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The Denneroll.

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1 The Denneroll

2 The Denneroll is a specially shaped firm spinal orthotic designed to speed and improve posture and curve correction. It is performed at home.

3 Cervical Denneroll


5 Watch the 9 minute Video. Denneroll, explained by Deed Harrison, President of CBP®

6 Cervical Compression Denneroll

7 Thoracic Denneroll

8 Thoracic Denneroll

9 Thoracic Denneroll

10 Thoracic Denneroll

11 Thoracic Denneroll

12 Thoracic Denneroll

13 Thoracic Translation Support System

14 Lumbar Denneroll

15 Lumbar Denneroll

16 Lumbar Denneroll

17 What is the CBP® technique?
CBP® stands for Chiropractic BioPhysics, an advanced technique which focuses on Spinal Remodeling. There are only about 100 certified CBP® doctors in the US. Dr. Feier is one of them. He is the first and only doctor certified in Washington, DC. CBP® certification means predictable, reliable and consistent correction results.

18 Doctor GoodBack says, Correct your spine, then maintain it for a happier, healthier lifestyle. DoctorGoodBack .com

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