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Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport Transformation Audit.

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1 Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport Transformation Audit

2 TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY & COMMITTE Codes that have the strategy & committee n SAFA CT n SWD & Boland Cricket n Boland Athletics n Boland Darts n South Cape Badminton n WP Hockey

3 Demography of Membership n Football – African and coloured dominated n Netball – WP only has african clubs n Other regions has more coloured dominated membership or multicultural n Boxing – Africans are the majority n Weightlifting – WP is well balanced and Boland has 4 clubs but could not reveal

4 Demography of membership Cont n TT- More coloured clubs, few white and non african n Badminton – More white clubs, few coloured and 1 african club in SWD n Cricket – More coloured clubs, few white and 2 african clubs in SWD & Bol n Darts – More coloured clubs, few white and non africans n Chess – WP has more coloured clubs & Bol has more more white clubs n Athletics – few african clubs n Boland Rugby – more coloured membership& few African and White membership

5 Demography of Membership n Softball – Coloured & White clubs are mixed and 1 african club n Volleyball – more coloured clubs, 2 white clubs & no African clubs n Basketball – 7 African & White clubs and 6 coloured clubs n These codes are only well established in the Metropole region n FEDANSA – More coloured membership, few white and african membership

6 EXECUTIVE MEMBERS n Only SAFA Boland has 1 white executive member and all other regions does not have n Majority of executive members are coloured and african n Netball – No african representative, majority is white and few coloureds in all regions n TT – More coloureds, 1 white and non african n Weightlifting – WP has 4 coloureds, 2 africans and non white n Athletics – Bol has majority of coloured, few white and non african and WP is well represented

7 EXECUTIVE MEMBERS CONT n Hockey – More whites, few coloureds and 1 african in WP n Boxing – More africans and few white and coloured representatives n Chess – more whites in Bol and 1 african in WP n Darts – more coloureds and few white and 1 african n Cricket – more coloureds, few white and non africans

8 EXECUTIVE MEMBERS CONT n Badminton – more white representatives, few coloureds and africans n Rugby – Bol has 8 coloureds and 3 white and non africans n FEDANSA – 10 coloureds, 3 africans and non whites n Basketball – 2 white, 5 coloureds & 3 africans n Softball – 5 coloureds & 1 white n Volleyball – 5 coloureds & 1 white

9 GENDER EQUITY n So far every code has a female on their executive n The question to be asked is what potfolios do they occupy, are they secretaries or presidents? n Well, the female president I know of is from WP Volleyball and Vice President from Softball n The obvious once are the those from the traditionally female codes

10 GENDER EQUITY CONT n Majority of codes indicated they programmes in place to increase participation of women and girls n Are we talking on the field participation or what, maybe we need to review our programmes

11 Integration of people with disabilities n Some codes indicated they have a programme in place to integrate people with disabilities in their codes but does not have sufficient resources n Bigger codes like netball and football indicated that they do not have programmes to integrate and these codes are also big within the disability sector

12 REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS n It looks like theres only coloureds and whites that can play sport. n Almost all codes showed representation of african players, either in the junior teams or development teams n The questions is are they being developed for life or what happen to them along the way

13 Way Forward n Review our programs n Look at the issue of inclusivity e.g. rural and farms


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