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AS SPORT & PE The Influence of National Bodies: Learning Objectives……. To define the role of Sport England in the development of sports participation To.

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1 AS SPORT & PE The Influence of National Bodies: Learning Objectives……. To define the role of Sport England in the development of sports participation To list/define their main aims and objectives

2 Video – A new era in sport? Recorded on Sky Sports 3 – Sports Nation Prog. (10 minutes) - Roger Draper (Chief Executive for Sport England) When watching the video, try to answer the following points: What are Sport Englands main aims and objectives? How do they try to achieve this? Where/how does it invest its money? What ways does Sport England try to get children involved in sport? Links with other orgs?

3 History….. Was formally known as the Sports Council 1972 - 1996. The Sports Council was an independent body under the Department of the National Heritage. It was the predecessor body to the English Sports Council which came into being on 1 st January 1997. Then it was re-branded as Sport England in March 1999. How was the Sports Council Funded? The Council received an annual grant from central government. This funding was mainly distributed to the various governing bodies of sport.

4 Sports Council reorganisation: Jan 1997- Sports Council was reorganised into a UK Sports Council and an English Sports Council. UK Sports Council oversees those areas where a UK policy is needed….. doping control, sports science, sports medicine etc. English Sports Council concentrated its resources on developing and promoting sport for young people and developing services in support of sporting excellence.

5 Who is the Sport England accountable to? Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport Sport and Recreation Division UK Sport Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport: ____________________________ Minster of Sport: ____________________________

6 Sport Englands main aims are: more people involved in sport- geared towards widening participation….. set a target of 70% of the population in England being reasonably active by 2020- defined as participating in 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week more places to play sport- aim to provide lifelong opportunities for everyone to take part in sport and to support the Countrys top sportspeople in their quest for excellence. more medals through higher standards of performance in sport- aim to provide the support that elite performers need to stay at the top

7 Sport England - new vision, mission, role and objectives Our vision is: Making England an active and successful sporting nation Our mission is: Working with others to create opportunities for people to get involved in sport, to stay in sport, and to excel and succeed in sport at every level Our role is: To be the strategic lead for sport in England To make focused investments through partners To provide advice, support and knowledge to partners and customers To influence the decision makers and public opinion on sport

8 An active and successful sporting future… Picture the scenario- by 2020: More people participating in sport through their place of work A new culture of sport and physical activity, equality, and a substantial impact on the health of the nation More sporting activities and facilities for young people, reducing crime and social exclusion A new network of sustainable multi-sports clubs and facilities at the heart of the community - coaches, specialists and volunteers making it possible for children, young people and adults to play sport and become physically active Modern Governing Bodies of sport leading the way and achieving success in their respective sports England's best ever year at the Olympics

9 More places to play sport- More Places Community facilities English Institute of Sport Major projects

10 Community facilities- Active England Programme Community facilities- Active England Programme The focus of Sport England at the local level is to increase and widen participation in sport, achieving sustainable benefits related to health improvement, educational attainment, community cohesion and social inclusion - in essence: to help people to START in sport to STAY in sport and……… to achieve SUCCESS in sport at every level. Sport England has established new Regional Sports Boards in order to delegate decision making on grants to local and regional level. The Boards whose membership will be drawn from sport, local government, education, health and business, will be geared up to establish the partnerships necessary for success at regional and local level, develop regional plans for sport with clear priorities and manage the distribution of grant aid for community projects.

11 English Institute of Sport English Institute of Sport The EIS features nine regional multi-sport hub sites, supported by 35 satellite centres, and represents an investment of more than £120million in high performance training venues. The quality of the delivery will be assured by the close relationship the EIS is developing with national governing bodies, performance directors, coaches, and the athletes themselves. Almost 1,000 competitors are currently in the EIS system. This figure is expected to grow to 3,500 in around 30 sports, by late 2004. For example (latest!): University of Bath- bobsleigh track Reading- 2200m rowing lake on the Thames, near Caversham Hayling Island- sailing club (world class)

12 Funding: The Government – Exchequer Funding National Lottery Money Sport England has invested over £1.8 billion from its lottery fund in sporting projects from grassroots to elite level. For every Lottery ticket sold, 3.8 pence goes to sport. Sport England is committed to developing a National Stadium which is built to a world class design. Sport England awarded a lottery grant of £120 million to the project in 1999…….. NEW WEMBLEY!!!

13 Test your knowledge! Test your knowledge! Sport England is committed to improving opportunities in sport through its Active Communities programme. i) In what ways may this and other local or national government initiatives improve opportunities in local communities. (3 marks) i) Sport England also believes that active participation in sport can provide value for an individual or a community. In what ways can sport do this? (3 marks)

14 Answers………. i)3 marks for 3 of: Working/partnership with local authorities/local leaders to develop sport opportunities; Millennium Festival Awards/Community Capital programme/funding; For small capital projects for clubs/community centres/or equiv; Sports Development Officers to co-ordinate/develop local sport opportunities/coaching initiatives; Active Community Projects using sport to help combat truancy, teenage anti-social behaviour, racism, crime prevention/equal opportunities/sport equity; Running sport/training local sports administrators; Sport Action Zones/targeting funding on deprived areas; CCT/Best value/Chartermark/Sportsmark – link to clubs.

15 ii) 3 marks for 3 of: Using sport to improve health/mental health; Using sport to make individuals feel included in society/community spirit/community pride; Using sport to help prevent anti-social behaviour/moral development; Allow individuals to develop potential/enhance feelings of self- worth/self confidence; Provide employment; Help develop social relationships. Answers……….

16 Homework! Research the following areas for next week- Who are the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and the Minister of Sport? Who are UK Sport? What is Sportsmark? What is Sports Coach UK and what was it previously known as? What is The National Sports Medicine Institute? What is The Youth Sports Trust? What is The National Junior Sports Programme?

17 To help you……….. Sport England – National Sports Medicine Institute – Sports Coach UK – UK Sport – Walnut Books and Sport and PE Books will also assist you. We will go through these findings in the next lesson- GOOD LUCK!

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