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Sports Administration/ Sport Management Orientation Programs.

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1 Sports Administration/ Sport Management Orientation Programs

2 Spring Orientation O Geared toward incoming students and parents O Formal presentation at 10:30 (1 hour) followed by Q & A O Drop in from 12:00 – 2:00 O Sat. March 23 – approx. 100 people

3 Fall Orientation – Day 1 O Geared towards starting on the right foot O Program information O Student panel O Teams and breakout sessions (95 students) BLUECoach MattA312Blue Bombers BLACKCoach KateA313Black Dragons PURPLECoach PatA317Purple People Eaters REDCoach ErnieA320Team Charlie Sheen GREENCoach PaulB305The Green Dream Team ORANGECoach BarryB305McGuires Monsters

4 Training Camp O Friday of week 1 at Camp Samac O 9:00 am - 3:00 pm O Indoor/Outdoor activities (rain or shine) O Start with team cheers and slogans O Morning - each coach has an event which teams rotate through O Afternoon – obstacle course, blanket race O Year 2 and 3 students assist

5 Benefits O Coaches and teams stay together throughout the year O Sense of belonging; therefore, less attrition from not feeling connected O 3 rd year students are assigned as mentors

6 Other Info O January Intake (30 students) – Day 1 and training camp (modified) occur O Graduate Certificate Program: O Individual interviews prior to admission O Day 1 Orientation (first class) O Week 2 – bowling, go-carts and dinner O Week 4 - tree top trekking

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