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What is an Independent Study? Are there other courses like it? Why doesnt it exist in much in most high schools?

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1 What is an Independent Study? Are there other courses like it? Why doesnt it exist in much in most high schools?

2 Every 3-5 weeks you are responsible for a project in its entirety from creating it by researching, planning, creating a daily timeline for its production, executing the steps to success, and following through with your plan. You will pitch the idea to the class and possibly recruit a crew to help you. Next you will publish it to our classs social network site, critique others, receive feedback, then revise and finalize your work, and finally publish an optimized version on your professional portfolio site.

3 You find the projects or I will, but if that happens youll lose points. Researching, writing papers, & taking quizzes is an option if you cant deal with the freedom and responsibility of creating your own projects.

4 Steps for Projects in Advanced Animation Research Interest- decide on technique and theme Determine timeline, challenges, and goals Proposal checklist- create self assessment (criteria) Produce project – only after its been approved Post on class network, Critique, Revise, & Finalize Publish optimized version on your portfolio website Presentation to class on projector Write paper proposal according to checklist & submit

5 Proposal Paper Steps for Project Acceptance Should be well written, organized, and clearly stated. Explain basic plan including specifics. Explain the type of project are you planning such as animation technique(s) and theme(s). Include the software you will use. Inform teacher what you plan on learning. How will it challenge you? What will be your final product? Cite all sites you researched for project plan.

6 What Grades will you have throughout the year? Project Proposals Timelines – (Google Calendar) Production Progress – Work in Progress which should include all major steps and screenshots Research– ( & RSS subscriptions) Critiques = feedback with comments & ratings Final Projects = overall job in terms of original goals met, effort, success, & optimized publishing Portfolio updates Deadline punctuality Presentations to class

7 Project Options Designing, Printing, and animating 3D modeling and animation Animation productions Film/Cartoon/comic Series Photography & Videography Motion Graphics Stop-motion productions Web publishing Robotics Interactivity & installations Start an animation company Game designing

8 Steps After Projects for Extra Credit Publish on additional websites Enter contests Market to others via email Start a blog about it and email. Advertise with print about it. Start a wiki about it. Attend events

9 Assignment #1 Technology Autobiography Write a paper about you, technology, and animation. What does it mean to you? Include your history. Include your experiences. Explain your future plans. Present it and a past project to the class.

10 Assignment #2 Customize Time Create your daily start homepage using, iGoogle, or a similar one. Create a account and begin tagging relevant websites that you will want to use in the future of this course for projects. Create a Google account and begin your calendar planning your project(s) timelines. Create an RSS feed system such as

11 Assignment #3 Show what you know Using any program(s) or websites you prefer produce something impressive to show. This can be your portfolio, but must include a new project in addition to last years. Plan your theme for the year. Use Internet to find relevant websites, networks, contests, etc. Present What you know to the class. Present your theme plan for the year such as an ongoing message, software, & common techniques

12 Future Short Projects Principles of Animation History assignment Modeling Construct a face Cycles Festival Preparation Motion Graphics Film & Audio Teach Peers Collaborations

13 Future Independent Study Projects Advertising & Design – replicate a current ad Motion Graphics – use After Effects! Web Publishing 3d Film & Audio Teach Peers Interactivity – coding? Collaborations Festival Preparation

14 Walk and talk to someone in this class you have never spoken to before. Learn about them. Tell them about you. Ask good questions about animation specifically. In 3 minutes youll introduce them with something unique that you found out about them. Talk to learn, talk to collab, talk to connect, keep talking…

15 Check out our webpagewebpage

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