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See it! Believe it! Teach it! What is Sport Stacking?

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1 See it! Believe it! Teach it! What is Sport Stacking?

2 Sport Stacking is an exciting individual and team sport where participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups in pre-determined sequence.

3 Sport stacking originated in the early 1980s in southern California and received national attention in 1990 on a segment of the Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson. That was where it first captured the imagination of Bob Fox, who was then an elementary classroom teacher in Colorado. How it all started... Speed Stacks spreads nationally. In 1998, Bob was asked to present sport stacking to Texas. After a tremendous response Speed Stacks, Inc. was born as a small home business designed to promote sport stacking and be a resource to physical education teachers. And the sport continued to grow. Bob started travelling across the country to present stacking to fellow PE teachers, and in 2000, after 17 years of teaching, he decided to leave his school district to devote full time to Speed Stacks. The sports popularity continues to grow exponentially. As of Summer-2007 more than 20,000 schools worldwide have a Speed Stacks program as part of their PE curriculum.

4 What are the benefits of sport stacking?

5 How do I get a program started at my school? 1.Get yourself a set, start stacking and get comfortable with the cups. 2.Order a complementary set from speed stacks or order the loaner bin from Speedstacks (talk to your principal to see if there is money in the budget) 3.Show introductory video to children and/or school staff to get them pumped. 4.Start teaching a small group of children who will act as your teaching assistants/mentors for the other students. (e.g. Extracurricular activity – grade 6 students, P.E. class, students with exceptionalities)

6 Steps to follow while teaching 1.3 stack 2.3 – 3 – 3 stack 3.3 – 6 – 3 stack 4.10 stack 5.Have children practice the cycle. 6.Beat your own time and race a partner 7.Relays in the gym 8.Partner-stacking 9.Presentation for another class/principal 10.Competitions within our outside the school

7 Go out and get stacking! Related Links Sport Stacking-1.pdf


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