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Characterisation Techniques Vocabulary (Use it or lose it)

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1 Characterisation Techniques Vocabulary (Use it or lose it)

2 A Definition… Characterisation is the process of developing a role into a character. When creating a character, thought should be given to developing appropriate and distinctive language, voice and movement characteristics. Theatre arts – Costume, Make-up and Props can be utilised to present a character. Techniques to investigate and develop character include:-

3 Role-play A means of exploring attitudes and beliefs

4 Improvisation Exploring how a character would act and react in a variety of situations

5 Character Card Detailed information about a character

6 Writing-in-role Writing a diary/letter etc from perspective of character.

7 Hot Seating Questioning a character in role

8 Thought Tracking The character speaks their thoughts out loud.

9 Thought Tunnel Characters walk past other characters who comment on their situation. Youve done it now You cant go back You fool. Wait till the others find out. What will you do now?

10 Voices in the head Recall of words said by others about a character or situation. Shes just like her mother. You will never be a winner How could you be so stupid?

11 Status A characters importance relative to others. Characters are interesting when their status is threatened or altered.

12 Stereotype An exaggerated portrayal of a type of person.

13 Other considerations.. The characters relationships with others in the drama. The social, economic and cultural background of the character.

14 Characters/Roles Roles Thief Murderer Son/Brother Landlady Boxer Manic Depressive Tycoon Young Wizard Characters Aladdin Sweeney Todd Bart Simpson Kat Moon Rocky Balboa Stacey Slater Montgomery Burns Harry Potter

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