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Strategies for Fostering Multi-Sport Participation Sandy Searcy, IHSAA Assistant Commissioner NIAAA Conference, December 2012.

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1 Strategies for Fostering Multi-Sport Participation Sandy Searcy, IHSAA Assistant Commissioner NIAAA Conference, December 2012



4 D EION S ANDERS 2 Super Bowl Wins Only person to play in Super Bowl and World Series

5 A BBY W AMBACH Olympic Gold Medal, World Cup Champion Lettered in basketball in high school

6 T ONY G ONZALEZ 12 time pro bowler Leads all TE in receiving yards and touchdowns Cal Basketball team made it to Sweet Sixteen

7 C HARLIE W ARD 1993 Heisman Winner 1 st round pick of the NY Knicks

8 B ABE D IDRIKSON Z AHARIAS Golf, Track and Field, Baseball 2 Gold Medals, AAU National Championship Founding member of LPGA

9 L ISA L ESLIE 4 Olympic Gold Medals State Champ in long jump and high jump

10 T ONY G WYNN 8 Batting Titles 7 Silver Slugger Awards Hall of Fame in 2007 Basketball at San Diego State Records for assists in a season and career

11 T AMIKA C ATCHINGS NCAA Champion, WNBA Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist Volleyball State Champion in high school

12 P AT R ILEY NBA champion coach Drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1967

13 M ISTY M AY -T REANOR 3 Olympic Gold Medals State Runner-up in high jump in 1993

14 J IMMIE J OHNSON 5-time NASCAR Champion Participated in water polo, swimming and diving at Granite Hills High School

15 J ACKIE J OYNER -K ERSEE 3-time gold medalist in track 19 th all time leading scorer in basketball at UCLA #1 on Sports Illustrated list of Top 50 Female Athletes

16 B O J ACKSON 1985 Heisman Trophy Winner 4 th all-time SEC rushing leader All-Star for the Kansas City Royals

17 W HY D O K IDS P ARTICIPATE IN S PORTS ? 1989 Michigan State University Study on Sport Participation 1. To have fun 2. To do something Im good at 3. To stay in shape 4. To learn new or to improve my skills 5. To play as part of a teamTo win was the 8 th ranked response

18 B ENEFITS OF M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION Improved Health & Wellness Injury rate will decrease – ending that never ending cycle with no off-seasons in one sport. American Academy of Pediatrics – blames parents; recommends training at correct level, having qualified coaches, and avoid specializing until as late as possible. Overuse issues reduced

19 B ENEFITS O F M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION Improved Athletic Performance Development of other athletic skills Athleticism Teamwork & Leadership skills Mental aspects

20 B ENEFITS O F M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION College participation and scholarship opportunities improve. Academic scholarships to athletic scholarships 70:1. Recruiting opportunities increase.

21 B ENEFITS OF M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION o Character Development o Student athlete learn how to adapt to different coaching styles o Student athlete develops team loyalty and pride o Experimentation

22 M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION With a college scholarship being the end goal for some athletes, how do you encourage high school students to play more than one sport? Indiana Athletic Directors offered ideas on what strategies and programs they have implemented to promote multi-sport athletes.

23 L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN Hire coaches who really believe in the multi- sport concept. Incorporate language into the annual coachs evaluation document. Meet with head coaches on a regular basis to discuss the importance of promoting multi-sport participation.

24 L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN I dentify multi-sport participation as the number one priority. Actively promote sports outside of a coachs season. Encourage coaches to promote multi-sport participation by being visible at other sporting events.

25 L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN Require all coaches to meet together to talk about yearly plans prior to each season. Do not permit out-of-season coaches to conduct open facility time on the same night as a regularly scheduled in-season contest. Restrict use of facilities for strength and conditioning during peak practice times after school.

26 L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN Require meetings of coaches with student athletes who wish to participate in multiple sports in the same season. Either coach can refuse to allow such participation which ends the process. A written contract is created by both coaches and filed with the AD.

27 L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN Schedule summer workouts as an athletic department, not as individual sports. Coaches must meet with the student-athlete and their parents to discuss schedules and find a way to make it work.

28 L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN Encourage coaches to promote their athletes to run track in the Spring as a way to condition and build their athleticism. One Twenty sports, ONE team. - multiple teams must come together as one if they are going to be successful. Allow in-season athletes to attend open gyms of other sports should they choose.

29 Establish a schedule for out of season weightlifting supervision which can be utilized by all athletes not in season. Do not allow off-season conditioning programs to begin until after Labor Day in the fall and not until after Thanksgiving in the winter. Hire a strength coach specifically for conditioning. L EADERSHIP FROM THE TOP DOWN

30 M ARKETING M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION Recruiting Video – Jeffersonville High School Name a captain from each fall sport to help recruit kids to our sport. Attend the contest of a different sport as a team to demonstrate support. Conduct drill sets in practice that recreate soccer footwork, or football blocking so that kids know that our sport and their sport mesh.

31 M ARKETING M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION o Send postcards to kids in other sports when they are successful. o Talk about their sports during practice. o Consistently pass out literature and recognize those who are participating in other sports. o Use FACEBOOK AND TWITTER to consistently tell keep the school community up to date.

32 M ARKETING M ULTI -S PORT P ARTICIPATION Conducts SPORTS PERFORMANCE Class (advanced PE). Student athletes from 20 different sports work together lifting weights and doing footwork drills. They are told they are one team and they need to pull for each other.

33 J EFFERSONVILLE H IGH S CHOOL Created a power point presentation to encourage football players to come out for wrestling

34 F OOTBALL TO W RESTLING A GREAT COMBINATION! Jeffersonville Red Devil Wrestling

35 W INTERIZE OUR F OOTBALL T EAM Wrestling is a sport for discipline and it breeds toughness, it has helped me tremendously!!." Roddy White – All-Pro Receiver, and wrestling state champion

36 SUMMER PARTCIPATION IHSAA rules permit coaches to work with their student athletes during the summer with no limitations. Many athletic departments have established strategies which allow student athletes to participate in multiple sports without schedule conflict.

37 SUMMER PARTCIPATION Schedule all camps and open gyms for the winter sports in June, and schedule Fall sports conditioning in July. The summer conditioning program should be open to all sports - boys and girls. The top 3 grades work together - there is a separate class for incoming freshmen. Hire an outside group athletic training group that will work with the athletes during the summer.

38 SUMMER PARTCIPATION Coaches plan summer schedules to allow players to participate in multiple sports. Summer: 1 st 3-4 weeks are reserved for spring and winter sports. The last 4 weeks of the summer are reserved for fall sports.

39 SUMMER PARTCIPATION Schedule conditioning sessions several times throughout the day so that all student- athletes can participate. Designate specific sport days. Monday = Fall, Tuesday = Winter, Thursday = Spring. Hire a strength and conditioning coach to over- see all summer workouts.

40 R ECOGNITION P ROGRAMS Many schools offer incentives for participating in multiple sports.

41 R ECOGNITION P ROGRAM Award a letter jacket to the student-athlete who: Earns 4 varsity letters, or 3 in one sport and; Defends these letters by playing the sport through their senior year.

42 R ECOGNITION P ROGRAM A letter jacket may only be earned by a two or more sport student-athlete. Athlete-Of-The-Year Award is issued to the senior boy and girl who have accumulated the most points during their four-year career.

43 R ECOGNITION P ROGRAM Point system for Participation 1 unit of credit - Freshman or JV level 2 units of credit – Varsity level Athletic Clock - 12 units, with at least 8 at the varsity level School Blanket - 18 units, with at least 14 at the varsity level Athletic Ring - 23 units

44 The local newspaper recognizes a male and female senior who has participated in 3 varsity sports. Award a watch to any student-athlete who is a 3-sport athlete for four years. Start encouraging multi-sport athletes in grade school. One small high school awards a trophy to any student athlete who participates in 6 sports their 7 th and 8 th grade years. R ECOGNITION P ROGRAM

45 Loyalty Award is provided for student athletes who participate in 10 sports and earn 5 varsity letters. The highest athletic award, a blanket, is awarded to an athlete who participates in 3 sports a year for a minimum of 3 years - one being his or her senior year. R ECOGNITION P ROGRAM

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