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By: Class: School: Date:

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1 By: Class: School: Date:
Sports By: Class: School: Date:

2 What’s your favorite sport?
Is it a team sport? Why do you like it? - I like it because it’s _______________

3 Find Pictures of your favorite sport:

4 Which is/are your favorite team/s?

5 What sports do you watch?
What sport/s do you practice? How often do you practice it? Where do you practice it?

6 What sports do you like to watch on TV?
What sports do you hate to watch on TV ?

7 Where is this sport practiced?

8 Who is/are your favorite players/athletes/champions?

9 What is the most popular sport in Israel?

10 What sport do you think is the most dangerous?

11 What new sports would you like to try?

12 Where is the nearest stadium to your house?

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