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Boxing in Moiliili: The Sport’s History and Future

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1 Boxing in Moiliili: The Sport’s History and Future

2 Thesis Although boxing has historically been a cherished pastime in Moiliili, local interest in the sport has waned considerable. A variety of social, economic and political factors have contributed to boxing’s decline in popularity.

3 Boxing Statewide Boxing originally a part of Makahiki festivals
Bootleg Era (1893 to 1929): legal only for military -“Porch boxing” popular as a form of self defense and recreation Territorial Era (1929 to 1959): “golden age” during which boxing flourished Statehood Era (1959 to present): formal commission established -Jesus Salud ( ) -Brian Viloria (28-3-0) As boxing became lucrative natonwide, Hawaii hopefuls began to harbor championship dreams Major fights held at Blaisdell Arena

4 In Moiliili Fighters coached by Kinji Kanazawa of Moiliili Boxing Club (MJS) “Kinji Kanazawa was the pioneer of Moiliili. He was like Daniel Boone who blazed the trail.”-former Moiliili boxer Charles Harada Many minor fights held at Honolulu Stadium Many regional and amateur title fights Most important: Joe Louis’ two exhibitions vs. Cleo Everett and Wayne Powell

5 Boxing Today Kalakaua Boxing Club, Kakaako Boxing Club Palolo Boxing Club, Pearlside Boxing, Evolution Boxing Club (Honolulu) Most are subsidized/components of community outreach programs Boxing has declined in popularity for a variety of reasons, most of which can be attributed to the globalizing effects of media Hawaii has very few professional bouts Few Olympic hopefuls

6 Reasons for Decline 1) Popularity of Mixed Martial Arts
2) Lack of local “big money” fighters or fights Tyson fight could have revived sport Boxing scene centralized in Vegas 3) Hawaii’s fight community is insular; boxing and MMA fans/fighters are xenophobic Boxing Commission is clique-like and difficult “Boxing is boring. Plus, local guys (fighters) hold grudges. Local people are like that.”- “Michael”, MMA welterweight contender

7 Boxing and MMA In Hawaii

8 Possible Areas of Research
Ways to revive the sport Promotion, courting money, etc. History of boxing commission

9 Sources
Interview with “Michael” (alias). Conducted 22 September 2010

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