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Japanese Food By: Elly Georgiou & Angela Humphrys 70.

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1 Japanese Food By: Elly Georgiou & Angela Humphrys 70

2 ( ~misoshiru) Miso soup is a broth that is eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Miso soup is a tofu paste mixed with hot water. Optional ingredients such as tofu, green vegetables etc. can be added. Miso Soup

3 HISTORY OF MISO SOUP Miso soup originated in China around 4 th century BC. It arrived in Japan by the Buddhist monks. With the widespread cultivation of rice, miso has become a staple food for Japanese people. Over the centuries, different types of miso were developed, often named after the region where it originated. It was brought to the Europeans in 1960 by George Ohsawa.

4 SEAFOODTEMPURASEAFOODTEMPURA ( ~ tenpura) Seafood Tempura is made from seafood like prawns, crab claws and squid battered in a tempura mixture. The tempura batter is made from eggs, flour and water.This method is concluded by deep frying.

5 TEMPURA HISTORY In 16 th century the Portugese came to Japan. Whilst they were there they introduced seafood tempura, the technique of dipping fish and vegetables into a batter and deep frying them.

6 SOBASOBA ( ~ Soba) Soba is noodles which are made from buckwheat. Soba in English means Buckwheat. They are eaten in a hot broth which is called noodle soup. Sometimes soba is served cold with dipping sauces.

7 SOBA HISTORY Soba first originated in Yunnan, China. Whilst others say it first came from Siberia. Soba symbolise stability and lastingness. Thats why its often eaten on special occasions, such as New Years Eve, or when someone is moving to a new place to settle down. This custom is alive everywhere in Japan, even today.

8 SUSHI!SUSHI! ( ~ sushi) Sushi is probably the most famous Japanese food. Sushi is loved by people from all over the world. This yummy food is made by spreading rice and specific fillings on a sheet of seaweed then rolled up and cut into pieces. It is also enjoyed with dipping sauces.

9 SUSHI HISTORY Although in todays society you will find Sushi served most often in a Japanese restaurant, it actually dates back to 7 th Century in China. As a way of preserving fish, the Chinese people started making Sushi but without refrigerators, they used the natural process fermentation. To complete the Sushi-making process, only rice and salt were needed. The result was delicious fish, causing Sushi to grow popular.

10 BIBLIOGRAPHYBIBLIOGRAPHY John Colinowan 2007 history of tempura [on-line] 10/09/11 John Colinowan 2007 history of tempura [on-line] 10/09/11 Setsuko yoshizuka 2011 tempura batter 10/09/11 10/09/11 2009 history of miso 2009 history of soba

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