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Monitoring Produced Water: Case Study Challenges and Successes

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1 Monitoring Produced Water: Case Study Challenges and Successes 17327 Norwell Drive Covington, LA 70435 Phone: 985-809-6480 Presentation by: Gerard Cooke

2 History Major Oil Company in the GoM was facing issues with water treatment equipment at multiple facilities Existing monitoring equipment not working satisfactorily One of the facilities was issued an NPDES discharge violation after a sheen resulted from an overnight equipment failure Looking for ways to improve the water treatment process and early detection

3 Challenges Know what is going on! Make changes and improvements Trust the data React to what is known Use data to make process control decisions Automate the process

4 Reliability and Trust Cleaning Cleaning has always been a major problem with monitors Oil in water monitors do not work Customer was not convinced monitor could automatically clean Over time trust was built up with automatic cleaning leading to less and less lab samples glass clean_med2.wmv

5 Equipment Selection Factors to Consider Reliability Dependability Monitoring at Multiple Points in the System Side-Stream vs In-Line

6 Installation

7 Early Data

8 Later Installations

9 Data Graph represents 17 months of data for discharge (Oct 11 – Feb 13)

10 Successes Zero Noncompliance Violations Since Installation Since the monitors have been deployed in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil company has had zero NPDES violations Similar configuration now deployed on 7 platforms in GoM with more to follow in 2013

11 Conclusion Monitoring multiple locations not only insures no violations but provides early detection indicators and cost saving Cost saving not only from zero violation but also from process monitoring i.e. chemical usage optimisation

12 Questions???

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