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The Mental Game / Presentation. The Mental Game Physical Ability + Mental Ability = Winning Ability.

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1 The Mental Game / Presentation

2 The Mental Game Physical Ability + Mental Ability = Winning Ability

3 Left Brain Problem solving adjustments for aiming systems Tactical decisions: Equipment, Pin carry, etc. Analyzing Lane Conditions Score goal setting Competition goal setting Analyzing release Controlling Speed Controlling position of the ball in the swing Analyzing ball reaction The Mental Game Conscious vs Sub-Conscious LEFT & RIGHT BRAIN SKILLS RELATED TO BOWLING Right Brain Approach Balance Foul line correction Visualizing aiming systems Performance goal setting Awareness of Swing Awareness of Release Feeling Speed Feeling position of ball in the swing Observing ball path Observing ball rotation Observing ball transition Placing hand in ball & creating the feel for the ball

4 The Mental Game SWITCHING HEMISPHERES ( FROM THE LEFT SIDE (ANALYTICAL) TO THE RIGHT SIDE (INTUITIVE) Sing or hum to yourself Remove yourself form the playing area. Go get a drink, snack, etc. Watch TV or listen to the radio, music Listen intently to another players point of view Replay in your head a bowling incident from the past Sit back and think of a good time you had out in the bowling environment Daydream, let your mind wonder Tune (Listen) into sounds around you, conversations of others, video machine, etc Doodle (Draw) Do some stretching exercises FROM THE RIGHT SIDE (INTUITIVE) TO THE LEFT SIDE (ANALYTICAL) Set goals for yourself Analyze your body movements Judge your performance Connect with the time of day, look at a watch Solve a tactical problem, real or fantasized Break a problem down into several parts (Make a list) Write a list of alternate ways of overcoming the lane conditions Ask questions of fellow players Read something, work on a crossword, or puzzle.

5 The Mental Game BEHAVIOR IS A CHOICE Be RESPONSIBLE: 1) Responsible for creating a Positive Attitude around training & competition 2) Responsible for Individual Preparation & Performance Plans around training and competitions. 3) Responsible to the Needs of Team Preparation, & Performance Goals around training and competitions. 4) Responsible for demonstrating Loyalty to The team and The Organization around training and competition. 5) Responsible for Competitive Instincts, around training & competitions. 6) Responsible for Communication, & I understand Listening is Crucial. 7) Responsible for Admitting Mistakes. 8) Responsible for Self-Improvement; I will take risks, & seek new goals. 9) Responsible for handling Success & I will be responsible when Dealing with Failure. Today is the day to be done with alibis and excuses. Today is the day to shoulder the responsibility for Triumphs and Defeats. **What we learn after we know it all --- counts the most!**

6 The Mental Game TAKING CONTROL Can we control Emotions? You bet we can!! We can check in with ourselves every now and than!! We can take control of our performance. Active Awareness (Mental Evaluation) Physiological state of understanding that we are not: We are not our Bodies We are not our Minds We are not our Feelings All these elements can be controlled. Teaching athletes to be Actively Aware is the only true tool they have of controlling these Internal Dynamics the mind the body the feelings

7 The Mental Game TAKING CONTROL How can Internal Dynamics be controlled? Dis-identify from Internal Dynamics so decisions can be made in order to keep Control of performance. Mental Myth: One of the most confusing & destructive Mental Game Myths is that we need to make Negative thoughts and feelings go away. Yes we want Positive thoughts & Positive feelings, so how do we acquire these? 1)Face / acknowledge the negative thought or feeling. 2) Rephrase the thought (It is a distraction) 3) Active Awareness/ Dis-Identify: TEMPLATE: 1)Step Back 2) Take Notice 3) Make a Choice 4) Act on your Choice

8 The Mental Game TAKING CONTROL Self-Awareness (Physical Evaluation) An athletes Awareness of their actions throughout the approach & the delivery becomes the Standard by which they assess their performance. Once an athlete fully understand this, than they will fully understand the difference between performance goals and outcome goals. High Performance Athletes physical games are consistent; success will rest on their ability to: Be aware of how the ball is reacting on the lane. Determine what adjustments are required. Make the necessary changes. Below are top (4) classic examples of what may hold an athlete back in a squad: Not changing from a favourite ball because it is familiar, or its a habit, even though it is not the best weapon for the lanes on that day. Hooking the lane, or playing down and in, simply because that is your A game. Running on automatic without considering why certain shots are, or are not, carrying the rack. Assuming a better shot needs to be made, using wrong equipment for prevailing lane conditions or playing the wrong part of the lanes.

9 The Mental Game DOMINANT THOUGHT Affirmations + Dominant Thought Principle + Action = Life of your Dreams! Over coming Challenges and difficult times are really Opportunities to LEARN, GROW and build Self-Confidence The concept is simple, but do not underestimate the power of it. The basic premise is that whatever thought dominates your brain most of the time is a goal that you will eventually accomplish. How long it takes to accomplish depends on your resources and the goal, but it will eventually happen. The idea is that whatever your dominant though is, you will regularly take steps toward it and thus setting yourself up to achieve the goal.

10 The Mental Game FEAR FACTOR WHAT IF? These words What if take a person out of the now (present) and play on ones ego and fears! What if: I do not score as well as others I do not carry well I throw bad shots I miss spares I make the top 4 Etc. etc. Turn the What if around… try asking helpful questions for competitive venues What do I need to do to win? How can I play like a champion right now? These are productive questions. Fear Factor equals…. What if…. I dont know…. I cant

11 Stress is a normal and a necessary part of life T T F Stress can be beneficial Eliminate stress by eliminating stressful situations. The Mental Game TRUE or FALSE about Stress Management

12 The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT Too much stress and anxiety can seriously affect ones ability to focus on their skills and flow in a performance. It is important to recognize that everyone is responsible for their own stress levels. Very often they are a product of the way they think. One needs to learn to monitor their stress levels, and adjust them up if they need more arousal, or down if they are feeling too stressed. Pressure is Self Induced

13 The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT Stress: A certain level of stress is needed for optimum performance. When one is under too little stress, then they will find it difficult to motivate themselves for a good performance. Too little stress expresses itself in feelings of boredom and not being stretched. At an optimum level of stress one will get the benefits of alertness and activation that a good level of stress brings. Excessive levels of stress damage performance and damages ones enjoyment of the sport. These excessive levels occur in the following circumstances: When one thinks that what is being asked is beyond their perceived abilities When too much is asked of someone in too short a of time When unnecessary obstacles are put in the way of achieving goals

14 Stress and Adrenaline: When one is in a competitive environment or in an environment in which they are being evaluated, adrenaline may enter the bloodstream. This has the following positive and negative effects on the body: Positive Effects: Adrenaline causes physiological arousal It causes alertness It prepares the body for explosive activity Negative Effects: It inhibits judgment It interferes with fine motor control, and makes executing complex skills difficult. The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT

15 The negative effects of stress are: It gets in the way of judgment and fine motor control It causes competition to be seen as a threat, not a challenge It damages the positive frame of mind needed for high quality competition by: Promoting negative thinking Damaging self-confidence Narrowing attention And disrupting flow It consumes mental energy into, worry. This is energy that could be devoted to keeping technique good The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT

16 The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT Rational Thinking: Once you are aware of your negative thoughts, write them down and review them rationally. See whether the thoughts have any basis in reality. Often you will find that when you challenge negative thoughts they disappear as you see that they are obviously wrong. Often they persist only because they escape notice.

17 Stress and Adrenaline: When one is in a competitive environment or in an environment in which they are being evaluated, adrenaline may enter the bloodstream. The following are positive and negative effects on the body: Positive Effects: Adrenaline causes physiological arousal It causes alertness It prepares the body for explosive activity Negative Effects: It inhibits judgment It interferes with fine motor control, and makes executing complex skills difficult. The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT

18 The Mental Game STRESS MANAGEMENT ANXIETY: Anxiety is different from stress. Anxiety is a result of ENVIORMENT Anxiety comes from a concern over lack of control over circumstances. In some cases being anxious and worrying over a problem may generate a solution. Normally, however, it will just result in negative thinking.

19 The Mental Game IMAGERY Mental Energy: One needs mental energy to be able to concentrate their attention and maintain good mental attitudes. When one is concentrating effectively then they can conserve physical energy by maintaining good technique even when the muscles are tired. One can also maintain focus and good execution of skills, and can push and drive your body through pain and fatigue barriers. Imagery in Stress Reduction: Imagery is a potent method or stress reduction, especially when combined with physical methods such as deep breathing. One common use of imagery in relaxation is to imagine a scene, place or event that you remember as peaceful, restful, beautiful and happy. One can bring all their senses into the image, with sounds of running water and birds, the smell of cut grass, the taste of cool white wine, the warmth of sun, etc. Use the imagined place as a retreat from places of stress and pressure.

20 Applying Imagery: The Mental Game IMAGERY In a quiet and relaxed place Close you eyes; Feel the weight of the ball in your hand Imagine the ball movement and the even rhythm of the arm swing Visualize the pace of your steps and finish with a good, controlled knee bend Imagine the ball coming cleanly off your hand with your thumb out first and then extending through with your fingers See the ball rolling over your target and then breaking towards the pocket See the ball entering the pocket and going through the pins and, of course, the pins falling ** Mental imagery, like anything else, becomes more beneficial the more you do it, The more you practice, the better youll get and the more real & helpful it will become. **

21 Images are what instruct the body. Talking to ourselves in words is ok, but the words need to be translated into: Sight images Sound images Felling images The total package of sensation is what gets the action into our: Bodies Bones Brain The Mental Game IMAGERY The body will do what it is told when we know how to tell it! Imagery is the ability to mentally visualize the approach & release. Seeing / Felling --- The Approach & The Release before attempting it, can go a long way towards turning it into reality..

22 The Mental Game CONCENTRATION / FOCUS Our bodies will do what it is told when we know how to tell it! What is Concentration? Concentration is when the Body & Mind work together as one. Same sensations Concentration allows the action to happen naturally What is Focus? When success requires a physical skill to be executed, then focus on the physical skill. In bowling the physical skills being applied through-out the approach and release require total focus and feel.

23 The Mental Game POSITIVE SELF TALK / AFFIRMATIONS Positive Thinking and Affirmation: You may find it useful to counter negative thoughts with positive affirmations. You can use affirmations to build confidence, and change negative behavior patterns into positive ones. You can base affirmations on clear, rational assessments of fact, and use them to undo the damage that negative thinking may have done to your self-confidence. Examples of affirmations are: I can do this. I can achieve my goals. I am completely myself and people will like me for myself. I am completely in control of my life. I learn from my mistakes. They increase the basis of experience on which I can draw. I am a good valued person in my own right. Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better.

24 The Mental Game POSITIVE SELF TALK / AFFIRMATIONS Traditionally people have advocated positive thinking almost recklessly, as a solution to everything. It should, however, be used with common sense: no amount of positive thinking will make everyone who applies it a World champion (although a World Champion is unlikely to have reached this level without being pretty good at positive thinking). Firstly decide rationally what goals you can realistically attain with hard work, and then use positive thinking to reinforce these. Remembering past good workouts, performances and achievements: Feeling the power of self confidence Feeling the power of achievement Feeling the power of following a well prepared plan Feeling the power of natural Power of Positive Thinking

25 TEAM CANADA A Step Above "Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible"

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