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Www, Enhancing the site visit experience Personalization…

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1 www, Enhancing the site visit experience Personalization…

2 www, Our visitors expect sites to start behaving intelligently and adapt to their needs - without threatening their privacy. Personalization is the solution… 2

3 What's in this presentation Improving the visit experience with personalization: –How geolocation can improve the visit – technology and successful business cases –How recommendation engines can improve the visit – technology and business cases Cookies – uses and benefits Recommendation to grow our digital business 3

4 Improving the visit experience Personalization improves the visit: –A deodorant company may prefer to advertise male deodorant to males and female deodorant to females. –A news site may choose to feature articles about mobile phones for people who are interested in this technology, or articles about business for people who are interested in business – A book seller wants to recommend similar titles Personalization is delivered through two technologies: Geolocation and Recommendation engines 4

5 Improving the visit - geolocation Geolocation improves the visit by: –Offer services and products only in areas where the are available and/or legal –Connect local weather conditions to product promotions –Associate news and articles with reader location –Display in local currencies, prices and taxes –Use location to tailor ads (ad engines) –Create different versions of your landing pages 5

6 Two Technologies for Geolocation Active, where a user announces their location. These are iPhone or Android applications and require activity by the user. Examples are Foursquare and Gowilla. Passive, where the user may not be mobile at all or does not announce their location. Examples are NetAcquity and Quova. The approaches are both described here with some examples how they have been used in various types of businesses 6

7 Mobile vs Desktop Current Geolocation business cases only work for mobile HTML5 browsers will extend this to the desktop Only on Safari, Firefox 4 or Chrome

8 Passive Geolocation - NetAcuity Using Geolocation without checkin -NetAcuity: maps website visitors to Designated Market Areas (DMAs), providing placements for its national and local advertising partners at more familiar levels. Using IP Intelligence, ClickFox was able to show its client why customers were not able to complete their online transactions and achieved over $4 million in cost savings for the client 8

9 Passive Geolocation - Media Geolocation with NetAcuity was used to implement relevant digital content management for site visitors to Guardian Unlimited (UK) –Comprised of topical sites, much like industry, practice and Special Interest Groups ( SIG ) subsites –Goal was to demonstrate geographic reach by topic in addition to existing site metrics to boost advertising rates 9

10 Passive Geolocation - Limitations Without check in you can find out: –DMA 501 –City – Montvale Quality varies - only Quova correctly identified the city 10

11 www, Active Geolocation 11

12 Sports Business – Gowalla Sports organizations practice many forms of geo-targeting in their marketing campaigns: –Delivering web advertisements only to visitors from within your DMA (designated market area) –Sending direct mail pieces to certain towns and zip codes within your DMA on check in –Purchasing prospect lists based on a combination of zip and area code –A live event (especially a sporting event) can utilize geolocation to move consumers to a venue 12

13 Sports Business – Foursquare Check in at the ballpark and geolocation shows: –Seat upgrade offers –Food discounts –Team apparel and souvenirs –People you know at the game 13

14 Fashion Business – Foursquare Tracked gender by location (zip code) Used multiple Check- ins during Fashions Night Out 65% of check-ins came from girls, 36% boys Volume by zip code 14

15 Food&Beverage – Foursquare Pepsi Loot iPhone Ap Map and directions Cross markets food products per location (TacoBell, Pizza Hut) Time of day sensitive 15

16 Retail/Gasoline – Wal-Mart Rewards program geolocated at the pump Marketed non- gasoline products at point of purchase 44% of check-ins were new customers 16

17 www, Passive Geolocation 17

18 Location specific offers Present location relevant promotions Continental saw a 200 percent increase in click through Combine with premium content to create campaigns 18

19 Enforce Export Restrictions/DRM Music sites like Pandora and Spotify restrict access to their sites to users from the countries they are able to distribute in 19

20 SharePoint geo-relevant content Implement content tagging where a geographic element is present : –Using SAAS to get state/province/region from IP source address –Build a custom Relevant Document Web Part Does not require user be logged in. 20

21 Three Key Takeaway Points: 1.Geolocation will not accurately show the right content because visitor interest in can not be predicted entirely by ZIP code, or any other geographic element, and will not,by itself, provide relevant content. 2.You need to understand this visitors needs. What they have already viewed is the most powerful indicator of what they are interested in, and cookies are required next step to do that for an anonymous visitor. 3.To fully meet their needs, you need to remember what they did on the previous visits. Combining cookies with a database enable this level of personalization. 21

22 www, Cookies – The next step in personalization 22

23 Cookies are enabling technology Cookie Are: –A text file stored by a Web site on an individuals personal computer that allows a site to remember them –Information collected can be log-on times, the length of stay at the site, the site previously visited and the site visited next –Does not interact with other information stored on the customer system –Can only be read by the host that sets them on a persons computer –An alternative to requiring site registration 23

24 Cookies: Benefits and Negatives Benefits –Record passwords for returning visitors –Keep track of shopping-cart materials –Register preferences –Assist companies in address target markets with greater accuracy Negatives –Customer privacy issues both perceived and real –Can be misleading when different people may use the same computer to surf the Web 24

25 Two types of cookies Session cookie-Also called a transient cookie, it is erased when you close the Web browser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after the browser is closed – the shopping cart is a common use.Session cookie Persistent cookie -Stored on your hard drive until it expires, they are used to collect information about the user, such as user preferences for a specific site. Also called tracking cookie. Used in association with a database.Persistent cookie 25

26 What is in a cookie? Cookies have six parameters that can be passed to them: –The name of the cookie –The value of the cookie. –The expiration date of the cookie –The URL path the cookie us valid in. Web pages outside of that path cannot use the cookie. –The domain the cookie is valid for. –The need for a secure connection - SSL.SSL 26

27 What a cookie can do: A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information, typical uses are:name-value pairs –Storing login credentials to eliminate repeat logins –Provide customized landing pages and results –Store favorite Client site(s) on my home page –Enable unique visitor user metrics, critical for effective use of site metrics (NetInsight) 27

28 Session Cookies Session Cookies can: –Associate relevant content using information in the session –Cookies do not give you any information about what did read last time, etc. 28

29 Targeted Content Using just session cookies we can present relevant content today Based what the visitor just read we can provide related content and recommendations 29

30 Targeted Content We can present relevant content based on: –Individual's past behavior –Behavior of groups of similar individuals –Attributes of the content viewed (Industry/Practice) –Content type: events articles, seminars, ets. –Combine with subscriptions for registered users 30

31 Classifying our content Detailed understanding of preferences means detail classification of content: –IFRS 2.0 GP taxonomy is flexible and useful for financial reporting –The Cyc General Financial Taxonomy Suite contains over 1,200 terms about financial activities –WAND's Banking, Finance, and Investment Taxonomy is designed to help financial companies organize information and improve the quality of enterprise search results 31

32 Product Development Recommendations Personalize the user experience - start with geolocation, add session cookies, combine cookies with a database for the fully personalized experience. User can opt out. Integrate geolocation with trade shows and events with social media– use integrated campaign management to achieve synergy Coordinate with risk management to insure global compliance – laws vary. 32

33 Product Development Recommendations Investigate use of surveys to connect with visitors and get beyond just numbers Engage a Customer Experience Management (CEM) usability vendor to support our strategy 33

34 Site Management Recommendations Find out which Industries and services are attracting and retaining visitors – our best in class Develop SEO and Web Metric tools and see which members can best utilize our help to increase their traffic and visit length Training on proper use of keywords for members and how they affect site ranking and visibility 34

35 Summary Geolocation provides some personalization Session cookies take the next step and personalize one visit Persistent cookies extend personalization between visits Add a database that remembers past visits and preferences and you have business intelligence This is future of the visit experience 35

36 www, 36 Presenters contact details Doug Smith DEAK Enterprises +01 (201 ) 747-9083

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