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Munster Coaching Conference

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1 Munster Coaching Conference
“Coaching Children in the GAA” Presented by Paudie Butler Mallow, Saturday 10th March 2012

2 Graceful, Balanced and Economical

3 Deformed, Lopsided, Stunted

4 “People know what they do,
they frequently know why they do what they do, but what they don’t know, is what they do does” French Philosopher – Jean Michel Foucault

5 The Rights of the Child in Sport
The Right to participate in sport. The Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child’s maturity and ability. The Right to have qualified adult leadership. The Right to play as a child and not as an adult. The Right to share in the leadership and decision-making of their sport participation. The Right to participate in a safe and healthy environment. The Right to proper preparation for participation in sport. The right to equal opportunity for success. The Right to be treated with dignity. The Right to have fun in sport.

6 “Movement is the Child’s First Language”
Sally Goddard Blythe – The Well Balanced Child

7 Primary School Curriculum
CPKS Catching Passing Kicking Striking Fun Fun R.J.T. Running Jumping Throwing Games ABC - Agility Balance Coordination

8 Assisting and Challenging to Achieve their Potential”
What is a Coach? “A Coach is a Person who Builds Competencies by Assisting and Challenging Players and Self to Achieve their Potential”

9 Failing to Notice “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice, and because we fail to notice, that we fail to notice there is little that we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice has shaped out thoughts and deeds” R.D. Laing

10 Trust Reliability Competence

11 The End of the Beginning The Beginning of the End?
Success vs. Failure Assisting Challenging The End of the Beginning or The Beginning of the End?

12 “Your Children are not your Children But Life’s Longing for Itself”
Cahil Gibrain

13 So Why Do Children Play? have fun test themselves feel worthy belong have influence be free survive be like their heroes 31 Coaching Children - Paudie Butler © GAA

14 The Positivity Ratio +1 : -1 > Depression +3 : -1 > Survival
Positive Negative Outcome +1 : -1 > Depression +3 : -1 > Survival +5 : -1 > Growth +7 : -1 > Flourishing Maureen Gaffney - Flourishing

15 What Great Coaches Do Coach Players Values
Focus on Player’s Real Beliefs Coach Player Habits and Behaviours Focus on Player’s Resistance (Feelings & Emotions) Develop Player’s Ability to Think Nurture Player’s Ambition & Desire Focus on Player’s Lifestyle Be aware of Player’s Uniqueness & Attitude Build Player’s Confidence & Calmness Enhance Player’s Self-Esteem

16 and CANNOT achieve the results of Coaching
What Coaching is NOT! When you as a coach are: Enforcing Controlling Manipulating Bullying Insulting Berating Pressurising… You are NOT Coaching and CANNOT achieve the results of Coaching

17 Balance When everyone plays, you have the balance right.
Praise Correction Risk Safety Instruction Action Game Time Travel Formal Informal Skill mastery Self expression Pressure Non-pressure Training Time Game Time When everyone plays, you have the balance right. When you have the balance right, everyone stays.

18 When they have enough skill When they have enough games
Balance When they have enough skill to enjoy the game. When they have enough games to show their skills.

19 7 to 12 is The Golden Age of Learning
“Education has for its objective the formation of character” Herbert Spencer

20 Stages of Development Age 6 - 12 Play to Learn
Age Learn to Compete Age Compete to Win

21 Acquiring Bilateral Coordination
6-12 Stage 1 : Play to Learn

22 Games Based Coaching Model
Play the Game Freeze the Game Fix the Skill Fuel the Will Observe Analyse Re-Affirm Generate Feedback Modify Change Demonstrate Explain Set Targets Encourage

23 “Tugann Dúchas Dóchas”

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