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Welcome to PSA Fall Basketball Coaches Meeting Please pick up your teams Coaches Folder. Be sure the folder has the correct coach and team name on it.

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1 Welcome to PSA Fall Basketball Coaches Meeting Please pick up your teams Coaches Folder. Be sure the folder has the correct coach and team name on it. Inside the packet: Roster PSA Game Swap Form Roster Update and Additional Player Form (green) PSA Basketball Rules PSA Handouts On the Table: Divisions League Coordinator List Practice Schedule

2 Introductions Basketball Director: Shirley Johnson Basketball League Coordinators Your first point of contact for any and all questions, comments, concerns, and/or problems See for a complete listing of League Coordinator assignments and contact information – Courts >> Basketball >> Contact the

3 Childrens Medical Center Guest Speaker: Josh Stevens

4 Mavericks Guest Speaker: Jeff Brown

5 PSA Shop Guest Speaker: Kathy Phillips

6 Team Rosters Double check your League (Grade and Gender) and Division assignments. If you are a full team, fully paid, no one should be added to your team unless you requested. If players from your team did not register and pay, they may have been left off your roster or replaced. If we made any error on your roster, it will be corrected. Only players listed on your roster are eligible to play on your team. Players are restricted to one (1) team per grade. Wait List available for additional players

7 Division Assignments The following criteria was used: Coaches request Teams prior performances No division changes during the season unless you make a swap with another team in a different division Division or Grade Changes MUST be done TODAY C Division is mainly for our newly formed teams and teams that have not won more than a couple of games in the past.

8 Practice Assignments Practices are assigned based on your grade and your request. Assignments start in Kg and end with 12 th grade Practices begin the week of September 7th. Green, Blue and Red Courts are at PSA Star Center Silver courts are at PSA2 No Schools will be used Contact Shirley Johnson with practice questions, or if you have not been assigned a practice Frisco Teams can request a school in Frisco

9 LABOR DAY PRACTICE Teams scheduled at PSA on Labor Day will practice at their regularly assigned time.

10 Additional Players Form (green) Use to add or remove players from your team. All changes need to be done by the 3 rd week of the season, Friday October 2nd.

11 PSA Game Lineup Cards Coaches will pickup Lineup Cards before their first game All player listed on your roster should be on the Game Lineup Cards. Coaches are REQUIRED to exchange Game Lineup Cards prior to every game. If you make roster changes, you will need to pick up updated Game Lineup Cards prior to playing your game. Teams that do not have their Game Lineup Cards will be assessed a 2 shot Technical and ball out of bounds to your opponent.

12 PSA Basketball Rules Also available online at Coaches are responsible for knowing and following all rules. Quick Reference available at the game table

13 Game Day Reminders Do not bring basketballs to PSA on game days. Expect a Pre-Game briefing with the referees, including at least one coach from each team. The Home team bench is to the right of the scorers table when facing table and warms up at the opposite end of the court. Coaches must exchange PSA Game Lineup Cards prior to every game No outside food or drink (except water bottles for the players) are allowed at the PSA Star Center or PSA2 Children not playing the game must be supervised Score sheets are available at the front desk

14 Mini-League Only Kindergarten – only 1 coach may go on the court during the game Mini-goals – goal height 8 feet Ball size – 27 or Junior

15 SCOREBOOKS Each team should have a book or pages and a scorekeeper. Please put your name and grade on the scorebook so if you lose it at PSA we can get it to you.

16 Scorekeepers Both teams must provide scorekeepers for every game. The home team provides the official scorekeeper and keeps the official scorebook. Scorekeepers are required to sit on either side of the timekeeper. Scorekeepers may not sit in the stands or on the team bench. Scorekeepers must list all players on each team by full name and number.

17 Scorekeepers (cont.) Record individual scoring, personal fouls, team fouls, time-outs and player participation. Scorekeepers must track mandatory playing time. Scorekeepers must compare their scorebook at the end of each quarter to ensure no discrepancies. If a team is ahead by more than 25 points the scoreboard will be turned off. Scorekeepers will still keep a running score.

18 Uniforms All uniforms must have legible numbers on the front (4) and back (6). Numbers may be up to 2 digits (0-5). Reversible uniforms are recommended but not required. When possible, the Home Team should wear light colors. A limited number of loaner jerseys are available at the front desk (must leave car keys or license)

19 Players Players must tuck in their shirts No jewelry – no metal hair holders. Players must check in at the scorers table and give their name to the scorekeepers prior to entering the game and the Referee will wave them in. Newly pierced ears must cover earrings with tape (recommend placing cotton behind the ear)

20 Mandatory Playing Time Rules Coaches are responsible to ensure that all players meet their Mandatory Playing Time rules. There are no mandatory playing time requirements for teams playing in a Select division. Suspected violations need to be brought to the attention of the referee and opposing coach in time for it to be resolved during the game.

21 Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: Teams with ten (10) or less players: Each player must play at least one (1) full quarter from start to finish in each half. Teams with more than ten (10) players: Each player must play one (1) full quarter from start to finish in the game and no player may play in more than one (1) quarter in each half. 3rd Grade and above: Each player must play at least one (1) full quarter from start to finish and participate in both halves. Full quarter (start to finish) may be in either 1 st or 2 nd half. Mandatory Playing Time Rules

22 Bench Conduct Only eligible players and coaches (limit 2) on the official roster are permitted on the bench. During the game, coaches are not permitted on the court and must stay within the bench area. Referees may require that coaches remain seated. Failure to follow the referees instructions may result in a technical foul.

23 Personal Behavior Remember that you are a role model for the kids. Review the Coaches Code of Ethics. Inappropriate behavior by a coach, player or parent will not be tolerated. Handout to your team parents the Parent Code of Conduct

24 Technical Fouls & Ejections Two technical fouls in a game against a coach or player (not including bench technicals) results in an ejection, which is an automatic one-game suspension. The ejected player or coach must leave the gym area immediately and stay in the concession area The ejected coach or player must sit out the next scheduled game. Coaches are responsible for enforcing all suspensions. All technical fouls will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee.

25 Good Sportsmanship Running up the score – please dont. 25 points ahead - the scoreboard will be turned off. Remember that these are kids. Shake hands after the game No hard slaps or jabs with fingernails

26 Recording Game Results Timekeepers record results at the scorers table. Immediately following the game, Coaches or Scorekeepers ensure that the correct score has been entered. Website and standings are updated weekly. E-mail with missing or incorrect scores.

27 Schedules Schedules will be available online Wednesday, September 9th Regular Season Games Friday September 11th – Sunday November 8th Games (start times) Fri (6 – 9 pm); Sat (4pm – 9pm); Sun (1- 8pm) All games scheduled at PSA Star Center or PSA2

28 Scheduling Constraints K – 3 rd Grade: No 8 or 9 pm games. 4 th Grade: Limited 9 pm games. 5 th & above: No restrictions

29 Conflict Requests Requests are not guaranteed. Forfeited games will not be rescheduled. The Scheduling Conflict Guidelines are available online. Coaches Contact Info for your division will be emailed to you. Please use this info for game swaps.

30 Game Swap Form (copy in your packet)

31 Referees and Timekeepers Continuously striving for improvement Training program Evaluation program High Expectations New and experienced refs Incident Reports The good, the bad and the ugly. Timekeepers 12+ year old kids

32 Volunteer Opportunities Were always looking for volunteers. Basketball Board League Coordinators

33 Coaches Clinic For New Coaches Wednesday September 2 at 6:30 pm Red Courts PSA Star Center

34 PSA Coaches Library In memory of George Roffman Donated books, DVD/s, tapes welcome

35 Up Coming Events Fall Fest Shoot-Out Tournament – Sept 25- 27 Thanksgiving 3on3 Tournament – Nov 21-22 Holiday Tournament – Dec 14-20 New Years 3on3 Tournament – Jan 3-4 Winter Playoffs – Feb 17-28 Spring Fling Tournament – Apr 23-25 Schools Out for Summer 3on3 Tournament – June 12-13

36 Up Coming Events Summer Slam Tournament – June 27-30 Keepin it Kool 3on3 Tournament – July 31- Aug 1 PSA Recreational Invitational Tournament – Aug 20-22 PSA Championship Cup – Aug 27-29

37 PSA Basketball Point System Division Points – A = 150, B = 100, C = 50 League Points – Win = 3, Tie = 1, Loss = 0 Tournament – Participation = 20, 1 st Place = 30, 2 nd Place = 20, 3 rd Place = 10

38 PSA Basketball First Annual Invitational Championship Cup August 27-29, 2010 3 rd – 12 Grade Invitation based on total points

39 Texas A Game Player Development Program Focus on technique Prepare players for playing on competitive teams 3 rd Grade and above Shooting, Balling Handling, Posting, Guarding classes Assessments Fall session – September

40 Middle School Prep Program Coming soon Assist players for middle school try outs

41 Adult Basketball Fall 2009 Registration ends September 9 Season starts September 20 18 and over Questions email

42 PSA Facilities PSA Star Center Green, Red and Blue Courts PSA2 Silver Courts

43 PSA Closing Remarks Make division changes with your league coordinators Roster changes; use the green form and turn it into the PSA front desk Thank you for volunteering to coach our kids, you do make a difference!

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