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Getting into Sport Katherine Pagett Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer University of Birmingham.

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1 Getting into Sport Katherine Pagett Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer University of Birmingham

2 How competitive? University of Birmingham Subject ApplicantsEntrants Ratio Applied Golf Management 96 253.8 Sport and Exercise Sciences 1141 1756.5 Sport, PE and Coaching Science 520 70 7.4

3 How competitive? Sheffield Hallam University RouteApplicantsEntrantsRatio Sport and Exercise Science 794 908.8 Phys Act Health and Ex Sci. 121 254.8 Sp. Sci. for Performance Coaching 219 2010.9 Phys Ed. and Youth Sport 474 805.9 Sp. Coaching 427 4010.6 Sp. Development with Coaching 571 609.5 Sp. and Community Dev 250 2510.0 Sp. Business Management 427 725.9 Sp. Event Management 295 2511.8

4 Entry Requirements - Sport and Exercise Science UniversityA LevelsBTEC NationalAdvanced Dip BathAAADDD in Sport Science A in all units, plus A in A Level Science BirminghamAAB-ABBDDD Plus A Level Biology/PE at grade A/B BrunelBBCDDM Plus A Level in science/sport/social science ChichesterCCCMMM Grade C Plus A Level Biology or PE at grade C Leeds Metropolitan280 points5 D and rest M in 2 nd yr LoughboroughAAA-AABDDD Sheffield Hallam300 pointsDDM UWIC320 points including BB DDM Plus A Level Biology or PE at grade B * Additional requirements

5 League Tables

6 Personal Statements Comments from Admissions Tutors Its the only way to tell those that are interested in the subject from those that are just good at it Forms the basis for the interview Especially important in borderline cases Important at confirmation/clearing I look for students who will be interesting to teach What will make them stand out from the crowd?

7 Personal Statement Demonstration of knowing what the course involves Reasons for course/subject choice What they enjoy in any related subjects now Relevant units performed well in Additional reading

8 Personal Statements I love playing sport and want to do this for my degree. I have particularly enjoyed my biology A-level course work on 'Investigating the Density of Blood at Different Altitudes.' The physiological adaptations made by the body due to different environmental situations during training interests me. I have also undertaken an Open University Course Module in 'Human Nutrition' which not only helped with my A level studies but which I think would also be hugely beneficial to me in my degree. Within the course, I learnt about the importance of an athlete's diet. Particularly, the need for energy and associated nutrients for increased metabolism as well as adequate fluids to maintain body temperature in the face of large amounts of heat production in exercising muscles.

9 Personal Statements I enjoy all aspects of my subjects as a great deal can be related to sporting situations. An area of the PE course which fascinates me is sport psychology, I love grasping the underlying emotional factors in sport performance which most people are unaware of. Physical Education at school makes such a difference to the achievement and attitude of a person as a whole and as a player which I am eager to be a part of. Studying Biology extended my understanding of the human body during exercise, and furthered my knowledge beyond the A level PE course. Last year I was part of a team which won the gold award in the National Science Olympiad, gaining the opportunity to represent England at the European standings. This enabled me to take my biological and sporting knowledge to a new level of comprehension.

10 Personal Statements Additional reading I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. You can't beat the greatest because I am David Beckham It was this quote that inspired me to study sport at university. I am a keen reader of Peak Performance and I would particularly enjoy learning about Exercise physiology the health and fitness benefits of specific training methods. Stewart Ross's 'Higher Further Faster' has also increased my curiosity for further exploring the technological aspects of sport and exercise science.

11 Personal Statements Why do some people perform better than others under pressure when they are of a similar skill level? Why do we resort to bad habits when in an unfamiliar situation? Why is experience so important? My desire to learn the answers to these questions resulted in my decision to study Sport Psychology at University. My mother is a sports teacher, having studied at Loughborough University.

12 Personal Statement Sporting achievement Interests/hobbies School/college experience – positions of responsibility Work experience/employment Involvement in Higher Education activities Skills relevant to the course


14 Key skills to do well Interest in science Interest/enthusiasm in sport and exercise IT skills Interpersonal skills Communication skills Numeracy skills Team work Work with diversity of people Tolerant

15 Personal Statements I enjoy sport and used to play hockey a couple of times a year. My interest in sport stems from my enjoyment of Match of the Day and other related TV series.

16 Personal Statements Sporting achievement I have been involved in athletics, specifically dance and gymnastics for the past thirteen years and have been a member of the XXXXX elite acrobatic gymnastics squad since I was eight winning medals at regional, national and international competitions. The most notable is being selected after a process of trial competitions, for the senior Great Britain gymnastics team to compete in the World Championships in Portugal in June 2006. Being a member of the team that achieved a silver medal and personally coming seventh in my category, women's senior groups was a great achievement. Gymnastics and sports have helped me focus on different aspects both sporting and academic. Having had to sit four of my GCSEs, (Mathematics, French, Geography and Science) while competing in the World Championships I can truly say it was an experience where my time management skills and ability to deal with different stress factors at one time was tested.

17 Personal Statement Career goals/ what hope to gain Gap year information, if applicable Motivation - Commitment - Enthusiasm

18 Athletic Union – BUCS league Intra-mural Active Lifestyles Sports Centre Clubs and societies Sport at University

19 Scholarships Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme Government Funded £3500 sporting services Funding to give access to specialist support services, sport medicine, elite coaching, equipment, competition and training costs, mentoring UoB = 60 Nominations through national governing body

20 Other Scholarships Royal & Ancient Golf Bursary University Scholarship Schemes UBS Scholarship Paul Weston Triathlon Scholarship Physics Sports Bursary


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