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3 STRUCTURE OF THE PRESENTATION This report will be presented as follows: Section 1: Purpose & Overview Section 2:Corporate Aspects (Objectives, branding & symbols) Section 3:Structural Aspects( Crew, Partnership & Sponsors) Section 4:Rulebook (Categories, Adjudicators, Nominees, Process & Outcome) Section 5: Program

4 OVERVIEW -The South African Sports Awards 2012 was successfully held on 4 November 2012 at Sandton ICC and attended by about 1500 guests with also a public viewing area at Nelson Mandela Square. -In general terms the SA Awards once more lived up to reputation as a prestigious and most supreme events that recognizes and rewards our national sports team, national sports persons and administrators. -The program indeed succeeded to meet its objectives of celebrating excellence in and off the field of play as well as contributing towards social cohesion and nation building and inspiring a generation.

5 SA SPORT AWARDS 2012 AT A GLANCE -At a glance the SA Sport Awards were characterized by a number of activities under the theme, Our Nations Pride and pay-off line, Celebrating Sport Excellence -Owing to the world class execution and state of the art deliver, the Awards will remain enshrined in the hearts of many South Africans who followed this program through the various media and social platform that were utilized to mainstream this brand and position as a true peoples brand! 3 September 2012:Launch of the SA Sport Awards 2012 4 October 2012:Announcement of Nominees 2012 30 October 2012:Sport Awards Outreach- Dieslploot 2 November 2012:Andrew Mlangeni Golf Challenge and Dinner 4 November 2012:SA Sport Awards Dinner 5 December 2012Sport Awards Prize-giving


7 OBJECTIVES As articulated by SRSA Minister, Hon F. Mbalula, the SA Sport Awards, seeks to celebrate unity that sport anchors in our discourse for social cohesion and unity purpose, whilst celebrating courage in the field of sport and excellence in performance. The program is underpinned by the following fundamental tenets: a)Celebrate sport excellence. b)Reward sport achievement. c)Stimulate interest in sports, unearth talent and promote development. d)Recognise luminaries in sport in and off the field of play.

8 Brand Lifecycle of the SA Sports Awards Marketing Investment Brand Awareness BRAND POSITIONING Time High Brand Power Brand Evolution 1.Product Development 2. Introduction3. Growth4. Maturity5. Decline Low Service Brand Personality Brand Ingredients Brand Trademark Product Brand Category Brand Experience Brand Corporate Brand Global Brand The graph below depicts at typical lifecycle of any brand, clearly depicting the five critical milestones and trying to locate where we believe the SA Sport Awards brand is in the five milestone, which are: (1) Brand development, (2) Brand Introduction, (3) Brand Growth, (4) Brand Maturity, (5) Brand decline

9 BRAND POSITIONING Brand Lifecycle of the SA Sports Awards Currently the SA Sport Awards brand has gone way beyond the BRAND INTRODUCTION and BRAND DEVELOPMENT phase! It is currently in the BRAND GROWTH phase with current but preoccupation being to grow the SA Sport Awards beyond just another government program to become a sport peoples asset! For that reason, in 2012 the Minister reemphasized his directive that the Awards Brand be anchored firmly around the multitudes of South Africas prominent Sport Personalities (athletes, administrators & reporters) and not necessarily as a government program. These elements were therefore brought in much more strongly into the look and feel of the Awards in order to promote collective ownership of the SA Sport Awards brand by ordinary athletes and sport personalities.


11 SRSA SPORT AWARDS TASK TEAM -The SRSA Sport Awards Task Team was constituted by officials listed below, however, from time to time, the Team also sourced the expertise and services of other colleagues within the Department : Mr Tsholofelo LejakaActing Chief Director: Corporate Services Mr Makoto MatlalaChief Financial Officer Ms Onke MjoActing Director: Special Projects Mr Paena Galane Acting Director: Communications Ms Kagisho WinkelIntern: Communications Ms Nthangeni TshivhaseAssistant Director: Auxiliary Services

12 PROJECT STEERING COMMITTEE -The Steering Committee constituted of representatives from all strategic partners, i.e SRSA, SASCOC, SABC & Events Manager. -The Committee adopted a schedule of weekly meetings for planning and coordination purposes. -The various task teams of the Steering Committee have now been constituted to focus on various line function aspects of the project ; i.e. (1) Guest List, RSVP and Protocol (2) Production and Entertainment- (Technical and Logistics) (3) Security- Public Liability and Insurance (4) Marketing and Communication including Sponsorship (5) Contract compliance including sponsorship (6) Programme- Main event (7) Finance and Legal

13 PARTNERSHIPS The Sport Awards was delivered in partnership with the following critical stakeholders. Following a decision to change the venue from Sun City to Sandton later in the project, no host province could come on board as a partner. This will however be attended to in 2013 a)Sport & Recreation South Africa b)SASCOC c)SABC The role of the following critical stakeholders who were not necessarily involved at a conceptual phase or at project delivery level, yet still continues to play an impeccable role as a funding partner and a media partner respectively can also never be underestimated: a)National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund b)Supersport

14 PARTNERSHIPS- SABC The SABCs partnership in the SA Sport Awards remains a mainstay that keeps the program alive. 2012 marked much improved involvement in the partnership as opposed to 2011. In 2012, not only did SABC take over the broadcast production of the event, they also brought in a direct cash injection and significantly stepped up their strategic identification with the brand and involvement of their principals at a programmatic level. Among others, the SABCs contribution to the SA Sport Awards included: a)Airtime and promotional activity b)full production of the live broadcast of the Sport Awards, c)Complete SABC Radio Portfolio for interviews, d)Profile the Sport Awards trophy, green jacket and heros carpet, e)Production of Radio and TV materials, f)provision of pre marketing campaign, e.g interviews on Soccer Zone, etc A shorter red-tape in decision making and a swifter turn-around time in implementation remains a sticky issue in this partnership!

15 PARTNERSHIPS- SASCOC In 2012 SASCOCs role was slightly different as they were no longer responsible for the appointment performance of the Events Management Company. It was mainly around implementation of the Rulebook, which included: Dispatching the nomination forms to the Federations and their affiliates. Receiving the Nomination forms from Federations and their affiliates. Liaison with the athletes and overall coordination in that regard. Transversal operational involvement in the SA Sport Program The fact that 2011 was an Olympic Year inadvertently placed major limitations on the extent to which SASCOC could be available for active participation in SA Sport Awards tasks and activities. SASCOCs involvement did not extend to direct cash injection into the program.

16 PARTNERSHIPS- NATIONAL LOTTERY The National Lottery Distribution Trust Funds generous contribution towards the SA Sport Awards 2012, ensured the resounding success of the program. The National Lottery Distribution Trust Funds contribution covered the following critical aspects of the Awards: Audio visual production costs for Nominees and Winners Cash prize money for Nominees and Winners Sound, Screens, Lights and Technicians Transport and Accommodation for Nominees Auditing of Nomination process and SMS line Delays in finding consensus around the best approach to lodge the application for Sport Awards funding resulted in the application only being approved after the event. This area should be improved upon and in 2013 a multi-year approval of 3years should be sought to bring much more certainty and stability to the Awards and is planning process.

17 MEDIA PARTNER- SUPERSPORT Supersports media involvement in the SA Sport Awards 2012 served as a critical lifeline, particularly during the period preceding the finalisation of the SRSA-SABC SLA. During this period Supersport came on board and commenced with immediate airtime and promotional activities through broadcast of the SA Sport Awards advertisements, particularly the Sport Star advert. Supersport further offered to carry the full production of the SA Sport Awards Event but this offer could not be accepted on account of SABC-SRSA agreements. In general terms, Supersport remains a valuable partner and a splendid window of opportunity exist for their increased involvement in the project going to 2013!

18 SPONSORS A number of sponsors came on board to make the SA Sport Awards a reality. These sponsors involvement varied from direct cash injection to value in kind : a)Adidas-Cash & Value in kind b)MTN -Cash & Value in kind c)Tsogo Sun -Value in kind d)BMW- Value in kind e)AVUSA -Value in kind f)Independent Newspapers- Value in kind g)Carducci -Value in kind

19 EVENTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY -As part of the preparations and building on the lessons from Sport Awards 2011, in the first quarter of 2012/13, SRSA invited companies to bid for the Event Management of the Sport Awards 2012. -This process culminated into the appointment of a capable Event Manager for Sport Awards 2012 based on the impressive proposal, particularly the new features and control measures to safeguard challenges and weaknesses or 2011. -The concept document for the South Africa Sport Awards 2012 was therefore developed and finalised based on the proposal they presented emanating from the specifications and briefing session with all the other interested companies. -On the other hand, the contract of the Fundraising Company which also happens to be held by the same Events Management Company ran its 2 nd year of the 3 year contract during 2012.


21 AWARD CATEGORIES – 2013 1. Sport Star of the Year10. Administrator of the year 2. Sportsman of the Year11. Volunteer of the Year 3. Sportswoman of the Year12. School Team of the year 4. Sportsman of the Year with disability13. Developing School Team of the year 5. Sportswoman of the Year with disability14. Indigenous games star of the year 6. Sportsman of the year with disability15. Administrator of the year 7. Best Newcomer of the Year16. Photographer of the year 8. Team of the Year17. Federation of the year 9. Coach of the Year18. Most Transformed Federation of the Year (NEW) 19. Ministers Categoriesa)Ministers Excellence Award b)Andrew Mlangeni Green Jacket Award c)Steve Tshwete Lifetime Achievers Award

22 NOMINATION OUTCOME- lessons from 2012! a)The outcome of the Nomination process showed a need for more time to be allocated towards the window period for Nominations as well as a need for heightened awareness among Federations and their Affiliates. b)While the overall quality of the nomination was fairly good and reflective of the countrys excellence in the field of play, more still needs to be done to enthuse Federations active participation in the process. c)In 2013 the Rulebook will have to be reviewed to strengthen the Adjudication Panels authority to supplement the quality of motivations through due diligence and site visits as well overall assurance of the products reflection of the countrys demographics. d)The impact of 2012 being an Olympic and Paralympic year was also felt in the Nomination process as most nominations confined themselves to the Olympic accomplishment much more to the exclusion of other deserving sporting codes and accomplishments. e)In future, during Olympic years a consideration will need to be made to have separate Olympic and Paralympic categories alongside the Shield of Jove which has already been re-introduced in 2012.

23 PANEL OF ADJUDICATORS – 2012 -Pursuant to the adoption of the Rulebok, the 2012 Adjudication Panel was appointed in line with the principle of continuity and change to maintain a fair balance of institutional memory while at the same time introducing some new members to bring in new vigour, energy and a new perspective. -The panel constituted of the following men and women of good standing in the sport sector with resounding knowledge, expertise, experience and passion for Sport: 1.Mr Wire Zondi (Chairperson) 2.Ms Lebo Motsoeli 3.Mr Alpheus Keonyaditse 4.Mr Doctor Khumalo 5.Ms Kass Naidoo 6.Ms Motlatsi Keikabile 7.Ms Cynthia Chaka 8.Mr Robert Marawa -A new feature which was introduced in 2012 was the payment of honorarium to the Adjudicators in line with established best practice The panel composition however received a fair amount of criticism from Print Media journalists who lamented lack of representation from that sector! … This was something to note going to 2013

24 PANEL OF ADJUDICATORS - 2013 SECTOR2013 Sport PresentersLebo Motsoeli Alphius Keonyaditse Vaylen Kirtley Print Media SASCOCMotlatsi Keikabile FederationsWire Zondi Marissa Langeni Former Player / LegendsJimmy Tau Academia, Recreation & Transformation Prof. Marion Keem Lees Independent Sport CriticMorne du Plessis

25 NOMINATION PROCESS & TIMELINES The Sport Awards 2012 will cover any South African athlete who has excelled as per the stipulated criteria during the period 25 September 2012 – 30 August 2013 Nomination Process In order to bring depth into the nomination process, this year, the nomination process will NOT only be opened to the National Federations but also to their National Affiliates and Franchises. This will ensure that there is a broad base of participation for the nomination process as more structures now are able to nominate as opposed to the previous year. Critical deadlines 03 September 2013:Opening of Nominations 23 September 2013: Closure for Nominations 2012 09 October 2013: Announcement of Finalists & Public voting for Sports Start 2013 17 November 2013: Sports Awards, Sun City Super Bowl

26 IMPORTANT NOMINATIONS TIMELINES DateActivity 29 August 2013The nomination process is opened 29 August 2013Nomination packs are dispatched (rulebook, nomination forms and timelines) and posted on the website 29 Aug- 23 Sep 2013Nomination process remains opened 23 September 2013Nomination process is closed 24-25 September 2013The spreadsheet for nominations is consolidated 26-27 September 2013Adjudication meets and generate the first proposal of finalists 2 October 2013Sign-off of finalists by the principals 3-8 October 2013Finalists are informed and preparations made for the announcement 9 October 2013Announcement of nominees and commencement of voting lines for sport star of the year 9 Oct- 17 Nov 2013Voting lines for sport star of the year remains open 17 November 2013Panel votes for winner of each category 17 November 2013SA Sport Awards Ceremony- 2013

27 IMPORTANT NOMINATIONS TIMELINES PhasePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5 FocusNomination opens Federations and franchises nominate as per the different categories Nominations compliance with directives like the total number of words, the events where the athlete participated and won, the highlights and achievements, etc Nomination closes The secretariat prepares a spreadsheet off all the nominated names and locks a pool of names The non-compliant nominations are identified and isolated for the panels decision Adjudications begins Panel shortlists names down to five per category through discussions and evaluations Evaluation is based on, (1) evidence in the nomination pack & (2) panel verification. Panel votes for the finalists ( 3 per category) through secret ballot Finalists announced Voting lines for Sport Star of the Year opens Build-up to SA Sport Awards Event- nominees (finalists) are engaged in various community development initiatives and outreach Panel votes for the category winners Awards ceremony Category winners are announced Sport Star of the year is voted for by the public is announced The category winners and sport star of the year undertake to be available for sport promotion and outreach projects during their tenure NotesQuality! For the team, it is important to ensure that all Federations have received the nomination pack. For Federations, it is important to pay attention to quality and details aspects so as not to compromise the nomination Compliance! The panel will automatically eliminate all non- compliant nominations Due diligence! The panel may authenticate and verify the submitted information. Nominees program! All nominees will have to be involved in various sport outreach & promotion initiatives Sport Star! Federations are allowed to support their nominees and canvass support for them The Winners! Going forward, the category winners will have to undertake to do sport promotion and outreach work


29 SPORT AWARDS 2012 NOMINEES 1. Sportstar of the Year Hashim Amla Cricket Natalie du Toit Swimming Oscar Pistorius Athletics Chad le Clos Swimming Vernon PhilanderCricket Siyabonga Nomvete Football Caster Semenya Athletics 2.Sportsman of the Year Chad le ClosSwimming Cameron van der BurgSwimming Vernon PhilanderCricket Hashim Amla Cricket Siyabonga Nomveto Football 3.Sportswoman of the Year Marsha MaresciaHockey Caster SemenyaAthletics Bridgette Hartley Canoeing Portia Modise Football Chantelle Doddermeade Judo 4.Sportswoman of the Year with disability Natalie du Toit Swimming Kgothatso MontjaneTennis Isle HayesAthletics Zandile Nhlapho Athletics Ilise CarstensAthletics 5.Sportsman of the Year with disability Oscar Pistorius Athletics Charl BouwerSwimming Samkelo Radebe Athletics Lucas Sithole Wheelchair tennis Arno Fourie Athletics 6.Coach of the Year Gary Kirsten Cricket Joseph MkhonzaFootball Alliaster CoetzeeRugby Gordon Igusend Football Graham Hill Swimming 7.Team of the YearRowingCricketSwimming Orlando Pirates Football Banyana BanyanaFootball 8.Newcomer of the Year Michelle Webber Swimming Richard MurrayTriathlon Siya KolisiRugby 9.Federation of the Year Swimming Rowing Hockey

30 SPORT AWARDS 2012 NOMINEES 10.Administrator of the Year Dr. Debbie Alexander Triathlon Wimpie du Plessis Rowing Dr. Kgotso NcholoSoftball 11.Volunteer of the Year Sondiso MagajanaJudo Laetitia GoldmanHockey Elias MpendeBoxing 12.Developing School Team of the Year Under 13 Milo Football Team Football Ithembelihle HighRugby Letsetse Intermediate Football 13.School Team of the Year Under 13 Milo Football Team Football Eastern Cape Girls SchoolRowing Ithembelihle HighRugby 14.Indigenous Games Team of the Year Team KZNAll Disciplines Eastern Cape KhokhoKhokho KZN InqathuInqathu 15.Photographer of the Year Reg Caldecott Ettiene Rothbart Sydney Seshibedi 16.Journalists of the Year Velile Mbuli Lelo Mzaca David Issacson 17. Recreation Body of the Year Age In Action Wellness Traditional Horse Racing Equestrian Vakhegula VakhegulaFootball Following a recommendation by the Adjudication Panel, the Minister approved that more than three nominees should be considered in certain categories. This was mainly due to the effect of the Olympic year on the pool of talent and excellence that had to be considered!

31 SPORT AWARDS 2012 – MINISTERS AWARDS Under the Ministers Awards, the following names were identified by the Minister to receive the Excellence Awards: Evelyn Tshabalala Vata Ngobeni Brandon Grace Ernst van Dyk The other Awards which were conferred under the category of Ministers Awards are elaborated in the subsequent slides and are: Steve Tshwete Lifetime Achiever Andrew Mlangeni Legends Green Jacket

32 ANDREW MLANGENI LEGENDS GREEN JACKET RECIPIENTS The highlight of the Andrew Mlangeni Green Jacket Gala Dinner held at the prestigious Serengeti Golf Estate was when the Minister honored the recipients of the Andrew Mlangeni Legends Green Jacket 2012 who were: 1)Matthews Motshwarateu (Athletics) 2)Blanche Moiloa ( Athletics) 3)Grant Khomo (Cricket, Rugby, Football & Tennis) 4)Nelson Teenage Dladla (Football)

33 STEVE TSHWETE LIFETIME ACHIEVER RECIPIENT The recipients of the Steve Tshwete Lifetime Awards 2012 were: 1) Elijah Tap Tap Makhathini (Boxing) 2)Papwa Sewgolum Sewsunker (Golf) 3)Sam Ramsamy (Sport Administration) 4)Petros Molemela (Football) 5)Sally Little (Golf) 6)Joost van der Westhuizen (Rugby)

34 SPORT AWARDS 2012 CATEGORY WINNERS 1.Sports star of the year- Chad le Clos (Swimming) 2.Sportsman of the year- Vernon Philander (Cricket) 3.Sportswoman of the year- Caster Semenya (Athletics) 4.Sportman of the year with disability- Oscar Pistorius (Athletics) 5.Sportwoman of the year with disability- Natalie du Toit (Athletics) 6.Coach of the year- Joseph Mkhonza(Football) 7.Team of the year (Rowing) 8.Federation of the year (Rowing) 9.Administrator of the year- Wimpie du Plessis (Rowing) 10.Newcomer of the year - Siya Kolisi (Rugby) 11.Volunteer of the year - Sondiso Magajana (Judo) 12.School team of the year- Ithembelihle High (Rugby) 13.Developing School team of the year - 14.Recreation body of the year- Vakhegula Vakhegula (Football) 15.Journalist of the year- Velile Mbuli 16.Photographer of the year- Sydney Seshibedi A much improved performance was noted in 2012 with regard to the actual presence of all the category winners at the Sport Awards Gala Dinner. All the category winners were present or had pre-arranged representatives to receive their Awards on their behalf. All the nominees were impeccably dressed in black suits by Carducci and their look was truly befitting of the stature of the prestigious event the Awards have grown to be.

35 NOMINEES FOR SPORT STARS OF THE YEAR 2012 In line with the Rulebook, the Sport Star of the year was voted by the Public through an SMS line established solely for this purpose. This competition saw seven Sport Personalities nominated by the Adjudication Panel battle it out for the title Sport Star of Year. In the process the SMS line was also used to raise funds which were later donated to charity by the Minister as legacy of the SA Sport Awards 2012 This SMS competition was publicised both through print media and Television but with enough time, the impact could have really been much more better!

36 SPORT STAR OF THE YEAR 2012 Olympic gold medallist Chad le Clos was crowned sports star of the year after the 20-year old clinched the highest votes on the public vote line ahead of the other six nominees: (1) Hashim Amla (2) Caster Semenya (3) Oscar Pistorius (4) Siyabonga Nomvete (5) Vernon Philander (6) Natalie du Toit

37 PRIZES FOR WINNERS Prize Money for the Winners 1)Sport Star of the Year Sports Star Trophy One Million Rands (R1m) Plus a brand new luxury BMW 2)Category Winners Award Trophy Hundred and Thirty Thousand Rands (R130 000) 3)The nominees (Runners up) Fifteen Thousand Rands (R15 000, 00) 4)The Excellence Award Twenty Thousand Rands (R 20 000, 00) 5)Andrew Mlangeni Green Jacket Recipients Twenty Thousand Rands (R 20 000, 00) 6)Steve Tshwete Lifetime Achiever Awards SASA 2012 Achiever Trophy

38 Among some of the challenges noted from the delivery of 2012 SA Sport Awards are the following: a)Enthusiastic involvement of Federations in the nomination process b)Alignment of Provincial Awards with the National Sport Awards c)Prolonged engagements with Sponsors; sometimes ultimately resulting in a decline d)Delay in finalisation of Partnership agreements e)Increased Integrated Marketing & Public Relations activities f)A vibrant and impactful program for Nominees building to the Awards g)Quality of event delivery, particularly around sitting arrangements & production aspects CHALLENGES


40 PREPARATIONS FOR SA SPORT AWARDS 2013 Preparations for SA Sport Awards 2013 are already underway and a new Event Management Company has been appointed. The concept has also been developed and the nomination process has been open as from 29 August 2013 In the main, the program will still retain its conceptual thrust with main emphasis on those areas where there is still room for improvement, particularly the involvement of Nominees in Outreach work & coaching clinics. The planner for the SA Sport Awards 2013 is reflected in the next slide.

41 SA SPORT AWARDS 2013- DELIVERY DATES ActivityJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberNotes 12341234123412341234 1. Open nominations29 Aug 2. Nominations open29 Aug- 23 Sep 3. Closing Nominations23 Sep 4. Adjudication process26 Sep – 02 Oct 5. Informing nominees03 -08 Oct 6. Announce nominees09 Oct 7. Sport Star Public Voting09 Oct – 17 Nov 8. Andrew Mlangeni Dinner7 Nov 9. Sport Awards Week11-15 Nov 10. Sport Awards Gala Dinner17 Nov



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