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Handball for all KOPAONIK, SERBIA 04-10.July 2011. Summer Handball Academy.

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1 Handball for all KOPAONIK, SERBIA 04-10.July 2011. Summer Handball Academy

2 Why to be there? 1 - First and unique Individual training 1-1 with the best coaches! 2 x Excursions to Kopaonik (2017m) which will leave you breathless. 3 x Tests and 3 x training in gym 4 x Theoretical lectures Top lecturers in all the aspects of handball and sport 5 * Comfort and accommodation 6 x Full board Sports bed (210cm), sports nutrition, laundry, all inclusive! 7 x Days filled with handball 8 x Handball training in sport hall 9 x Languages 10 * Rating Hall, gym, sauna, all in one! Monday to Sunday (04-10.July 2011) As a part of the hotel Eng,Ser-Cro, Spa, Rom, Slo, Fra, Hun, Por, Ger and the memories that you will get and programs that you will carry out with them

3 Program Monday 04 th of July Arrival at the airport until 15h, transport to Kopaonik Tuesday 05 th of July Training at 19h and opening meeting at 21h Wednesday 06 th of July Thursday 07 th of July Friday 08 th of July Saturday 09 th of July Sunday 10 th of July S & C testing Training at 18h and theoretical lecture at 21h Physical preparation – training in the gym Morning in nature with S&C coach + Excursion Training at 18h and theoretical lecture at 21h Training in the sport hall at 10h Training at 18h and Lets ask the stars at 21h Excursion to the mountain Kopaonik Training at 18h and closing ceremony at 21h Transport to Belgrade, free time in shopping center Return homes Training at 18h and theoretical lecture at 21h

4 Where we are Hotel OZON Brzece, Kopaonik, Serbia

5 Our team HEAD COACH S&C COACH GOALKEEPER COACHPHYSIO COACH Jure Sterbucl (Slo) Dragan Djukic (Srb) Veroljub Kosovac (Swe) Dragan Ilic (Srb)Alexandru Buligan (Rou)

6 Who we are DRAGAN DJUKIC Experience with National Teams Head coach of British Olympic Head coach of Switzerland Head coach of Macedonia Head coach of Jordan Head coach of Serbian U-21, U-19 team Experience with Clubs PICK Szeged, Hungary Madeira SAD, Portugal Vardar, Macedonia Red Star, Metaloplastika-Serbia Kolubara,Zupa,Napredak-Serbia Languages: Srb-Cro, Eng, Rus, Por, Hun

7 Who we are VEROLJUB KOSOVAC PLAYER: Goc, Student, Red star (Srb) Barcelona (Spain) Kristianstad (Sweden) COACH: IFK Kristianstad (Sweden) 90-94 IFK Trelleborg (Sweden) 95-96 IFK Istad (Sweden) 96-98 H43 (Sweden) 98-05 CAI Aragon (Spain) 05-09 Skjern (Denmark) 09 - until now ACHIEVEMENTS (as a coach): Final of EHF Cup 2006/07 2 x 1/2 of EHF Cup 07/08, 08/09 2 x 1/2 of Copa del Ray 06/07, 07/08 Languages: Swe, Ser-Cro, Esp, Dan

8 Who we are ALEXANDRU BULIGAN PLAYER: Politehnica (Rom) Dinamo (Rom) Arrate (Esp) Guadalajara (Esp) San Antonio (Esp) ACHIEVEMENTS (as a player): 3 x University World Champion (81,85,87) Olympic bronze medal - LA 1984 World Championship bronze medal - 1990) Best world goalkeeper - 1990 Spanish League, Super Cup and Cup winner ChLeague Winner and CWCup winner COACH: Assist. And GK coach of San Antonio (Esp) Assist. and GK coach of Spanish National Team Assist. and GK coach of Constanta (Rom) ACHIEVEMENTS (as a coach): WCh 2005 gold medal ECh 2006 silver medal OG 2008 bronze medal Spanish League, Super Cup and Cup winner CWCup winner Mediterranean games 2005 winner Languages: Romanian, Spanish, French, English

9 JURE STERBUCL Who we are Assist. and S&C coach of the Italian National Team 2005-2007 Assist. S&C and U-21 coach of Trimo Trebnje (Slo) 2004-2006 S&C coach of the Great Britain National Team from 2009 until now S&C coach of Krim Elektra (Slo) from 2008 until now Ex handball player (1988-1998) Personal coach for individual training from 2005 until now Languages: Slovenian, English, Srb-Cro, Italian, German Professor of physical education – specialty: Fitness Training Handball coordination ladder

10 Who we are Sport experience: 2010-NOC Serbia / YOG - Singapore 2009-NOC Serbia / EYOF – Tampere 2009-NOC Serbia / Mediterranean games – Pescara (also ex handball player of HC Zupa and HC Red Star) Froedtert Hospital Waukesha, WI – USA Rehabilitation Technician -Responsible for assisting physical and occupational therapist. -Assisted extensively in therapeutic program with one on one patient bases. Rehabilitation Clinic Dr. M.Zotovic Belgrade Physical Therapist -Maintained reports for patients that included evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, planned procedures and methods of therapy. Education: Advanced School of Medicine Belgrade, YUG -Majored in Physical Therapy -Associates degree in Physical Therapy-Cumulative GPA- 9.0/ 10 -Bi - lingual Serbian, United States resident. DRAGAN I LIC

11 Let's ask the stars: GUEST Nedeljko Jovanovic (Srb) GUEST Danijel Andjelkovic(Srb) GUEST Nenad Vukcovic (Srb) TOULOUSE, Fra PICK SZEGED, Hun IK SAVEHOF, Swe SINTELON, Srb Serbian Nat.Team 80games INSBRUCK, Aut PORTLAND SA, Esp PICK SZEGED, Hun METALOPLASTIKA, Srb Yug. Nat.Team 180games MELSUNGEN, Ger CHAMBERI, Fra RED STAR, Srb Serbian Nat.Team 70games RED STAR, Srb GOLD CLUB, Slo

12 S&C program Testing: body composition (% muscle,% fat), aerobic capacity (VO2max) basis on running test, testing at the gym Basics of working in the gym, drafting of general and specific programs based on the testing in the gym Coordination of handball movements - working on the coordination ladder: correction and completion of running, improvement of defense movement, improving feinting and the change in direction, and vertical jump exercises (explosive) Functional stabilization of joints - preventive exercises for the ankle; knee; shoulder Corrective exercises for back pain, shoulder Preventive exercises for the stomach and back Development of general and specific individualized training program in the period of active rest Follow-up tests, consultations after the camp, the implementation of preventive and compensatory exercises during the competition period

13 Handball program Individual technique : tricks, dribble, run-up with and without the ball Reception and pass with the ball in the modern handball Pass – special form (Assists pass as a way to make you and your teammates happy!) Different forms of shooting, training and tactical appliance Landing after shoot; tricks; pass Individual playing 1-1 (be successful without force) Individual defense - correction of basic principles and their practical application Group tactics 2-2, with the cooperation (different lines) of the players Basic principles of collective tactics and common mistakes and misconceptions

14 Goalkeepers program The basic stance and movements from the basic stance Specifics of the defense reaction from 6m shoot Different ways to be successful against the shots from wing position Specifics of different schools for goalies Correction of common errors in defense against shots from 9m How much can be achieved by working on the speed of reaction? Truths and Misconceptions about the handball technique of goalkeepers Your role in fast brake! Preparation for the game - how to be always "ready"

15 Handball for all KOPAONIK, SERBIA 04-10.July 2010. Summer Handball Academy - Official language: English Good to know - Special offer for the trainers who want to follow the camp - Doctor and physiotherapist provided for all duration of the camp - The possibility of "companion" at a special price Contact: e-mail: +381-63-611273 (mobile phone) - Target group: players from 18 to 23 (younger may attend if accompanied!) - If you are over 23 and if you still want to be better - you are welcome! GENERAL SPECIAL SERVICES (on request) - Creating web presentations - Creating of individual programs - Relaxation massage - Contact and Representation Please send your application for the camp to a contact e-mail address, and you will get closer information. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! IMPORTANT: Number of places is limited!

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