 Sports Drinks: 4 Maintain thirst, so kids keep drinking until fully hydrated 4 Contain carbohydrates which provide energy for peak sports performance 4 Contain electrolytes (Na+ and K+) which speed re-hydration, create thirst, makes them taste better, and prevent heat cramps

25 Water: 4 Eliminates thirst, so kids stop drinking before they are fully re-hydrated 4 Contains no carbohydrates, so it does not provide the energy a child needs for running and playing all day 4 Contains no electrolytes and lack the taste appeal of a sports drink

26 Most important thing… Make sure kids are hydrated before any physical activity.

27 Fluid Guidelines For Teen Athletes


29 Sports supplements: 4 Protein powder (Creatine) 4 Fat burners (Ephedra) 4 Anabolic steroids

30 Why Teen Athletes Should NOT Take Dietary Supplements

31 Final Nutrition Tips For Active Teens: 1. Target carbohydrates for energy 2. Protein is the building blocks 3. Dont forget some fat 4. Support hydration 5. Practice supplement safety 6. Keep fuel tanks filled 7. Variety is the spice of life 8. Get plenty of sleep and rest

32 The End

33 References: 4 Ultimate Sports Nutrition Suzanne Nelson, RD 4 4 4 4

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