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Exam Technique By Mrs. J. OConnor Guidance Counsellor.

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1 Exam Technique By Mrs. J. OConnor Guidance Counsellor

2 Purpose of Pre- Exams To practise under exam conditions To help you focus on the actual exams To see if you are competent at that level Your pre-results indicate your level now –so improvements/changes can be made between now and June. These results are not your final results Do not get complacent! Important to keep up/improve momentum

3 Midterm/Easter - N.B. to Study Routine and consistency is important. Start at the same time each day Follow a planned schedule –it would be very useful to follow your school timetable as a planned schedule. Take regular short breaks Do not just read through material! –40% of what you learn is lost after 20 minutes –Make revision notes, draw and label diagrams, flash cards, practise exam questions. This will improve memory! Practise does make perfect!

4 Exam Papers Very important to examine past papers! What to know about each exam paper: –the date and time of each exam –honours or pass? –What is the layout of the paper –the number of questions to be answered –length of time per question –the marking scheme –what are your choices in the paper –what are the guidelines given on the papers

5 Advice on Answering Questions Read questions carefully Answer the question you are asked and not the one you would like to be asked Use information that is relevant to the question Be familiar with the advice given at the top of your exam papers Answer only what is required by the question Concentrate on your strength's outside of the compulsory sections

6 On receiving your exam paper Read all of the paper. Eliminate impossible questions (if choice exists). Start with your best question. Reread your choice of question, underlining key words before attempting to answer. Prepare a skeleton plan. Stick to time limit, based on marking scheme Make bullet points if you are struggling with time Leave space for unfinished answers - as these can be returned to if time permits at the end.

7 10 Common Errors Failure to answer only what is asked Spending too much time on questions that carry few marks Irrelevance Spending too much time on 1 or 2 questions Failure to answer all compulsory questions Failure to show workings Failure to list the various steps in science experiments Assuming that there must be a mistake in a question Failure to use proper labels on graphs, diagrams etc. Depending too much on the calculators answer

8 General Tips In most subjects there is no right or wrong answer Ability to think and manipulate information is being tested, not just to recall. Always spend the first 3 to 4 minutes examining the question and planning your answer- Structure is important! Make sure all answers are clearly numbered Write clearly and legibly Always leave a gap at the end of each question

9 L.C. Geography 2hrs 30 minutes (+20 minutes) 12 short questions + 4 long questions All sections carry equal marks (5x80) Structure of Paper: –Section A – short questions 10/12 best counted –Section B – Core Unit 1. (1)physical to answer 1 of 3 (2) Regional to answer 1 of 3, 3 parts per question 20/30/30 SRPs x15 –Section C Electives Economics or Human –Section D Options Q 16-18) Geoecology (essay!)

10 Summary Read paper carefully Select questions after careful consideration With chosen questions, –underline key words, –write a plan, –check you are sticking to plan, –stick to timing Good luck!

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