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MOVERS and SHAKERS are the International one-stop shop based in South Africa for motivation and teambuilding. We are passionate about raising people up.

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1 MOVERS and SHAKERS are the International one-stop shop based in South Africa for motivation and teambuilding. We are passionate about raising people up to new heights in performance and motivation through our team building events, motivational activities & corporate teambuilding exercises. Our motivational activities, exercises, team building programs & events will make an unbelievable difference to your company or organization. MOVERS and SHAKERS have over 15 years experience in organizational development teambuilding interventions and the training arena. We have worked closely with many blue chip organizations and pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we have built over the years.


3 SOME TEAMBUILDING EVENTS & ACTIVITIES Bridging the BorderToxic SwampElectric Martian Spiders Web Work Without a Team SucksSearch & DestroyCrossing the Crocodile River Nail the ProblemBlind NavigationSkiing for Africa Walking n PairsShape up, Dont Ship OutMemory Minefield No team is the same as any another; our team building programs range from half day agendas through to multi-day retreats. All of our programs are designed to be extremely diverse in nature. Activities range from corporate team building based on a standard outcome modular designed teamwork games to more specific organizational development teambuilding interventions. As with all of our professionally executed teambuilding our selection of events; activities and programs are well presented with an exciting scenario briefing, intelligently facilitated and finally debriefed in a mature; concise manner. Issues covered in designing a program for your team: Communication Custodianship of Resources Trust Reciprocated Understanding Mutual Respect Crisis Management Overcoming FearsPreplanning / Preparation Leadership Responsibility & Accountability TeamworkLateral Thinking / Problem Solving Partnerships Utilizing team Strengths & Weaknesses Initiative Relationships Conflict Resolutions OUTCOMES BASED TEAMBUILDING

4 Do you really know your own limits? Who placed the boundaries of your comfort zone where they are? Your circumstances, your dreams, other people or maybe your past? Individuals experience a huge mind-shift when they realize that they can make fear their servant rather than their master. People start to examine what other delimiting baggage they may be carrying which could be holding them back from achieving their full potential and goals in life. We have found that the Firewalk is a catalyst which invokes people to make BIG DECISIONS about their future This accelerated deep bonding process is perfect for sales and leadership teams and has been known to revolutionise organisations and individuals. The area of Life skills is an elusive one. Sometimes it seems that Gods creatures have a more effective take on things. A perspective that you had never thought of before, or an experience that becomes memorable because of the visual element that occurred. We call this experiential training. We can more easily learn elusive concepts through powerful visual presentations. Our passionate Movers and Shakers presentations involving live wild animals are a feast for the senses DISCOVER THE FIRE WITHIN FIREWALK LESSONS FROM THE WILD

5 DRUMMING Percussion leaders and entertainers take the group on a rhythmic African journey to find their musical roots. Each delegate plays their own drum along with the beat. 1 Hour of exhilarating, stress relieving, energetic and very enjoyable group drumming session. You just cant do it without smiling! GUMBOOT DANCING Gumboot Dancing has been a way of life since early years of South Africa. Men & Women working together on the mines used Gum booting as a way of expression and communication in order to create happiness in times of sadness… An Excellent ice breaker and great way to celebrate in the old fashion way of song & dance. For the fit and not-so-fit. GLOBAL DRUM JOURNEY The rhythm of drumming is experienced around the world through different shaped and sized drums, but the experience is always one that moves through your veins and brings people together in times of celebration. During the Global Drum Journey the group will be broken into teams where each team will take on a different nations drums and rhythm: Chinese Taiko DrummingWest African Drumming Brazilian DrummingZulu Dancing / Drumming Gumboot DancingAustralian Ensemble PERCUSSION EVENTS

6 AMAZINGA-ZINGA RACE This exciting, fast paced event is action packed with teambuilding games from the outset and incorporate the journey to the conference destination. This is a unforgettable, clue chasing, activity filled race adventure. COOKS AND BAKERS Our fashion cooking Teambuild is used to provide a exciting and entertaining evening event with subtle undertones of teamwork and communication whilst having a lot of fun. MURDER MYSTERY The mystery., suspense and accusation fly's as the plot unfolds around you. Delegates are free to decide their level of involvement in this interactive play. PROFESSOR BLINGOS BRAIN EXPERIMENT The game show for people who hate game shows! All the thrills and excitement of every tv game show you have seen into on exhilarating and exciting activity. Professor Blingos Brain Experiment is a highly facilitated and hilarious spoof on the average TV Game Show whilst providing a high level of competition intended for a large group interaction. SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT PREMIERE

7 TRIBAL SURVIVOR: SEARCH FOR THE LOST TRIBE Equipped with a guide; delegates work as teams of archaeologists in a race to learn the mystical ways of the Wehdehellawi tribe. AFRICAN CRAFT ART A cultural experience that allows your team to create a corporate piece of art based on traditional and contemporary cultural skills of African village painting, beadwork, wore shaping and clay pottery. WHOS LINE IS IT ANYWAY? Improvised comedy at its best. Professional actor/comedians guide nominated team members through the most hilarious slap-stick situations for points SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT

8 TEAMBUILDING SIMULATIONS OPERATION CHOPPER Using a helicopter to transport delegates to various locations in order to solve a simulated crisis situation. After battle briefs this involves delegates actually taking control of the helicopter, bombing enemy sites, and defending the position to rescue a downed pilot. All the time radio communications are inbound from HQ changing parameters. CORPORATE CHAOS Teams run their own company with an obscure list of tasks which can generate them profits. This simulation becomes about Leadership, prioritisation, methods of delegation, whilst using the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Great fun is had throughout the financial year, despite the auditors. ART OF WAR – AIRSOFT MILITARY SIMULATION This is the most realistic military simulation system and is actually used by military forces for training. This is not Charge-and-shoot like paintball, but realistic military situations which at times involve stealth rather than confrontation of enemy forces. Tasks and duties need to be allocated like defending position, scouting, milieu attacking, sniper objectives or bomb disposal, etc..

9 STRATEGY SESSIONS Development of a mission and vision Insight into organisational strengths and weaknesses and how they can be used Analysing your organisations core competencies Clarity on goals and objectives Ultimately, a strategy for the way forward. SOFT SKILLS WORKSHOPS Listening Skills – perfect for sales and project teams Leadership topics Teamwork Workshop Time Management Goal Setting and steps to achieving them MEETING FACILITATION

10 HIGH ROPES A ropes course is a challenging activity designed for personal development and team building. SPEEDSTERS AND BREAKSTERS A high powered event that thrusts delegates into the exhilarating world of high performance motor racing. 4x4 ADVENTURES Armed with a map and vehicle; have a blast in off road mode and experience challenging exercises. RAFT BUILDING Either full size or toy vessels need to be designed, built, tried and tested (or maybe trusted!). PULSE RANGER No loud shots, no sore bodies. This is played in the same fashion as the paintball games. ADVENTURE TEAMBUILD QUAD BIKE The exhilarating activity can include a rally with individual activities or team activities. Numerous options available. ARCHERY A very popular and interesting team competition. See if you can hit the yellow dot, or try hit the balloon. ART OF WAR PAINTBALL The adrenalin will rush with Adventure, imagination., strategy and leadership with a lot of skop skiet and donder. LASER PIGEON SHOOTING No loud shots; no sore shoulder. Test your shooting skills on a laser-shy pigeon. CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING If you wont settle for anything less than the real thing, then lift that butt into your shoulder, take aim and brace yourself. RIVER RAFTING From White Water rapids to the less intimidating waterways, we can assist with the right adventure experience for you.

11 FAMILY FUN DAY A great opportunity for your team and their families to get to know each other; their cultures, talents and skills and enjoy a rewarding and entertaining day of fun. FAMILY EVENTS SCHOOLS WILDLIFE PRESENTATION Exposing our youth to Birds of Prey as well as Beasts of Prey, these have made a huge impact on the next generation. Also our community sponsorship program has allowed us to take these sessions into many struggling communities to the delight of many smiling little faces. Get your kids school to book us for their educational outing.

12 AGENDA DESIGN Make sure that your sessions and timings make sense and flow for the benefit of your delegates. Complimentary Service VENUE SUGGESTIONS We can provide you with suitable options, book on your behalf, and liaise as to all your conference requirements. Complimentary Service BUSSES, SHUTTLES & TRANSPORTATION Reliable, comfortable, and approved PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Keep lasting memories of your experience and corporate times together CORPORATE GIFTS From trinkets to gifts of lasting value. Also branded clothing, T-shirts and caps GALA DINNERS & DECOR Theme your evening and make it a lasting impression STAGING LIGHTING & SOUND From a simple microphone for a small group, data projectors, DJs, to High Tech Lighting shows and sound for gala dinners CONFERENCING & SERVICES

13 Office: +27 (0) Fax: WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU ?

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