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Welcome to Klein Oak! CLASS OF 2017

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1 Welcome to Klein Oak! CLASS OF 2017

2 Focus on the Future! » Prepare for: High School College
The World of Work » The choices you make now will help shape your future!

3 Administrators Principal Mr. Webster Ms. Arellano (9th Grade)
Associate Ms. Jackubek (Girls) Assistant Mr. Hensley (Boys)

4 Counselors Ms. Hill Ms. Jenkins (ESL) Ms. Shasteen (IB)
Ms. Beguesse Ms. Hill Ms. Jenkins (ESL) Ms. Shasteen (IB) Ms. Shock (AVID) Case Manager: Ms. Wilder

5 New Terminology ►Required Course ►Elective Course ►Prerequisite
►Credit ►Classification ►Semesters (1st/2nd) ►Transcript ►Grade Point Average ►Class Rank

6 Classification Policy – Klein ISD
0 – 5.5 credits 9th grade (Freshman) 6 – 10.5 credits 10th grade (Sophomore) credits 11th grade (Junior) 17 credits 12th grade (Senior) 26 credits Required to GRADUATE! Classification is based on credits earned prior to the school year.

7 Your transcript A “picture” of what you did academically in high school Credits earned All grades are on transcript (including failing grades) Colleges request your transcript to find out what kind of student you are.

8 Texas Graduation Requirements

9 Recommended Plan Credits needed: 4 English / 4 Math / 4 Science
3.5 Social Studies / .5 Economics 2 years of the same Foreign Language 1 PE / 1 Fine Arts / .5 Speech 5.5 Electives Pass 12 EOC exams Total: 26 Credits

10 What is STAAR? State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or STAAR™. The high school STAAR is in the form of EOC or End-of –Course Tests These are basically state-created final exams for your 12 core courses over your high school career.

11 Subjects Tested for EOC
English Math Science Social Studies English I Algebra I Biology World Geography English II Geometry Chemistry World History English III Algebra II Physics U.S. History The table shows what subjects will be tested for End-of-Course exams. For English, English I, English II, and English III will be tested. For Mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II will be tested. For Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics will be tested. For Social Studies, World Geography, World History and U.S. History will be tested. 11

12 Distinguished Achievement Plan
Credits needed: 4 English / 4 Math / 4 Science 3.5 Social Studies / .5 Economics 3 Years of the SAME Foreign Language 1 Fine Arts / .5 Speech/ 1 PE 4.5 Electives Total: 26 Credits Plus: Students must also complete 4 advanced measures such as AP exams, college courses, National Merit recognition, etc.

13 Pre-AP/AP Classes designed to challenge motivated students and prepare them for college level course work Moves at a faster pace with a great amount of reading Are you interested in a particular subject? Do you excel in a particular subject? Students may choose to take one to all of their core classes as Pre-AP. Consider time commitment when choosing Pre-AP classes.

14 AVID A class designed for those who have not been in an honors class, but would like to take pre-AP classes. Students will be supported by an AVID trained teacher. Students are selected by an application and interview process.

15 International Baccalaureate Program
Klein Oak is the only campus in the district to offer the International Baccalaureate program. This outstanding program is a demanding course of study for the highly motivated student. If interested, please contact: Linda Garner at OR Attend one of the informational meetings.

16 To “IB” or not to “IB”-- that is the question.
For information about the International Baccalaureate Program, you are invited to attend one of the informational meetings. The meetings will take place January 31, 2013 and February 7, 2013 (6:30-8:30 p.m.) in the 9th grade building Multipurpose Room. IB teachers and students will present an overview of the program and application process.

17 The International Business Academy at Klein Forest High School
The Academy is a four-year program that encompasses the high school core curriculum with additional academic courses emphasizing business, languages other than English, and global cultures. Benefits to Students √ Strong Academic Foundation √ Exposure to innovative courses related to global issues √ Project-based learning √ Summer internships and cooperative work opportunities √ Job shadowing and business networking √ Partnerships with businesses and the University of Houston

18 ROTC MISSION STATEMENT: Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. We are not military recruiters. Objectives Educate and train students in citizenship Promote community service Instill responsibility, character and self-discipline Provide instruction in air and space fundamentals Leadership Training Summer Leadership School Confidence courses Air Force JROTC leadership positions Curriculum (Physical Education Credit) Leadership Education (4 Years) Aerospace (Weather, Space) Management Physical Training Military History Survival Instructors COL Irving LeBlanc SMSgt Victor Vale MSgt Steven Brumfield

19 Typical 9th Grade Schedule
ENGLISH I Algebra I World Geography Biology PE FINE ART Foreign Language Elective

20 If you are interested in Baseball, Golf, or Volleyball, sign up for PE
If you are interested in Baseball, Golf, or Volleyball, sign up for PE. Tryouts for these sports will be conducted at a later date. If you make the team, you will have a schedule change. The following courses will have tryouts in the spring of your 8th grade year. (sign up for PE until tryouts are conducted.) They are: Drill Team, Color Guard, & Cheerleading.

21 Students may sign up for the following:
Football Cross Country Track Wrestling Swimming Boys’ Soccer Girls’ Soccer JV Tennis Softball Basketball Be sure to get a physical over the summer!! All Athletic placements are temporary pending tryouts!

22 SPEECH Communication Applications Professional Communications Debate 1
can be used for required credit Professional Communications Debate 1 this is an elective credit and will not count for the speech requirement

23 Independent Study Bible Literacy
KISD will offer a 1 semester course for 9th – 12th graders. This course will study the Old Testament and New Testament and their impact in the history and literature of western civilization.

24 Journalism Program Advisor Jennifer Walton
Journalism: covers all facets of journalistic writing and media coverage year long class prerequisite for newspaper and yearbook Photojournalism: covers photography that deals more with human emotions, journalism, composition semester class for photography student has to provide a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Newspaper: covers students, sports and events of school. Year long class Award winning staff, industry standard software Print and newspaper website Yearbook Independent class with leadership opportunities

25 Foreign Languages French Spanish German Latin

26 Germany has the 3rd strongest economy and is the No
Germany has the 3rd strongest economy and is the No. 1 export nation in the world. Germany is the economic powerhouse of the European Union. Germans have been world champions in these exports: cars, machinery, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, household goods. The country’s trade surplus reached 191 billion euros in 2005 and continues to grow every year. Stifflemire present here

27 Knowing German creates business opportunities
German is the second most spoken language after Russian in the Eastern European countries. 68% of Japanese students study German. German companies account for 700,000 jobs in the United States. The job candidate with German skills will trump the one without such skills every time.

28 Linguistics (Languages)
German is required or recommended by many undergraduate and graduate programs Biology Physics Chemistry Religious Studies Art History Linguistics (Languages) After this, Mr. Estes will speak about Latin

29 Theater Arts (Drama &Technical)
Fine Arts All have opportunities for Freshmen All have advanced levels for four years of study Dance / Drill Team Art Band Fine Arts teachers will speak after I read the slide Choir Orchestra Theater Arts (Drama &Technical) Floral Design

30 Klein Oak Art Department
Classes Offered: Art 1- Prerequisite for ALL upper classes in Visual Arts  Drawing 2,3,& 4 Painting 2,3, & 4 Ceramics 2,3, & 4 Sculpture 2,3, & 4 Photography (Traditional- Required 35mm MANUAL camera) 2,3,&4 Digital Art & Animation 2 (Independent Study-Recommended Digital camera) IB Visual Arts (SL 1st year and HL 2nd year) AP 2D Drawing and Design

31 DANCE at Oak Courses Strutters Dance Team Dance Company Oak Break Krew
I.B. Dance Dance Composition Advanced Dance Dance 1 and 2 BENEFITS Fine Arts Credit for Dance 1 through 4 courses Strutters receive PE credit during 8th hour Physical, intellectual, artistic and social benefits Earn a letter jacket through Company, Strutters or IB (sl or hl) National Honor Society for Dance Arts Advanced grade points earned in year 4 or IB

Dance 1 open enrollment Strutters Dance Team Auditions in April Dance Company and Advanced Dance Auditions in May Oak Break Krew Auditions in May I.B. World Dance I.B. students only

33 Career Programs in Klein

34 9th Grade Courses 2013-2014 Semester Full year Touch System Data Entry
Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance Money Matters Principles of Human Services Retailing & E-tailing Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Professional Communications Principles of Construction (KFHS only) Principles of Information Technology (KOHS and KHS only) Principles of Manufacturing (KFHS & KOHS only) Full year Principles of Agriculture, Food & NR Business Information Management 1 Concepts of Engineering & Architectural Technology

35 Agriculture Classes & FFA

36 How do I get started in FFA?
Enroll in Principles of Ag, Food & Natural Resources class for your 9th grade year

37 Construction Management Problems & Solutions Interior Design
Architectural Design Grades 10-12 Pre-Req: Concepts of Engineering & Arch. Technology (STEM Cluster) Construction Management 3rd year of sequence Problems & Solutions Independent study Interior Design Klein Forest ONLY Principles of Construction Grades 9-12 Klein Forest Only Construction Technology 2 periods Grades 10-12 Advanced Construction Technology 2nd year, 2 periods



40 Construction Management
Architectural Design construction drawing Construction Management Study the construction process of structures from start to finish then build scaled models. Problems & Solutions in Architecture & Construction research, design, and development activities using the technology sytems

41 Fashion Design *focus on apparel repair, care and history Advanced Fashion Design * 2 hour lab with focus on textiles and apparel industry

42 Club Couture

43 Animation 1 Problems & Solutions Third course in a sequence
Advanced skills in area of digital animation Designs for commercial and/or residential purposes Problems & Solutions Fourth course in a sequence Project-based research in animation

44 Business Computer Courses: Business Information Management
– word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, presentation management, & operating systems (MS Office) -- students obtain computer skills they can use to create various papers and projects during their high school and college classes. Prerequisite – Data Touch Entry Systems or Pass Proficiency Test

45 Business Touch System Data Entry, 9th-10th Keyboarding Course
Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance, 9th – 11th grade Intro course for future Business & Marketing classes. Virtual Business 10-12th Business Law 11-12th Global Business Human Resources Management

46 COMPUTER SCIENCE Freshmen – Senior Level Introductory Level Computer Science Courses – REGULARS Semester Courses Gaming Design Android Apps Robotics Advanced Courses for Freshmen Pre-AP Computer Science – Prereq -- Freshmen -- Must of completed Pre-AP Algebra 1 with a B or better in 8th grade Sophmore or Higher -- Passed Algebra 1

47 COMPUTER SCIENCE Other Computer Science Courses
AP Computer Science prereq – Pre-AP Computer Science or Teacher Approval IB Computer Science SL -- prereq Pre-AP Computer Science or Teacher Approval – Meets IB Science requirements or Elective IB Computer Science HL – preReq – IB SL Computer Science – Meets IB Science requirements or Elective 3 years of Independent Study – Teacher Approval

48 Instructional Practices in Education & Training
Grades 11-12 2 periods Requires own transportation to field based internship Practicum in Education & Training 2nd year (12th grade)

49 Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance, 9-11
Students will gain an understanding in the areas of Banking, Savings & Investments, & Business Careers Money Matters, 9-11 Enables students to be a more informed financial decision maker. Securities & Investments 10-12 Insurance Operations Accounting 1 Accounting 2 11-12 Pre-Req: Accounting 1 Financial Analysis Pre-Req: Accounting 1 Statistics & Risk Management Pre-Req: Accounting 1 and Algebra 2

50 Principles of Health Science (1 Unit)
explores health careers, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes. CPR certification offered. Prerequisite for all other classes. Medical Terminology (.5) an intensive study of medical language. Health Science (2 periods all year) clinical rotations in the community as well as rotations at a local hospital

51 Problems & Solutions in Health Science/Certified Pharmacy Technician
Prepares you to take the certification exam to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician ($10 to $12 per hour to start) 12th grade, 1 unit Problems & Solutions in Health Science/Certified Nurse Assistant Prepares you to take the certification exam to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. ($10 to $12 per hour to start).

52 Practicum in Health Science/EMT
Prepares you to take the EMT Basic Certification Exam 12th grade, 2 periods full year

53 Practicum in Hospitality Services
Class meets at a local hotel 11th or 12th grade or both 3 class periods including Hotel Management Approximately minutes of travel and changing time to arrive at campus – must provide own transportation Practicum in Hospitality Services 2nd year of Hospitality Services, 3 class periods

54 Practicum in Culinary Arts
– Klein Forest Only 2 hour food industry lab class Pre-Req: Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness Practicum in Culinary Arts 2nd year 2 hour food industry lab class

55 Principles of Human Services
9th Only Child Development 10th-12th Interpersonal Studies Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness Child Guidance 11th-12th 2 periods Practicum in Human Services 2nd year Child Guidance Cosmetology 1 & 2 11th - 3 periods 12th - 3 periods + after school

56 Child Development 10th-12th-Semester Child Guidance 11th-12th 2 periods-Full Year Practicum in Human Services 12th grade 2nd year Child Guidance

57 Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness 10th-12th- Semester Course


59 Cosmetology is a TWO year program
3 periods your junior year 3 periods your senior year + 1 hour after school 4 days a week You earn 7 total credits in Cosmetology You must plan very carefully to participate in this program. Take graduation required classes early!

60 Approximately $50,000 year salary
You can receive your cosmetology state license upon graduation Cosmetologists are always in demand Approximately $50,000 year salary

61 Digital & Interactive Media
Grades 10-12 Pre-Req: BIM or Desktop Publishing Web Technologies Grades 11-12 Computer Programming Use the VisualBasic programming language to create program code for simple business problems. Computer Maintenance Grades 10-12 Internetworking 1 CISCO 11-12 2 class periods full year(1-fall, 2-spring) Research in Information Technology Grade 12 Pre-Req: completion of 2 IT courses

62 Principles of Manufacturing
Welding Grades 10th-12th 2 period class Offered at Klein Oak only Advanced Welding Grades 11th-12th Principles of Manufacturing Grades 9 – 12 Klein Forest (machining) & Klein Oak (welding) only Precision Metal Manufacturing Grades 2 period class Klein Forest only Advanced Precision Metal Manufacturing Grades 11-12


64 Concepts of Engineering & Architectural Technology
Grades 9 -12 AutoCAD, Inventor, CAD/CAM, Revit Engineering Design & Presentation Grades Pre-Req: Concepts of Engineering & Arch. Technology Manufacturing drafting which emphasizes 2-D and 3-D modeling, Master Cam Problems & Solutions in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Grades 11-12 Pre-Req: Concepts of Engineering & Arch. Tech and either Engineering Design Presentation or Architectural Design (Arts cluster)

65 Electronics Robotics & Animation Grades 11-12
Pre-Req: Electronics or Concepts of Engineering & Architectural Technology

66 Energy, Power & Transportation Systems Grades 10-12
Entry-level skills in automotive industry Automotive Technology Grade Placement 11 2 periods Advanced Automotive Technology Grade 12 Pre-Req: Automotive Technology

67 Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Criminal Justice
For students interested in criminal justice careers – police officers, probation officers, attorneys, jailers, 911 dispatchers, detectives, etc.

68 Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
9-11 Semester class No prerequisite Law Enforcement 1 10-12 Prerequisite: Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Full year credit Law Enforcement 2 11-12 Prerequisite: Law Enforcement 1 Forensic Science 12th Prerequisite: Law Enforcement 1, Biology, Chemistry and Approval Process

69 Correctional Services
11-12 Full year credit Prerequisite: Law Enforcement 1 or Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Court Systems and Practices Prerequisite: Law Enforcement 1



72 Sophomore Status Must have 6 – 10.5 credits

73 High School Keys to Success
Practice strong study skills Prepare for class; do homework Use time efficiently; watch deadlines Assume responsibility for actions Plan well and make good choices

74 Make sure you know the requirements so you can start planning NOW!
What do you plan to do after high school? Which type of training is required for your future career? Military Technical School Employment Public University Community College Private University Military Academy Make sure you know the requirements so you can start planning NOW!

75 Planning Strategies Start thinking seriously about a career choice.
Make your 4 - year plan according to your career program of study. Counselors will meet with every student to do a 4 year plan.

76 Extracurricular Activities
The Keys To College Academic Courses Extracurricular Activities Community Service G.P.A. Class Rank SAT/ACT Score

77 You hold the future in your hands!
And in 4 More Years… You hold the future in your hands! For complete presentation, go to

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