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TM Trademarks of the Toronto Organizing Committee for the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games. TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games RFP Workshop.

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1 TM Trademarks of the Toronto Organizing Committee for the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games. TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games RFP Workshop Hosted by Toronto 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games Organizing Committee (TO2015) CIBC Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment / Ministry of Research and Innovation

2 Agenda Welcome Overview of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Business opportunities RFP response writing RFP partnership and networking opportunities Group discussion Closing remarks 2

3 Overview of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games Section 1

4 A World-Class Event Third largest international multi-sport Games after Olympic Summer Games and Asian Games Largest multi-sport event Canada has ever hosted Pan American Games: July 10–26 Parapan American Games: August 7–15 4

5 By the Numbers 41 Pan American countries and Territories Organizing Committee 450+ staff 10,000 athletes, coaches and officials 40+ venues 51 sports Up to 20,000 volunteers TO2015 Organizing Committee Budget of $1.4 billion 5

6 Games Legacy Economic Jobs, tourism and business Infrastructure Sport and redevelopment Social Volunteers Accessibility Diversity 6

7 Infrastructure Ontario Municipalities TO2015 $700M capital TO2015 $700M operating Procurement opportunities = $300+M TO2015 Organizing Committee Budget Breakdown Investment: $1.4B 7

8 Broader Public Sector TO2015 falls under Ontarios BPS effective 2012 Follow Ontarios procurement directives Processes focused on: –Fairness and transparency –Optimizing value for money Our buying criteria will include the following: Total cost of ownership Availability of goods and services Quality Innovative solution Capabilities and experience Diversity Company financial strength 8

9 Business Opportunities Section 2

10 Procurement Process Thresholds 10

11 Get Involved! TO2015 website Current listing of MERX tenders Register your business Sponsorship opportunities Volunteer opportunities MERX website 11

12 Procurement Timeline – Major Purchases 12 Village Food Service (Catering) Village Furniture (Beds / Drawer / Soft Goods) FF&E (Furniture / Fixture / Equipment) Bus Fleet March 2014 Housekeeping (Village) February 2014 April 2014 Temporary Power Tents Trailers and Storage Village Kitchen

13 Procurement Timeline – Major Purchases 13 Fencing Portable Toilets May 2014 Summer 2014 June 2014 Temporary Seating/Scaffolding Reprographics December 2014 Video Display / Scoreboards Sport Equipment Branded Look of the Games – Signage, Graphics, Banners, etc. Flagpoles Medical Equipment and Services (MRI / X-ray / Physiotherapy)

14 Procurement Strategy Sourcing focus – local (GGH), provincial, national, international Supplier diversity – SMEs (small-medium sized enterprises) 51% owned and controlled by: –Aboriginal peoples –Women –Visible minorities –Individuals with disabilities –LGBT community Partnerships – encourage partnerships between small diverse businesses and large enterprise (legacy benefits) 14 Other Intl Pan American Countries Canada Ontario Toronto and GGH

15 TO2015s Supplier Diversity and Geographic Spend As of Jan. 31/14 15 Diverse suppliers used18122% of supply base Total diverse spend$5M15% of all supplier spend Diverse Classification# of SuppliersSpend Women-owned104$4.4M Visible Minority-owned59$0.56M Aboriginal-owned11$0.08M Persons with disabilities–owned5$0.01M LGBT-owned2<$0.01M RegionSpend% of Total Spend GGH$23.8M70% Ontario$0.6M2% Canada$9M26% PASO/Intl$0.72%

16 RFP Response Writing Section 3

17 Understanding the Elements RFI Request for information RFP – Q Request for pre-qualification RFQ Request for quotation RFP Request for proposal 17

18 Preparing your Response Read and clarify Analyze what detail is required Understand mandatory requirements Intent to bid, deadlines and dates Time to respond The difference you make 18

19 Sample RFP question Describe briefly the qualifications/skill sets, areas of expertise, level of expertise, and authority to resolve staffing, equipment and service challenges. 19

20 Sample RFP Response How not to answer: Please refer to the answer in Question # 8 which provides a detailed summary. 20

21 Sample RFP Response How not to answer: The existing account management team dedicated to supporting your organization currently will remain intact. 21

22 Sample RFP Response We place a key focus on client service excellence. All team members will be dedicated resources with appropriate cross-training for back-up support to cover off illness and holidays. Below are the key individuals that form our account management structure. Account Director – Reports directly to the President and is responsible for overall project governance, establishing SLA reporting, making process improvement recommendations and leading project debrief sessions. The Account Director is the primary escalation point for internal team members and the client. Key areas of expertise include: Account Manager – Reports to VP Operations and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the account once project implementation is complete. The account manager is responsible for reviewing and distributing the SLA report, conducting regular client review meetings and making process improvement recommendations. Any client inquiries that cannot be answered by the Account Manager are assigned to the appropriate client service team member for response. Complaint Escalation and Resolution Process – the primary escalation point is the Project Manager during a project cycle and the Account Director or Account Manager at any time. These individuals have full authority to resolve all issues including staffing, equipment and service challenges. 22

23 RFP Response Partnering Section 4

24 Partnering on TO2015 Business Opportunities Why partner with others? The opportunity is larger than you have capacity for The sum of your individual capabilities creates stronger value for the client Geographic presence – the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games footprint is extensive Partners bring the diversity component that you may be missing Partners bring environmental sustainability experience 24 Note: Responding to TO2015 business opportunities as partners and the structure of the partnership is the sole choice of the participating businesses.

25 Partnership Models Primary - secondary (tier 1 / tier 2) The larger company plays a lead role as the smaller company fills a niche role. Example 1: –CIBC Pan Am / Parapan Athletes Village catering provider (tier 1) requires a diverse caterer (tier 2) to supply Caribbean cuisine for 10 days. Example 2: –TO2015 Primary bus provider (tier 1) requires to subcontract regional buses and drivers (tier 2) to service non-GTA based venues (Minden, Oro- Medonte). 25

26 Partnership Models Peer - Peer Businesses of equal size partner to respond to a TO2015 RFP. Each business fills a certain portion of the requirements, with one taking the contract lead or both forming a joint venture. Example 1: –Company A and Company B team to respond to TO2015s Broadcast RFP. Company A provides host broadcast services (Video production) while Company B provides domestic broadcast viewing (TV broadcast). Company A represents the larger portion of the contract and therefore decides to be contract lead. Example 2: –A florist partners with a gifts business to provide floral bouquets for the TORONTO 2015 medal ceremonies. They form a JV (partnership) for this contract. 26

27 Supplier Partnerships Developing your partnership proposal All TO2015 RFPs will include diversity requirements. Create an opportunity for the non-diverse lead proponent to satisfy their diversity requirements through a partnership or sub-contract. Create a win-win scenario. Ensure that there is value and a need in your proposal (i.e. research TO2015). –Budget if posted online. –Toronto 2015 Bid Book (website). –Similar Summer Games. Propose the solution that you are ready to fulfil (demonstrated experience). 27

28 Supplier Partnerships Who can you partner with? Foreign companies requiring local knowledge, labour or expertise Domestic companies looking for supply chain diversity, local knowledge or expertise Where to find your business partner? Market research. Your business organization (Board of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, Diversity Organization). Your financial institution. MERX – list of companies that are looking at TO2015 opportunity 28

29 Supplier Partnerships Screenshot of MERX supplier list for a particular RFP 29

30 Supplier Partnerships What form can partnerships Take? Formal (legal) –Joint ventures partnerships Informal –Letter agreements, memorandum of understanding (MOU) Handshakes and/or oral agreement –Co-bidding on an RFP with one taking the lead. –Sub-contracting, a part of the supply chain. 30

31 Supplier Partnerships Identifying spend categories that fit a partnering model 31

32 Supplier Partnerships Group networking exercise #1 Form teams of 6. Select a TO2015 business opportunity from the listing provided. Explain the opportunity for a partnership proposal, including: –What roles will all partners provide? –What value does this provide to the buyer (TO2015)? Five minutes to complete exercise – 30 seconds to present to room. 32

33 Thank You!

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