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1/27 Innovation as a driver for Regional Economic Development - the case Fiber Optic Valley Kristofer Erlandsson The Competitiveness Institute.

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1 1/27 Innovation as a driver for Regional Economic Development - the case Fiber Optic Valley Kristofer Erlandsson The Competitiveness Institute

2 2/27 Kristofer Erlandsson M Pol Sc 1975-80 Expert, Swedish Board of Trade 1980-84 Expert, industrial policies Nordic Council of Ministers 1984-90Expert, trade and industrial policies Swedish Federation of Manufacturing Industries (expert ICC,UNICE,BIAC) 1990-94President Swedish Coalition of Service Industries 1994-Independent advisor, strategy consultant and analyst (i a evaluation of structural funds programs) 1998-Founder of Process Simulation 2001-Commissioned by NUTEK/ VINNOVA/VISANU for i a an extensive Triple Helix Management training program 2004Commissioned by Ministry of Economy and Labour, Poland, together with Gdansk Institute for Market Economics 2005Commissioned as RIS expert by EEDRI/University of Lodz Appointed Executive Director of The Competitiveness Institute

3 3/27 The global network for regional competitiveness We offer information on clusters and competitive regions worldwide. We use multiple arenas in real life and on the net for exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on methodologies for economic growth. We work on clusters, innovation systems, promotion of entrepreneurship and regional branding.

4 4/27 Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada Czech Republic Chile China/ Hong Kong Costa Rica Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Guatemala Honduras Latvia Iceland Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Latvia Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Morocco Mozambique Nicaragua The Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Russia San Salvador Senegal Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Tanzania Thailand Uganda Ukraine United Emigrates of Arabia United Kingdom United States of America OVER 500 MEMBERS FROM MORE THAN 50 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES

5 5/27 The 9th annual TCI conference will be held in Lyon France October 2006 - Governance and Companies as Cornerstones of Cluster Initiatives Visit us on the web : and become a member you too !

6 6/27 Fiber Optic Valley Fiber Optic Valley is a cluster focusing on development and test of broadband technique, e-services and photonics

7 7/27 - Fiber to the user - E-services to the home and SME - Fiber optical industrial applications FOV main areas of focus are:

8 8/27 - Systems creating, transporting and detecting light carrying information. Major application areas: - Digital communication, sensor systems, medical applications, illumination What is fiber optics?

9 9/27 - The single largest Swedish effort building competence in R&D, manufacture and education to support the new fiber optic IT infrastructure - A unique competence mix - Supplies the environment required for development of the technique and e-service platforms of the information society of tomorrow Fiber Optic Valley

10 10/27 Fiber Optic Valley – the region Situated in the center of Sweden, on the east coast between Sundsvall and Hudiksvall.

11 11/27 Almost in the middle of Sweden Three large industries 1 700 SMEs Only 37 000 inhabitants in a region seven times the size of Stockholm Hudiksvall

12 12/27 Paper Hydraulics Telecom cables Hudiksvall – an international competence center in

13 13/27 LM Ericsson builds a cable factory in Hudiksvall 1966 Fiber optics within Ericsson- Televerket (Swedish PTT) during the 70s Fiber optic cables manufactured from 1984 Fiber Optics History in Hudiksvall

14 14/27 Metropolitan Area Fiber Network in Hudiksvall Phase 1 1996 FOV Background

15 15/27 FOV Background First fiber to the home (FTTH) installation in Sweden, in Hudiksvall 1998

16 16/27 More than 150 partners, including about 40 co-financiers 2005

17 17/27 1999 - The community of Hudiksvall decided to start Infocom - a project for initialization of: - Fiber Optic R&D - Fiber Optic Education and Training - Commercialization of the Fiber Optic Metropolitan Area Network - Commercial Growth 2000 – started the lobby group Via Futura ( 2001 – Opening of Acreo FiberLab 2002 – Mid Sweden University starts research and higher education within fiber optics 2003 – Fiber Optic Valley FOV Background

18 18/27 Winner of Vinnväxt - VINNOVA, the Swedish agency for innovation systems, has a program aimed at stimulating innovation and growth in different regions of Sweden. - Fiber Optic Valley was chosen as one of the winners of this initiative called VINNVÄXT. - This means a financial support of six million Swedish kronor a year for a period of ten years.

19 19/27 Main product: contract R&D Turnover 2003: 212 Mkr ( 30 MUSD) of which 50% from the industry 160 employees (1/3 PhDs) Three major laboratories: FiberLab (Hudiksvall), Semiconductor Lab (Kista), Organic Semiconductor Lab (Norrköping) The largest Swedish research institute in microelectronics and optics Acreo

20 20/27 - Inaugurated Sept 13, 2001 - 30 MSEK equipment (3,3 MEuro) - 2000 m 2 of which 500 m 2 clean room - Two hours by train from Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) Acreo FiberLab - Hudiksvall, Sweden

21 21/27 USA AT&T Bell Cisco Corning Microsoft South America E/// Brasil Univ. do Brasil Russia FORC Asia Sumitomo Hitachi Samsung CETC Fasten Photonics Above all via Acreo, MiUn, HiG, UU, KTH, WII, ECA and international projects: World Internet Project MUSE(EU Frame 6) NOBEL(EU Frame 6) MUPBED (EU Frame 6) Innovation Relay Centres (IRC) Outside EU: International research network

22 22/27 Center for Development and Learning - Education and training in fiber optical network development, installation and operation - Has the No. 1 environment in Northern Europe for fiber optical education and training - Produces and publishes own course litterature - Runs custom designed education for companies - Has several partnerships, Ericsson Training Partner, Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft IT Academy, VUE Testing Partner

23 23/27 The Testbed – first of its kind in Europe - A realistic environment where contracted users (test pilots) form a representative picture of the society. - Researchers, manufacturers, suppliers and users, develop, test and verify function, quality and market requirements of products and services before introduction on the open market.

24 24/27 Fiber optic access to all class rooms, teachers rooms and group rooms 100 Mbit/s within the school 1 Gbit/s or more between the schools Access to the Acreo testbed The Digital School A Project in Hudiksvall

25 25/27 Most modern in Northern Europe 2001 Most modern computer tomograph in 2005 Raw data 1,8 Gbit/s, fiber optics only possible communication link Hudiksvalls hospital Fiber in and around the X-ray dept. already year 2000

26 26/27 FOV Success Stories R&DCompaniesInnovationEstablishments MUSE NOBEL MUPBED Old@Home In Hudiksvall since 2004 Studies usage and effects of Internet and digital communication technique on individuals, society and business

27 27/27 The lobby group Via futura ( Commercializing of Hudiksvalls Metropolitan Area Network Acreo FiberLab ( The fiber optical test bed Fiber optic education and training (techn. - PhD) World Internet Institute Fiber optic industry applications The IT Advisers Firmly established and representative management and board Vinnväxt-winner 2004 24 new companies within fiber optics in the region > 100 well paid new jobs Summary FOV 1999-2005

28 28/27 Fiber Optic Valley - critical observations for politicians Realize that cluster development is a process (which has to be adequately financed) and not a project Accept that results will show in value not in volume Never lose focus on the commercialization Accept politically that business has no boundaries and that science is global Equity is good (upbringing) money and grants are bad money Contests focuses on those which can deliver and not those which are pitied

29 29/27 Creating an Innovative Europe - the Aho report to the EC Provide an innovation-friendly market Regulation Standards Public procurement IP Large scale strategic actions on European level Increase in resources Structural funds share to R&D trebled Mobility Financial mobility Clusters and technology platforms

30 30/27 Structural funds - Infrastructure or R&D ? Both infrastructure and R&D plus socio-economic infrastructure (process facilitation and trust creation) and venture capital (reinforcing local capital formation)

31 31/27 Thank you, for further information please contact Kristofer Erlandsson

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