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Business, Art & Technology Understanding Windows System Understanding Computer System Better Presentation Techniques Understanding Arts Understanding Commerce.

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1 Business, Art & Technology Understanding Windows System Understanding Computer System Better Presentation Techniques Understanding Arts Understanding Commerce

2 Understanding Windows System Menu

3 Windows Startup Menu A – Recycle Bin It store deleted files & folders. B – Profile Picture It display user profile pictures. C – Folder Shortcut Shortcut to Teacher & Documents folder. D – Computer Shortcut Shortcut to Computer Explorer. E – Shut Down Shortcut to Computer Explorer. a d b e c Menu

4 Computer Explorer It contains shortcuts to files and folders in Hard drive and pendrive. It contains files and folders in Hard drive and pendrive. It allows searching of files and folders in a target. It display location of your explorer. You are currently exploring Hard drives. It display computer performance. Your Computer processor is Intel CoreDuo Two with memory of 2.5 GB. Menu

5 Viewing in Computer Explorer (Detail) Menu

6 Viewing in Computer Explorer (Medium Icon) Menu

7 Change settings and customize the functionality of your computer Control Panel Menu

8 Control Panel Menu

9 Modifying Wallpaper, Colors & Screensaver 1. Right-Click on the Windows Desktop and select Personalize. 2. Select any option below to modify wallpaper, colors, sounds or screensaver Menu

10 Time & Date Settings Display current time & date It allows changing of current time & date

11 QWERTY Keyboard CTRL & C = CopyCTRL & X = CutCTRL & V = Paste & D = Desktop Menu

12 Computer laboratory rulesComputer laboratory rules Menu

13 Understanding Computer System Menu

14 MicrocomputerData processingData processing ProgramInformation Computer System Menu

15 Output Input Processor Storage Computer System (Processes) Menu

16 Sorting CT ScanCT Scan SystemSystem UnitSystem Unit Menu

17 Motherboard Microchip CD-ROM DriveCD-ROM DriveMain MemoryMain Memory Computer Hardware Menu

18 Cable Printer Power supplyPower supplyFloppy driveFloppy drive Computer Hardware Menu

19 Peripherals OutputInput

20 cursor Soft copySoft copy Hard CopyHard CopyPlotter CD-ROM Menu

21 Understanding Presentation Techniques Menu

22 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Create new presentation Menu New Presentation

23 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Slides Current Slides Zoom In/Out Slider Menu

24 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 It allows you to copy, cut and paste slides or slide content. It allows you create, modify or delete slides. It allows you modify (bold, italic or underline) fonts. It allows you modify (left or right alignment) paragraph. Menu Home Ribbon

25 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 It allows you to change slides into portrait or landscape format. It allows you choose theme for your slides. It allows you choose background styles for your slides. Menu Design Ribbon

26 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 It allows you to insert pictures, shapes & chart. It allows you insert hyperlinks. It allows you insert textbox, wordArt et. It allows you insert movie and music. Menu Insert Ribbon

27 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 It allows you to insert slide transition. It allows you modify transition speed and sound. It allows you insert content animation types like entry, emphasis, exit and motion paths. Menu Animation Ribbon

28 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Menu It allows you insert hyperlink to different slide. Hyperlinks

29 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 It allows animation to start automatically after a period of time. It allows animation to start on mouse click. It allows you select transition speed of content. Menu Animation

30 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Animation will be repeated until end of slide. Menu Animation

31 Print Slides in color, grayscale or black and white. Choose slides number like 1, 5, 6 and 7. Choose number of copies for printing. Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Menu Printing

32 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Menu Printing

33 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Menu Printing

34 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Menu Printing

35 Understanding Ms Powerpoint 2007 Menu Printing

36 Better Presentation Slides Short & Simple Menu Slideshow Presentation

37 Better Presentation Slides Good Color Contrast Menu Slideshow Presentation

38 Stand Straight Better Presentation Techniques Stand in a lazy posture Practice Your Presentation Focus on their ears or shoulder not their face. Menu

39 Understanding Commerce Menu Production Trade Trade - Retail Trade - Wholesale Documents Used in Trade Means of Payment Types of Business Unit Banking Transport Communication Warehousing Customs Advertising Insurance

40 Production, Specialization and Commerce Comm Survive = Food + Shelter + Clothing Needs Wants = Food (x N) + Shelter (x N) + Clothing (x N) + Others Aims to satisfy these unlimited wants

41 Production Manufacturing & Construction Industry Direct Personal Services Extractive Industry Commercial Services Mining Fishing Agriculture Manufactures Factory Workers Retailer Wholesaler Banker Doctor Teacher Lawyer Comm

42 Specialization Regional Level Individual Level National Level Brunei Comm Painter Kedah Salesman Technician

43 Trade Reasons Why Trade Has Increased Comm Improvements in Communications Emergence of Developed Countries (US, German, Japan) Increased in Population Mass Production Specialization Improvements in Transport Improved standards of living & Expectations Efforts of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Efforts of World Trade Organization (WTO) to liberalize trade Efforts of governments to Promote trade

44 Trade Differences Between Home & Foreign Trade National Boundaries Different Currencies Different means of payment Customs Duties, Quotas & Complex Documentation Different Languages Hello!! Apa Khabar? Improvements in Transport Different Weights & Measures Higher Cost of transport & Insurance Different Social Standards, rules and regulations Greater Risk Comm

45 International Trade Invisible Trade (in Services Only) Visible Trade (in Goods Only) Comm Invisible Exports Invisible Imports Visible Exports Visible Imports Trading between different countries

46 Commerce HomeForeign TradeAids to Trade Wholesale Retail Export Import Imports from Other Counties Exports to Other Counties Banking Warehousing Transports Advertising Communication Insurance Communication Insurance Transport Advertising Banking Warehousing Selling in smaller scale Comm

47 Retail Trade - Functions Comm Branding & Advertising Sale in Very Small Unit Wide Range of Goods After-Sale Service Storage & Bulk Breaking Credit Delivery Information Service Personal Advice Provides final customer with wide choice of goods and services.

48 Retail Trade – Types Comm Large Scale Retailer Small Scale Retailer PedlarHawker Stall TraderMobile Shop Specialist Shop General Store Departmental StoreMultiple (Chain) Store Variety Store Mail Order Business Supermarket Hypermarket & Superstore

49 Wholesale Comm Deals with the bulk buying of goods from various manufacturers and selling it in smaller quantities to retailer. Bulk to small unitRetailersManufacturers

50 Comm Means of Payment CashCashiers Order creditor Bank DraftCredit Transfer Direct Debiting Traveler's Cheque Cheques

51 Banking - Functions Comm Savings Account Fixed Deposit Account Current Account Credit Transfer Direct Debiting Bank Loans Overdraft Foreign Exchange Service Agency Services Take more than available Night Safe Facility Safe Deposit Box Automatic Teller Machine

52 Transport – Mode Comm Land Water Pipelines Inland WaterwaysSea RailRoad Air

53 Transport – Types of Ships Comm Ro-Ro ship Container ship Bulk Carrier Ore Tanker Oil OBO ship Ore Tramp Cargo Liner Passenger Liner

54 Communication Comm Oral Written Electronics Speech / TalkFace-to-Face Memorandum (Memo) ReportMinutes of Meeting Letter

55 Warehousing Comm Provision of place for the handling and storage of goods and materials. Manufacturers Cold Storage Mail Order Retail / Depot Wholesale Cash- and- Carry Public Cargo with Paid Tax / Duty Bonded Cargo with Unpaid Tax / Duty

56 Advertising Comm Activities involved in presenting to a group an oral or visual message regarding a product or service Purpose Medium Direct Mail / Internet Windows Display CinemaMagazineRadio Outdoor Hoarding and Sign Pamphlet & Sample Salesman To Inform To Persuade NewspaperTelevision To Remind

57 Insurance With small premium, insurance underwriters are willing to offer a wide variety of insurance cover to the ordinary business to protect it against variety of risk. Maybe $300 per month. Marine & Aviation, Fire, Life, Accident, Motor, Nuclear Fire, burglary, flood, accident or theft

58 Insurance Comm RiskTerms Types Accident / Special Casualty Nuclear Motor AviationMarine Fire Life Over- Insurance 100,000 150,000 Under- Insurance 100,000 80,000 InsurableNon-Insurable Change in fashion Fall in Demand

59 Types of Business Units Comm Limited Company Partnership Sole Proprietorship 1 Person Unlimited Liability Sole-Small Capital Sole- Profit Ordinary 2-20 Person Limited Liability Partners Capital Share Profit Limited 2-20 Person Limited Liability Partners Capital Share Profit Private Limited Non- Transferable Share 2-50 Person Limited Liability Share Capital Dividend Profit Public Limited 2-N Person Limited Liability Share Capital Dividend Profit Transferable Share

60 Documents Used in Home Trade Comm Letter of Enquiry Request for Something Cheque Means of payment Quotation Information of Requested Product Order Order for Goods Advice Note Inform that goods were sent Delivery Note Inform that goods had arrived Invoice Inform about amount due of sent goods Credit Note Inform that goods had been Overcharged Debit Note Inform that goods had been undercharged Statement of Account It summarize monthly transaction Receipt Proof of Money Received

61 Customs Comm Functions Collect duties as source of revenue for the government Control of bonded warehouses Prevention of smuggling of prohibited goods and protection of society from disease Keeping statistical records of exports and imports Collection of Revenue Custom Duty tax Import Products Excise Duty tax Local Products Enforcement of Prohibitions Restrictions on imports & exports

62 Understanding Art Menu Drawing / Painting Software Types of Drawing Techniques Drawing Human Techniques Color Basics Water Coloring Basics Still Life Drawings Other Drawings Other Drawings – Portrait

63 Art Software for drawing and painting. Microsoft Paint Microsoft Publisher Twisted Brush Google Sketchup Microsoft Office PublisherGoogle SketchupMicrosoft PaintTwisted BrushTwisted Brush - Sample

64 Art Types of Drawing Technique Oblique 1 2 Isometrics Single-Point Perspective 3 4 Two-Point Perspective Art

65 Drawing Human Technique Head Body Proportion Clouds Cross Hatching Blending with Chamois Lifting Out the Clouds using Eraser Darker Detailing Burly Cloud Art

66 Color Basics Color WheelPrimary ColorSecondary ColorTertiary ColorWarm / Cool Tint – Adding white to a pure hueShades– Adding black to a pure hueTones– Adding black to a pure hue Art

67 Water Coloring Technique Graded Color Wash Color Wash Light Lighter Lightest Clear Finish Wet-In-Wet Coloring Art

68 Basic Arts - Still Life Drawing – Step by Step 1 23 4 56 Art

69 Other Drawings Art

70 Other Drawings – Portrait / Scenary Art

71 Happy Revision Do Not Print This presentation, - for saving the planet. (reduce usage of paper) Prepared by Thomas Chan 17Apr2012Menu

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