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Coaches Clinic Page 1 Second Coaches Clinic Welcome.

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1 Coaches Clinic Page 1 Second Coaches Clinic Welcome

2 Coaches Clinic Page 2 Coaching Technique & Drills John Ireland

3 Coaches Clinic Page 3 Teach more than Lacrosse Teach –Teamwork –Discipline –Respect –Leadership –Sportsmanship Its NOT all about winning It has to be fun But it is more fun if you win a few A coach owes the players a balance of FUN and Success

4 Coaches Clinic Page 4 Player management Set expectations for the kids –Clear concise and predictable –Kids will rise to the expectations –Good Ideas to implement Players should get to practice 15 minutes early Get their gear on before the official start of practice Give them a warm-up activity to begin as soon as they get there –Passing left and right –Working off the wall –Etc... WITH GEAR ON Coaches need to adhere to the rules too –If players are expected to be on time so should the coaches –Players shouldnt be allowed to demean other players,... Neither should coaches –Etc...

5 Coaches Clinic Page 5 Player management Kids are people too –Treat them like you want to be treated –But dont forget youre dealing with kids No matter how smart they are theyre still not as smart as you –Thats what makes them fun When you have something important to say communicate at eye level –Big guys are intimidating

6 Coaches Clinic Page 6 Plan your Practice No long-winded speeches Allow time for: –Warm-ups/stretching –Conditioning –Cool-downs Keep practices moving –an idle child is a recipe for disruption Drills –Short lines so kids are moving –Dont overcomplicate your drills Attempting too much realism can defeat the coaching points of the drill Fundamentals are important even for the professionals –Dont assume the fundamentals are too basic or boring

7 Coaches Clinic Page 7 Plan your Practice Start the practice with: –A review of previous games or practices strengths and weaknesses –An indication of what you want to accomplish in the current practice –NO LONG WINDED SPEECHES –Be straight with the kids Firm criticism is ok but keep it upbeat End the practice with: –An assessment of the practice –Whats coming next –NO LONG WINDED SPEECHES –Be straight with the kids Firm criticism is ok but keep it upbeat

8 Coaches Clinic Page 8 Plan your Practice Give kids an opportunity to strut their stuff –Let them try things in practice theyre afraid to try in games –Soon enough youll be amazed by what they can do –Theyll be more creative when it counts Scrimmaging is NOT very instructional –Generally results in a decrease in skill development –Its more of a reward than an opportunity for coaching/teaching Focus on TEAM PLAY

9 Coaches Clinic Page 9 Coaching Technique Amplify every positive thing that anyone does and make sure the other kids hear your praise; it is a tremendous confidence builder Its also appropriate to point out the negatives in the same fashion but MAKE SURE that you package it with something positive to keep the self-esteem up –Also keep your criticism even handed A good player that makes a mistake is often more at fault than the bad player that makes the same mistake Stay cool, because it is too easy to get frustrated with the youngsters; their maturity? No matter how hard you try, some kids just will not get it; some will continue to goof around, not appear to be interested, etc… Allow then a little time to goof around and bond as teammates

10 Coaches Clinic Page 10 Be Prepared Prepare for Practice –Communicate what will be covered –Set a schedule and keep to it Have a set of drills prepared Make sure the kids know it 10 Minute for each drill –Get the assistant involved –Work Hard/ Play Hard Reward with cool drills –Shooting, face off, fast break –Keep everyone moving –No Child Left Behind!

11 Coaches Clinic Page 11 Practice Basics 15-30 min –Warm-up –Fundamentals 20-30 min –Agilities –Endurance –Strength 20-30 Min –Skills Individual –Skills Field 20-30 min –Situations 15-30 min –Specialties

12 Coaches Clinic Page 12 Starting a Practice Warm Up –Laps - jogging –Stretching Jumping Jacks, Hamstrings, Quads, Groin, Calves, Back, Shoulders, Neck, Push ups, Jumping Jacks Fundamentals –Line Drills Ground Balls to and away, Flip Drill, Pass right and left (inside and out), Over the shoulder, Face Dodge, Roll Dodge

13 Coaches Clinic Page 13 Conditioning Agilities –Cone Drills –Foot Work –Stick Checks –Dodging –Shuttle Runs –Back Peddling –Shuffle Drill Endurance –Field runs –Defense Shuffle –5 @ 1 ground balls Strength –Push-ups/Sit-ups –Lunges-shuffle –Man on back off-ball –Nail in foot

14 Coaches Clinic Page 14 Individual Skills – Left and Right Offense – Attack and Mids –Four Corners –Meat Loaf –3 Man Weave –Alley Drill –G-Balls –1st moves - off G-balls & off dodge –Cuts/Feeds Pass and Pick Away –1-4 Pass to shots –Finishing – 1 on 1 & 2 on 1 –Shooting Drills Middies –Face Offs –Playing both sides –Open Field Dodging –Looking for the open man Defense –Stick Checks Poke, slap, wrap, back, overhead (not recommended) –Positioning In front of cage Goal Line Extended Behind Cage –Long Passes –D-Holds –D-Sides –1 on 1 Goalies –Stepping to the ball –Stick Position –Loud Mouth

15 Coaches Clinic Page 15 Field Skills –Team Skills Field Skills –2 on 1 Ground Balls; Man/Ball –3 man weave –2 on 1 Four Corners –½ Field Box Clearing –Full Field Passing –Shooting Sweeps and Rolls Give and Go Pick and Shoot Scoop and Shoot Dodge and Shoot Shoot thru screens –Breakout clears Team Skills –Talk –Positioning –2 on 2 & 3 on 3 –Unsettled Skills –Off Ball Positioning

16 Coaches Clinic Page 16 Situations Man-up/down Fast Breaks 2 on 1, 3 on 2, 4 on 3, 5 on 4 "Low ball Transitions Slow to 6 on 6 Dice drill Quick clears Rides & clears Pressure Defense Shut off Zone Defense Man to Man

17 Coaches Clinic Page 17 Specialties Offense –Settled Offense –Settle O –O looks –2 minute drills –Slide packs –Man with and w/out Pressure –Zone –Man Up Plays –Tempo Boost –Full field transition –Middies- Figure 8 Defense –Zone Defense –Team D's –Man Down Plays –Defense- scoop, dodge, pass, checking

18 Coaches Clinic Page 18 End of Practice More Conditioning –4 th quarter energy –Get them home a little tired but feeling that they did a lot –Sometimes the end of practices do involve everyone, this brings everyone back together Sprints, Distance, timed competition –Warm Down - Stretch

19 Coaches Clinic Page 19 Practice - Emphasis BantamsJuniorsSeniors March Stress the Fundamentals Stick Skills Cradling Catching; Throwing Ground Balls Moving with the ball Defensive position Agility/Endurance/Strength Left and Right Hand Catching on the run Offense Defense; Stick checks Clear the Ball Running a play; simple Fast Break Agility/Endurance/Strength Stick Skills - All Offense; Simple Plays Dodging Defense Full Field Transition Agility/Endurance/Strength Man up – Man down April Left and Right Hand Catching on the run Offense Defense; Stick checks Clear the Ball Running a play; simple Fast Break Agility/Endurance/Strength Stick Skills; Dodging Offense; Running Plays Defense; Talking, Forcing the play Full Field Transition Man up – Man down Agility/Endurance/Strength Stick Skills Offense; Complex Plays Defense Full Field Transition Face off techniques Man up – Man down; Plays Agility/Endurance/Strength May/June Stick Skills Dodging Offense; move without the ball Defense; Full Field Transition Agility/Endurance/Strength Stick Skills Offense Defense Full Field Transition Face Off Techniques Agility/Endurance/Strength Stick Skills Offense Defense Full Field Transition Agility/Endurance/Strength

20 Coaches Clinic Page 20 Coaching Technique Practices can be great provided the players have the proper attitude and motivation This is the job of the coach and the team Have them encourage each other and help each other. This is about being part of a team. The better everyone gets the better the team. The more fun.

21 Coaches Clinic Page 21 Go Guilford

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