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Driving Social Change through Education, Technology and Leadership February 2013.

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1 Driving Social Change through Education, Technology and Leadership February 2013

2 Background Sask Sport Inc. supports the initiative of the Provincial Government to ensure a safe and harassment free environment for all children, youth and adults participating in sport. Sask Sport Board of Directors approved mandatory RiS training for all Sask coaches at their board meeting on Dec 4/12.

3 Background Sask Sport has been involved in the RiS program since 2005 through the RespectED agreement with the Red Cross.

4 Respect Group Inc. (RGI) RGI was co-founded by Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil. Their vision is to become the Canadian leader in on-line abuse, bullying and harassment prevention education. They have partnered with the Red Cross as curriculum experts.

5 Respect in Sport (RiS) Respect in Sport (RiS) is a 3 hour on-line training course for coaches and sport leaders. RiS assists coaches identify and deal with abuse, harassment, neglect & bullying in sport. There is no examination component and once completed, a certificate of completion is generated and can be printed.

6 Respect in Sport (RiS) RiS is broken down into 6 separate modules: Positive Power Preventing Bullying and Harassment Preventing Abuse & Neglect Positive Emotions Reporting Bullying and Harassment Reporting Abuse & Neglect A coach does not have to complete it all in one sitting & the program recalls where you left off upon login.

7 Respect in Sport (RiS) Engaging instructional design that provides animated scenarios, impact statements, expert clips and interactive Q & As. Full audio presentation that all users can understand, regardless of literacy level. Computer, internet connection & speakers needed. (dial up works)

8 Respect in Sport Administration Quick and easy administration. Multiple report types which can be displayed onscreen for quick reference, or downloaded for more in depth usage and integration. Run reports with selectable criteria such as pre-defined or admin defined date ranges.

9 Respect in Sport Administration Secure administrative access with multiple levels of access to ensure safety and integrity of data. One-on-one and group training webinars available for administrators.

10 Other users Sask Sport/SPRA/Sask Culture Hockey Canada Sport Manitoba (over 70 sports) Gymnastics Canada Ontario Soccer Sport Alliance of Ontario Government of Yukon, Sport and Recreation Boys and Girls Clubs YM and YWCAs Good Spirit District School Division (SK) Thames Valley District Schools & London Catholic School Board (ON) Foothills School Division & Rocky View School Division (AB) Kamloops School Division (BC) Over 250,000 leaders trained

11 Respect in Sport Surveys From over 150,000 certified activity leaders Useful information 93.77% Simple and easy to understand 96.51% Convenient method of on-line delivery 93.56% Will it make you a more child-centered leader 89.45% More confident to deal with abuse 90.23% More confident to deal with neglect 90.20% More confident to deal with bullying 93.36% More confident to deal with harassment 92.37%

12 PSGB Survey Results 36 sports responded. 77% want more information on initiative. 86% want educational training to learn how to use the database, monitor and generate reports. 66% agreed the one year time frame to complete is appropriate.

13 PSGB Survey Results What can Sask Sport Inc. do to assist your sport to implement the program? - address throughout presentation (policy, marketing, promoting)

14 Saskatchewan Implementation Sask Sport will lead this initiative on behalf of the sport community with support from the Province of Sask and in partnership with PSGBs. RiS will be made available at NO cost to user. All member coaches actively coaching in community through to provincial programs (playground to podium) will be required to complete the training in order to coach.

15 Saskatchewan Implementation A one year time frame will be given for coaches to complete the training. Each sport will have the flexibility to determine their start & end date. If a coach refuses to take the course by the prescribed PSGB deadline, they would be unable to coach.

16 Saskatchewan Implementation Coaches who have taken the new NCCP Empower+ module or the Hockey Canada Speak Out program will be given equivalency. Completion will be tracked through the RiS database with each PSGB having access to their data.

17 Saskatchewan Implementation Similar to an NCCP module, once taken, it does not have to be taken again. RiS would be recognized across sports so a coach would only need to take it once if coaching multiple sports. Online help & 1-800 support line available.

18 PSGB Role Govern the program to ensure all coaches in your sport on the field of play have taken the course by the required deadline. Get educated with the RiS materials and information to help with understanding, promotion and implementation.

19 PSGB Role Adopt & submit a board policy and motion committing to participate and confirming deadline. (template available)

20 Sask Sports Role Sask Sport will lead this initiative through a signed agreement with RGI. Fund the costs associated with the RiS training. Host a media conference in partnership with the Ministry of P, C & S. (Tentatively set for Feb 25 th in Regina)

21 Sask Sports Role Develop a province-wide communication strategy to increase awareness & understanding. Develop promotional and communication tools to assist PSGBs increase awareness & communicate to their members & coaches.

22 Sask Sports Role Ensure appropriate training is provided to PSGB administrators. One page instruction tool to access the site. Customize the course for Saskatchewan coaches. Sport consultants will be available to assist sports.

23 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) See FAQ handout in meeting package 1.Why is RiS mandatory? Its an important issue and Sask Sport believes ALL coaches must understand the fundamentals. In knowing that all our coaches have had this essential training we will also better mitigate liability both personal and organizational.

24 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2. How much does it cost the user? There is NO cost to the user. Sask Sport believes so strongly in this program and the values it promotes the costs are absorbed. 3. What is the deadline? Coaches will have 1 year to complete the training. Sports will have the flexibility to set the date that best works for them.

25 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4.What if a coach doesnt have a computer, or high speed or has never worked on a computer? RiS is online so can be accessed from any computer…work, school, local library, a friend, band office, etc. The program works with dial up. Coaches can sit with a friend, colleague or relative to take the training if they have no computer knowledge.

26 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 5.What if a coach refuses to take it? That is fine, they just will not be allowed to coach after the prescribed deadline. The PSGB will be responsible to enforce this process.

27 Respect in Sport (RiS) Questions?

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