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BlazeSports Institute for Applied Science CDSS Level II Curriculum 1.

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1 BlazeSports Institute for Applied Science CDSS Level II Curriculum 1

2 Technology in Disability Sport I: Peak Performance through Sport Software 2

3 Multidisciplinary Video Analysis Real-Time Statistical Information Sport Medicine Exercise Physiology Strength & Conditioning Sport Biomechanics Sport Nutrition Sport Psychology Coaching 3


5 Use of Advancements in Sport Technology Andrea Kushmans case study discusses her use of video technology for training of the 2006 U.S. Wheelchair Rugby National Team, prior to their Gold Medal performance at 2006 World Championships in New Zealand. Dartfish ArticleCase Study 5

6 Silicon Coach – Video Analysis Multidisciplinary application A range of video analysis solutions Silicon Live – free application YouTube with video analysis tools Instant feedback Silicon Coach Live Explained Why Use Video Analysis 6

7 v 7

8 v 8

9 Kinovea – MOTION TUNER Multidisciplinary application Licensed free of charge No warranty for the program Video clips available on YouTube Side by side analysis Immediate feedback 9

10 10

11 LongoMatch: The Digital Coach Can be used for any sport Real-time tagging features Video analysis Free software Technology provides a video editor to render new videos 11

12 12

13 Right View Pro Licensed to the MLB and the MLBPA Specialized program for only baseball and softball Various levels of software used by different positions and movements Pitching Model Hitting Model Coaches Edition Instruction System 13

14 Sports Motion – Motion Analysis Digital Video Editing Software – Both Sport and non-sport application Video Motion Analysis Large list of highly respected clients Immediate feedback Virtual Tour of Sports Motion 14

15 Motion Pro – Motion Analysis Software Effective Video Analysis software designed for all sports Many commercial clients Different software programs Offer tagging as well for team sports Works with standard video capture devices 15

16 Sports Technology International Based in Australia Good tagging features geared mostly towards team sports Endorsed by professional sports teams Technology provides coaching and analyzing tools Used in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom 16

17 Team Termin Velocity meter telemetry with synchronized video Real-time diagnostics Team Termin on You Tube 17

18 Dartfish 5 Software Packages Motion, real-time and video analysis Most utilized software package Free EasyTag App for iPhone, iPad, and Android Team and Individual Sports Testimonials on how to use Dartfish 18


20 Dartfish Free EasyTag App for iPhone, iPad, and Android Dartfish Easy Tag on You Tube Dartfish Easy Tag Web Page 20

21 Cyber Sport Basketball, Football, Baseball, Softball Good tagging features Comprehensive software Instant game analysis 21

22 Cyber Sport 22

23 Cyber Sport 23

24 Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Football Instant game analysis Playbook software Athletic equipment management 24


26 Sports Medicine SCAT2 iPhone App Paperless sport concussion assessment tool 26

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