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Why is that LOV in the screen not returning me desired value?

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1 Why is that LOV in the screen not returning me desired value?

2 Debugging LOV In a EBS screen, the LOV in this form does not bring back any records (in D2K) ? Set trace with binds and waits, using help menu. Using the binds option, you will get to see value of the variables in SQL. Find the trace file location On the SQL*Plus run to find trace directory select value from v$parameter where name like 'user_dump_dest' Go to database machine, to the trace directory, and ensure that you can access that trace file on the DB Server Now for test case, enter value in LOV field, and tab out to initiate SQL behind the LOV on that field. By doing so, this SQL that retrieves data for LOV will get written into the trace file Use help/diagnostics to enable trace You will be shown the path & name of the trace file

3 Debugging LOV Extract the SQL with its Bind Variable Value so that it can be run offline in SQL*Plus Session The trace files shows the SQL that was executed For each SQL statement, you will also see the variable values in the trace file :1 equates to Bind#0 :2 equates to Bind#1 Hence you can construct the exact SQL that screen is running Inside the trace file, you can see the SQL and its bind values`

4 Instead of running the trace, cant I simply open the form and see the query in Record Group? Yes, you can but :- Trace file gives you the bind variable values The record group might have been altered programmatically or by Forms Personalization or from CUSTOM.pll. Hence using this technique, you get the end product SQL statement

5 Other scenarios where this technique is useful You might be requested to develop a report that prints the data that is displayed from a screen. In this case, you can nick the SQLs that screen uses, fine tune them for performance, and your report is almost ready. You may wish to know the list of inserts/updates & deletes that are taking place from a screen, during data entry. You may also wish to find out the SQL Statements/Cursors that are executed/fetched for validations.

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