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Vincent van Gogh Drawing and Printmaking The Lives of Lines.

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1 Vincent van Gogh Drawing and Printmaking The Lives of Lines

2 Street in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 1888, Van Gogh

3 About van Gogh, his drawings, his technique, and his tools slide.asp?item=0&ss=play Slideshow of some van Gogh drawings

4 Holland Where was van Gogh born?

5 Seeing works of fellow artists: Impressionists & Neo- Impressionists What inspired van Goghs style when he was in France?

6 Linear Perspective What method do artists use to make objects appear smaller and closer together when they are farther away?

7 Three Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques Transparent Layering Burnishing (Opaque Layering) Grisaille

8 Transparent Layering Because colored pencil is transparent, a rich spectrum of hues as varied as those found in nature can be created simply by layering one color over another. (Exploring Colored Pencil, Sandra McFall Angelo)

9 Ann James Massey http://www.annjame Henri Berenger, 1995. Black colored pencil 9 1/2 x 7 1/4


11 Bill Nelson http://billnelsonstudi bill.html Stallone Colored pencil


13 Opaque Layering Burnishing When you burnish a drawing, you apply the final layer of color with such heavy pressure that all colors underneath meld together and create an opaque wax barrier. (Exploring Colored Pencil, Sandra McFall Angelo)

14 Debora Zeller Hands of the Potter Colored Pencil


16 Burnishing: 4 stages Create a line drawing Develop a value drawing with transparent layers to establish light, medium, & dark tones Layer local colors over value study until drawing looks like a completed transparent layered drawing Add final layers of colors with gradually increasing pressure

17 Burnishing tips Do not apply heavy pressure until all layers of color have been applied, as pressing hard will flatten the tooth of the paper. Let medium tones spill into both lighter and darker areas. Do not let light color get in the darks and do not let darks get into light colors. Brush paper and drawing surface often to keep crumbs from embedding in the paper.

18 Grisaille (greez EYE) A technique in which a black-&-white underdrawing is followed by a glaze of color.

19 Victoria Peterson Laird El Cazador Andalusian pastel and graphite 19" x 16"


21 Grisaille: 4 steps Create a contour line drawing of subject. Complete a black-and-white value study (graphite or black/gray colored pencil), keeping values on the lighter side. Spray with workable fixative. Cover with transparent layers of colored pencil.

22 Grisaille tips Use this technique for subjects that have subtle tones. Use for drawings of antiques, nature, animals, old photographs. Use this technique for anything with dull colors. For brightly colored drawings that are done with grisaille, make the underdrawing with a gray colored pencil rather than a graphite pencil.

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