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Sport Unlimited South Bedfordshire Natalie Donhou Morley.

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1 Sport Unlimited South Bedfordshire Natalie Donhou Morley

2 Sport Unlimited In year one, we retained 684 young people in the South Beds area, achieving 106% of our yearly target over 56 activities. Some of our most successful activities were Table Tennis, Rock It Ball, Dodgeball & Cycling – all of which were delivered within school settings and supported by the SSCos on site.

3 Sport Unlimited The start of year two has seen many challenges. With 33 activities running in the summer term we managed to retain 361 young people and achieved 98% of our target. Low numbers in various activities including archery, aerobics and cheerleading negatively impacted on our desired outcome.

4 Sport Unlimited Case Study 1 - Dodgeball across the South Beds area Level 1 Club @ Leighton Buzzard Youth Club Dodgeball in all middle schools New community Club New competition added to yearly competition calendar

5 Sport Unlimited Case Study 2 - Pages Park Community Dance Club Additional hour of activity linked to new Youth Club in deprived area of Leighton Buzzard Linked into Vandyke Dance Company & Arts Factory for sustainable exit route Free performance for parents at Vandyke Performing Arts Event

6 Sport Unlimited Case Study 3 - Flag Football in Dunstable Upper Schools Extracurricular sessions in 3 schools Competition day run by Bedford Blue Raiders Plans for satellite club in the Dunstable area More sessions taking place & planned in additional schools

7 Sport Unlimited Case Study 4 - Archery @ Leighton Linslade Upper Schools Based @ 2 sites Poor uptake despite student consultation Expensive per head Sustainability proved to be problematic Retention of only 14 students

8 Sport Unlimited Case Study 5 - Skateboarding at Fulbrook Middle School Sign up activity at minimal cost per child 100% Retention Good numbers have allowed this continue without S.U Funding Marked increase in the use of the new community skate park

9 Sport Unlimited QUESTIONS? Where do we go from here? How much should we rely on young person consultation? How we guarantee sustainably for our young people? a weekly sports club that hopes to provide the opportunity for young people between the ages of 8-18 years old who have a learning or physical disability (and their siblings) to have fun, boost their confidence and try out different sports.

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