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Propaganda Techniques

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1 Propaganda Techniques
What techniques are used to persuade you?

2 What is propaganda? Use of carefully used words and/or pictures in order to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes and behavior.

3 Bandwagon Choices Like peer pressure
Argument: “Everyone is doing it, so you should too.” Crest toothpaste: “Four out of five dentists prefer Crest.” What is “jump on the bandwagon” and where did it come from?

4 Name calling Often occurs in politics and wartime.
Attaches a negative word or feeling to an idea, product or person. Often found in political cartoons

5 Testimonial When an important person or figure endorses a product or an idea. “If THIS important person believe this is a good idea, it must be.”

6 Glittering generalities
Emotionally appealing. Associated with highly-valued concepts and beliefs Honor Glory love of country Freedom Peace Name calling in reverse

7 Plain folk Use of ordinary people to gain confidence and trust.
Just like the common person May use improper grammar or regional slang.

8 Transfer Uses symbols that pack a strong punch for their message.
People either widely respect or despise Often used in politics and wartime American Flag Swastika

9 Faulty reasoning Factual supporting details are used, but do not support the conclusion. Irrelevant information (red-herring) Circular reasoning Either-or

10 Fear Use of emotional response to threats and danger to promote a product or agenda. During WWII Anti-vaccine campaign

11 repetition If you say it over and over again, people will believe it.

12 Otherness “Not everyone is doing this, but you are special, so you should.” Promotes an elite mentality –feel you are the exception if you use/buy it.

13 Mass marketing to a subculture
Targets a smaller group of people within the main culture. Makes the subculture more mainstream Example: Harley Davidson clothing and accessories

14 Collective memories Moments/events shared by large numbers of people because of a common experience Coca Cola uses this technique in many of their ads . Christmas Family Fun

15 Humanizing technology
Simplifies or personifies products that are technical in nature. No longer use “scientific” mumbo jumbo to convince people but regular language.

16 Strong women Uses images of athletic females representing both beauty and power. Nike uses women athletes.

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