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WHAT IS SPORTS TUTORING? 1. AGENDA Why sports? Why tutoring? 2.

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2 AGENDA Why sports? Why tutoring? 2


4 ACCORDING TO STUDIES… 4 Only 26 % of all students exercise enough 42 % of male and 28 % of female UAS students are overweight Almost 15 % of UAS students would like to get help with starting to exercise Age 18-35 is critical for sporty behavior!

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6 EXERCISING & STUDY ABILITY Physical activity improves your memory and concentration Exercising stimulates brain cell growth Among young people, insufficient physical activity has been linked with: Problems in emotional life Problems with attention and behavior Students who exercise can even gain better scores! 6


8 Tutoring is known practically in every University in Finland Why not use the same method and existing knowledge to promote sports? Sports Tutors encourage other students to do sports and familiarize them with the sport facilities at the campus Creates and alternative to boozy student culture Supports the sport culture of the Uni Acting as agents among the students 8 ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER

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10 Study environment (social environment) Being fit is a significant factor in coping in every day life Study communities and students own communities Getting to know new people is easier when you are doing something Creating new groups to be a member of Making it easier to find new friends Reducing loneliness Reducing bullying Creating an alternative to mere partying during the first few weeks Teaching Tutoring Sports Tutoring (bringing a new dimension to it) Personal resources (social skills, physical and mental health) 10 SPORTS TUTORING & STUDY ABILITY

11 NATIONAL GOALS To reach also those who do not exercise enough To prevent the alienation from sports To create and boost new kind of sports culture among students To support sense of community and health promotion in the higher education institutes To create a supporting network for those who are not that exited about sports but would like to be To make it easier and funnier to do sports together! 11

12 YOU ARE NOT ALONE: 26 higher education institutes have started Sports Tutoring: Helsinki (AYY, HYY, METKA, HELGA)Joensuu (ISYY) Turku (TYY, ÅAS, TUO)Tampere (TAMKO, Tamy) Jyväskylä (KOOLS, JYY)Kuopio (ISYY, Savotta) Lappeenranta (SaLUT)Rovaniemi (korkeakoululiikunta) Mikkeli (MAMK)Kemi-Tornio (KETOAKKU) Pori (SAMMAKKO)Hämeenlinna (HAMKO) Kajaani (KAMO)Oulu (OSAKO) Lahti (LAMKO)Vaasa (VYY) HUMAKO 12

13 REMEMBER: SPORTS TUTORING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! Make it easy to participate! Most importantly: Have fun yourself! 13

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