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Boxing in Moiliili: The Sports History and Future.

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1 Boxing in Moiliili: The Sports History and Future

2 Thesis Although boxing has historically been a cherished pastime in Moiliili, local interest in the sport has waned considerable. A variety of social, economic and political factors have contributed to boxings decline in popularity.

3 Boxing Statewide Boxing originally a part of Makahiki festivals Bootleg Era (1893 to 1929): legal only for military -Porch boxing popular as a form of self defense and recreation Territorial Era (1929 to 1959): golden age during which boxing flourished Statehood Era (1959 to present): formal commission established -Jesus Salud (63-13-0) -Brian Viloria (28-3-0) As boxing became lucrative natonwide, Hawaii hopefuls began to harbor championship dreams Major fights held at Blaisdell Arena

4 In Moiliili Fighters coached by Kinji Kanazawa of Moiliili Boxing Club (MJS) – Kinji Kanazawa was the pioneer of Moiliili. He was like Daniel Boone who blazed the trail.-former Moiliili boxer Charles Harada Many minor fights held at Honolulu Stadium – Many regional and amateur title fights – Most important: Joe Louis two exhibitions vs. Cleo Everett and Wayne Powell

5 Boxing Today Kalakaua Boxing Club, Kakaako Boxing Club Palolo Boxing Club, Pearlside Boxing, Evolution Boxing Club (Honolulu) – Most are subsidized/components of community outreach programs Boxing has declined in popularity for a variety of reasons, most of which can be attributed to the globalizing effects of media – Hawaii has very few professional bouts – Few Olympic hopefuls

6 Reasons for Decline 1) Popularity of Mixed Martial Arts 2) Lack of local big money fighters or fights – Tyson fight could have revived sport Boxing scene centralized in Vegas 3) Hawaiis fight community is insular; boxing and MMA fans/fighters are xenophobic Boxing Commission is clique-like and difficult Boxing is boring. Plus, local guys (fighters) hold grudges. Local people are like that.- Michael, MMA welterweight contender

7 Boxing and MMA In Hawaii

8 Possible Areas of Research Ways to revive the sport – Promotion, courting money, etc. History of boxing commission

9 Sources 953337 stadium Interview with Michael (alias). Conducted 22 September 2010 that-wont-go-away/

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