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The Next Level in Drum Education Book Three Intermediate to Advanced Piece 17: 1916 Lest we forgetSlide show 6:00 long.

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2 The Next Level in Drum Education Book Three Intermediate to Advanced Piece 17: 1916 Lest we forgetSlide show 6:00 long

3 the third book in the musical drumming series is aimed at students who have finished Musical Drumming, Book Two and any Competent drummer looking to improve their playing and understanding of advanced rhythms, grooves and time signatures Piece 13: Quintan

4 The focus of the musical drumming method is application. understanding the theory and systematically playing many variations of a groove is crucial step in learning that technique well. However if the final step of applying that skill to pieces of music is not taken, often that knowledge remains more theoretical than practical. Piece 10: The Afro-Cuban Hillbillies

5 Piece 1: Wonderland Section One: Grooves and techniques A comprehensive guide to Advanced Grooves: shuffle funk, grace notes, offbeat grooves, double Time grooves, linear grooves etc. are covered in this section

6 Section one: grooves and techniques The Drum Kit 1 Double Time Grooves 2 Offbeat Grooves 3 Piece 1: Wonderland 4 Qtr Note Grooves with 1/16ths 5-6 Qtr Note Grooves with Triplets 7 1/16th Note Triplet Grooves 8 Piece 2: The Bridge 9-10 Advanced Shuffle Beats 11 Sixteenth Note Triplet Accents 12 Shuffle Funk 13-15 HH/Ride Cymbal Patterns16-17 Piece 3: The Groove that Knew too Much 18 Paradiddle Exercises19-20 Syncopated Hi-hat Grooves21 Alt. Syncopated HH Grooves22 Double Stroke Grooves23 Triple Stroke Grooves24 Grace Notes25-26 Piece 4: Urgency Calling27-29 Linear Grooves 30 Theory Quiz # 131 Piece 2: The Bridge


8 Piece 6: Audial Illusion Section Two: Relative rhythm This section explores and develops Rhythmic relationships. How does a quarter note triplet relates to a Septuplet? What is a hemidemisemiquaver? It does this while developing players Rudiments at the same time

9 Section Tw0: relative rhythm All Permutations ¼ notes to 1/32nd notes 32-40 Note Values41-42 Piece 5: Relativity 43 Nontuplets, Dectuplets44 1/32nd Note Triplets, 1/64th Notes 45 Duplet & Triplet Exercises 46 Singles to Doubles Exercise 47-48 Double and Triple Dotted Notes 49-50 Stem Slashes51 Piece 6: Audial Illusion52 Piece 15: Now and Then


11 Piece 7: Rudi met Al Section Three: Fills & soloing This section is about improving your Technique and facility while having fun exploring solo ideas in the context of drum fills

12 Section Three: drum fills and Soloing Drum Fills53-54 Note Value Approach55-62 Different Length Approach63-64 Fill Rhythms65 Tom Patterns66-67 Instrumental & Rhythmic Variations68-69 The Grouping Approach70-72 The Accent Approach73-74 Rudimental Approach75-78 Piece 7: Rudi met Al79 Piece 8: Rudi Goes Mental80 Putting it All Together81-82 Piece 9: Phil83 Theory Quiz # 284 Piece 9: Phil (without drums)


14 Section Four: Time signatures An incredibly misunderstood area of music. My hope in writing this section, is to destroy the mystique and trepidation muso's often feel towards this area of music. With a little understanding and technique it can be quite accessible. Hopefully in the future the trend started by artists like 'Tool' and 'Sting' will continue and non 4/4 grooves will be used more in popular music. Piece 15: Now and Then

15 Section Four: Time Signatures Half Note Based Time Signatures85-86 2/2, 3/287 Piece 10: The Afro-Cuban Hillbillies88 Quarter Note Based Time Signatures89-90 2/4, 3/491 Piece 11: Wok n Wal92 4/4, 5/493 Piece 12: Quinjazzplet94 6/4, 7/495 9/4, 10/4, 11/4, 13/496 Eighth Note Based Time Signatures97-98 Odd Time Signatures99 3/8, 5/8100 Piece 13: Quintan101 6/8, 7/8102 Piece 14: The One That Got Away103 8/8, 9/8, 10/8104 11/8, 12/8, 13/8105 14/8, 15/8, 17/8, 18/8, 19/8, 21/8106 Piece 15: Now and Then107 Sixteenth Note Based Time Signatures 108-109 3/16, 5/16, 7/16, 9/16, 11/16110 13/16, 15/16, 17/16111 Piece 16: Iron Hendrix112 19/16, 21/16, 23/16, 25/16, 27/16, 29/16113 Piece 17: 1916 Lest We Forget114 More Time Signatures115 Changing Meters 116-119 Piece 18: Raping Love 120-122 Piece 19: At Times Like This (excerpt)123 Piece 20: Schizophrenia124 How to Aurally Work Out Time Signature125 Time Signature Discography126 Theory Quiz # 3 127 Piece 14: The One that Got Away



18 Theory quizzes Book Three contains three written theory quizzes. Asking various practical, theoretical and aural questions. To aid understanding of time signatures quiz three is a completely aural quiz. Question two asks students to aurally identify what time signature is playing (example playing now). Quiz # 3: Question 2 J

19 Piece 12: Quinjazzplet Musical Drumming, Book Three, intermediate to advanced contains: 131 Pages of music in 4 sections : Grooves & techniques : relative rhythm : Drum fills & soloing : Time signatures A 40 track, 78min CD with : 16 Songs (with & without drums versions) : 4 Drum Solos : 5 aural theory quiz questions Recommended retail price $49.95

20 Musical Drumming Book Three Intermediate to Advanced Available from your local music store via AMPD Order code: 0401 3191 76 Email: Or visit Piece 11: Wok n Wal

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