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Classroom Expectations

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1 Classroom Expectations
Keyboarding and Computer Applications Mrs. Drazdowski

2 Student Behaviors Be prompt Be prepared
Class begins when you enter the classroom. Be prepared Have materials with you and know due dates. Be a polite and positive participant Speak in a normal tone of voice, and be attentive. Be productive Turn in work on time, and always do your best. Be a problem solver Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.

3 Show Respect Value yourself. Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values. Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect. Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Offer to help. Be responsible with property and belongings.

4 Getting to Class on Time
Passing to and from the Computer Lab You are not allowed to pass through 8th grade halls. You must come around the front of the building to class and go back the same way to your 7th grade hall. 2nd Period Computers Gym days (PE) Please carry your computer folder with you to PE. You may pass through the 8th grade hall on that day only. Computer Lab

5 Responsibility for Coursework
Bring portfolio, planner, and appropriate writing tools to class daily. Bring a positive attitude.

6 Planner Record due dates for all tests, quizzes, and homework in the planner.

7 Class Activities Due dates for homework, projects, tests, and quizzes
Posted on the white board and on Homework Hotline.

8 Portfolios Keep the portfolio organized. VIPs PDNs Tests/Quizzes
Keyboarding Projects

9 Tests and Quizzes Prepare for tests and quizzes.
Attend class. Read the assignments. Complete all projects. Review study guides, handouts, take home tests. 90% of the questions are taken directly from VIP’s and handouts.

10 Policies and Procedures
Food and beverages are not allowed near the computers (including gum) School and classroom cell phone polices will be enforced Place all books, binders, etc., from other classes in the back of the classroom on the shelf under the windows

11 Policies and Procedures (continued)
Have assigned homework properly filed in portfolio and available for correction. If you forgot your homework, you will get a zero. Class begins when you enter the room. Immediately begin the “Warmup.”

12 Policies and Procedures (continued)
Restroom Please visit the restrooms between classes. If necessary to request a visit to the restroom during class, please fill out the hall pass before asking permission. Take the hanging hall pass with you. Only one student allowed out of the classroom at a time.

13 Policies and Procedures (continued)
Sharpener Quietly sharpen pencils before or after class or if no one is speaking. It is not necessary to ask permission to use the sharpener. Nurse If you are feeling ill and need to visit please fill out the pass before asking permission and take the lanyard.

14 Policies and Procedures (continued)
I left my homework in my locker! Forgot something? You are NOT allowed back to your locker at any time during class. If you forgot it—you won’t be able to get it. Don’t ask! Need a writing utensil? Pens are available on a desk in the back of the room. They look like roses. Quietly get one without asking and return it at the end of class.

15 Absent? Homework and Assignments
Access Wildcat or Thunderbee directions for access to Homework and Assignments Call Ext. 300, 7th Grade Ext. 221 Ask or call a classmate for assignments if Homework Hotline is not accessible. Each day absent has a one-day grace period to turn in assignments.

16 School Web Site

17 Classroom Page on the Web
Coming in the future! The Teacher Class Page will include course outlines, assignments, bulletin boards, calendars, and resources; homework and quizzes, with drop boxes so that students can submit their homework and quizzes online; class achievement pages Communication will be possible with Parents and the community using subscription based online forms and blogs School & District staff through s, forums, and wikis This will be an ongoing process as the teacher will learn about how to create it.

18 Current Online Access Until the new teacher page becomes available, the student and parent can access the same information through the teacher’s wiki and edmodo classroom account.

19 *Grading Policy *Subject to change by quarter
Grading Scale 70-100% = P Below 70% = F *Grading Policy Grades are calculated on a percentage basis. Grades are based on: Classwork % Keyboarding skills 30% (Technique, Accuracy, and Speed) Homework % Projects % Tests and quizzes 10% Grades are posted Skyward monthly (minimally) *Subject to change by quarter

20 *Grading for Keyboarding
Keyboarding Grade Technique Proper position Accuracy Number of Errors Speed Gross Words a Minute Grade= P Technique Accuracy SpeedGWAM Quarter 1 80-100% 70-100% +15 Quarter 2 +20 Quarter 3 90-100% +25 Quarter 4 +30 *Subject to change

21 Grading for Projects, Homework, Classwork
Project Grade Completed according to project rubric Students will have the opportunity to resubmit a project when a failing grade has been obtained as long as the student has made a concerted effort to complete the project correctly Homework Grade Pass = Complete Fail = Incomplete, not done, or not in classroom Students will have the opportunity to make up homework when legally absent Classwork Grade Fail = Incomplete or not done Students will have the opportunity to make up classwork when legally absent or if more time is needed outside of normal class hour during Computer Lab or by other arrangements made with the teacher.

22 Grading for Tests and Quizzes
Pass = 70% - 100% Fail 0% 69%

23 Cheating Policy A student’s submitted work must be that of the student’s own work. Any student violating the honor code is subject to receive a failing grade for the academic work and will be reported to the Principal. If a student is unclear about whether a particular situation may be a violation of the honor code, meet with the teacher.

24 Promote Lifelong Learning
You can develop lifelong learning traits: By showing curiosity about human nature and how the world works. By seeking and valuing diversity. By persisting in seeking out new solutions. By using your unique talents and intelligence to promote positive change. By learning and applying technology tools to solve problems.

25 My Teaching Goals for this Year
Explain and clarify materials appropriate to student levels. Strengthen student’s teamwork abilities. Develop student’s decision-making and problem solving skills Improve communication and listening skills. Promote and develop responsibility, good self-esteem, sociability, self-management, integrity, and honesty.

26 My Pledge to Students I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will work with you to meet learning goals. I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.

27 Let’s have a great year!

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