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Adopted from Life of an Athlete developed by John Underwood

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1 Adopted from Life of an Athlete developed by John Underwood
A prevention/intervention chemical health program for student athletes, parents, and coaches that impacts social drug use and addresses other athlete lifestyle issues Life of an Athlete has been utilized in 39 states and by more than 600 NCAA institutions, the United States Olympic Committee and Sport Canada. New York State and New Mexico High School athletic programs have adopted the program statewide. Amanda

A former NCAA All-American, International-level distance runner and World Masters Champion, John has coached or advised more than two dozen Olympians including World and Olympic Champions. He holds three International Olympic Solidarity diplomas for coaching and has been a crusader for drug-free sport at all levels. John’s innovative program “PURE PERFORMANCE”, has gained international prominence. He is the Chemical Health Consultant for the New York Public High School Athletic Association drug prevention program. He has conducted the only physiological case study, of the residual effect of alcohol on elite athletic performance. John recently spoke at the Department of Justices’ National Leadership Conference. He has appeared as a guest commentator for ABC Wide World of Sports for Olympic Drug Scandals. John has worked with nearly all sport federations including the NCAA, NHL, NBA, NFL, the U.S. Olympic Committee, Sport Canada, the International Olympic Committee and the U.S. Navy SEALS.

3 14,000 TESTS 20 YEARS John Underwood has conducted nearly 14,000 physiological tests over the past 20 years on elite athletes. The following slides reflect his efforts to deter drug use by athletes. John Underwood of the AAI has conducted physiological tests for the past twenty years and by first studying what makes optimal performance possible, he has a perspective for what ruins it. It is from this vantage point that these slides were made.



6 Human Performance Project
NAVY SEALS Human Performance Project

7 Program Components Comprehensive training on the Athlete Committed Model for all Coaches, Athletic Directors, Principals and School Board Representatives. Focus of training being on creating a program of excellence. An Athletic Code that promotes a character based athletic program and has clear consequences for Code infractions. 20% of there season can be taken away for bullying, harassing, and any drug or alcohol use. A mandatory parent/guardian meeting where parents/guardians and athletes are trained on how to ensure the best athletic performance. This meeting includes education on how alcohol and drugs impact athletic performance, what you should eat post workout, how many hours of sleep you should get, . Student leadership - Athletes are identified to promote the Athlete Committed program model, participate in training their peer athletes, and support their fellow athletes on and off the field. Amanda

8 Athletic Code of Conduct
Why? The Chico Unified School District Educational Code of Conduct was very outdated, hard to read, and it contradicted itself in multiple areas. In addition the Athlete Committed model required new language and elements. In the presence of… Bullying/Harassment and Bystander Behavior Cyber images Accountability Tier System Clearly Defined Consistently Enforced Peer Accountability Ryan – One of the really important steps that needed to take place was to change the code of conduct.

9 In the Presence of

10 Mandatory Parent/Guardian Meeting & Training
Why? Athletes, Parents/Guardians, and Coaches understanding of the Code Interpretation of the Code Clear expectations on what it means to represent the school as an athlete Clear expectation on what is means to represent the school as a parent/guardian of an athlete The training allows everyone to get on the same page about the expectations for involvement in athletic programs on the school campus Nutrition related to athletic performance and recovery How sleep impacts athletic performance Impact of alcohol and drugs on athletic performance (includes brain research) A review of the Athlete Commitment, Coach Commitment, and Parent Commitment. Everyone (parents/guardians, athletes and coaches) must sign to participate on a team. Ryan – we didn’t want to leave anything up for chance and we wanted to make sure to saturate the athletes/parents/and coaches with this message

11 Women’s and Men’s NCAA Marijuana Use
Reported Use MEN MARIJUANA MARIJUANA Basketball Softball Swimming Tennis Track and field Fencing Field hockey Golf Gymnastics Ice hockey Lacrosse Skiing Soccer Volleyball Baseball Basketball Football Tennis Track and field Fencing Golf Gymnastics Ice hockey Lacrosse Rifle Skiing Soccer Swimming Water polo Wrestling This was just one more reason we thought it was important to bring Athlete Committed into our schools

12 Men’s and Women’s NCAA Alcohol Use
Basketball Softball Swimming Tennis Track and field Fencing Field hockey Golf Gymnastics Ice hockey Lacrosse Skiing Soccer Volleyball Baseball Basketball Football Tennis Track and field Fencing Golf Gymnastics Ice hockey Lacrosse Rifle Skiing Soccer Swimming Water polo Wrestling Reported Use Men’s and Women’s NCAA Alcohol Use

13 ALCOHOL USE Drinking hard 1 day a week

14 Healthy Brain Marijuana Brain
16 16 yr. old daily user Amen Clinics

15 Component #1 Nutrition/Recovery

16 Don’t waste your effort
TRAIN ADAPT Ryan – Many of our high school athletes are throwing away their hard work. When you train it is essential to get the proper nutrition/sleep/ and rest. RECOVER Social drug use greatly affects the recovery phase of training, resulting in delayed recovery and lost training effect

17 Don’t Wait Right Nutrition compared to waiting 2 hours after workout. Muscles are broken down or slightly torn and in order to recover you must give your body what it needs to recover.

18 Meal within one hour (Dinner)
Sweet Drink 4-6 oz. Protein In oz Carbs In 75g Meal within one hour (Dinner)


20 Component #2 Sleep/Rest

21 The single most significant factor in optimal performance is CNS readiness…
The most significant factor to how you will perform is Central Nervous Systems Readiness. What do we know?

Rested Tired Blood flow in brain 8 hours sleep Which means if you are tired and you don’t allow yourself to get proper sleep, you will not perform well at whatever you do No sleep WORKS FAILS IF THE BRAIN DOESN'T WORK THE BODY DOESN'T WORK

23 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HOURS 8 HOURS OF SLEEP
And unfortunately alcohol and marijuana effect your ability to fall into a deep sleep or REM sleep. If you went to sleep drunk or High, you would only get about 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours of REM sleep causing you to be exhausted the next day. 8 HOURS OF SLEEP

24 READ Alcohol and drugs aren't the only thing that causes your CNS to be shot. The amount of electronics we use also has a large role in how alert and attentive we are.

25 INTERNET Nearly 2/3 of brains activity Rest means Rest…
The CNS can rest and reboot critical energy when the brain function is minimal… Look at slide! Nearly 2/3 of brains activity

26 SLEEP 15 m Sprint .51secs faster .10 start faster 5 more kicks
As we are talking about rest and sleep, a Stanford Study making the swim team sleep at least 10 hours a night for 2 weeks. Who have to let your mind rest to perform your best at anything

27 Component #3 Drug and Alcohol

28 12-21 So far we have talked about the importance of nutrition for recovery, the importance of sleep for any fine motor skills such as dance, playing a musical instrument, any sport – and now we are going to get into how the brain is impacted by alcohol and marijuana. Look at slide! Drinking and smoking does not allow the frontal cortex to fully develop. After the age of 25 your brain is done developing. In John Underwoods research they have found that the once a week partier in Jr High and High school does more damage to his brain than someone who becomes an alcoholic after the age of 25. The most significant brain development of your entire lifespan is occurring right now…

29 Frontal Cortex

MARIJUANA SKILL IMPAIRMENT Skill Recall Area Your brain has to work so much harder to do a very simple task if you are a marijuana user NON USER SIMPLE HAND SKILL MARIJUANA USER SIMPLE HAND SKILL Note: Subject not under influence during scan. POT OR NOT? YOUR CHOICE YOUR GAME

31 How fast you send the signal?
38% Many of you might think: I don’t play sports, so this doesn’t apply to me. This slide shows you that whenever you need to make a quick decision or really function properly on a daily basis, drug and alcohol use drastically impairs your ability to do so. Band, Dance, Driving, and so many more are all impacted. SENSORIMOTOR

32 Injury rates for non-drinkers 23.8%
Twice as likely to get hurt if you drink Injury rates for drinkers 54.8% Injury rates for non-drinkers 23.8%

When you drink or do drugs one of the most important training hormones called testosterone is decreased and this effects your training, recovery, and performance. I think this guy is doing alright with his testosterone levels

Look at Slide! Women have 1/10th of the testosterone that men have so when they drink is that much more damaging on muscle recovery. Some males who drink heavily & regularly have testosterone levels similar to female levels. 10:1 or 1:10 ALCOHOL VS. TESTOSTERONE

American Athletic Institute has studied the impact of alcohol on condition in elite athletes. Impact has shown significant projections in lost physiological condition that correlates to as much as 14 days of lost training effect…for each time drunk… AMERICAN ATHLETIC INSTITUTE 2005 DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

36 Component #4 Character

37 how large numbers of people act in the same ways at the same times.
#3 Pack Mentality Pack Mentality has become a highly significant factor in the coercion and collusion of social group members to initiate alcohol use dynamics. describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends how large numbers of people act in the same ways at the same times. mentality implies a fear-based reaction to peer pressure which makes individuals act in order to avoid feeling “left behind” from the group And now we are going to finish off the presentation with the 4th and possibly most important component of Athlete Committed and that is Character. There is a saying that says “Bad company corrupts good character” and so we emphasize for young people to pay attention to who you are hanging with. Whether you know it or not you are being influenced The power of others on all…

38 Having fun


40 RUINED LIVES The decisions that you make today change what life looks like tomorrow

41 Things you cannot undo…

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU... The decisions you make will shape your future. If you set the bar to low you will crawl under it, but if you set the bar really high you will jump over it. Don’t be scared to raise your expectations. You might shock yourself with what you are capable of. RAISE THE BAR FOR YOURSELF

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