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Learning opportunity for new pupils to experience RE in a hands on, memorable, fun and engaging fashion. Faith Day – Field of enquiry (Knowledge and Understanding,

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2 Learning opportunity for new pupils to experience RE in a hands on, memorable, fun and engaging fashion. Faith Day – Field of enquiry (Knowledge and Understanding, reflecting and responding, creating and enquiring) 6 major world religions – launch pad for KS3 learning. Enthuse and energise. Personalised learning/ faith community members

3 Reflective Experiential Learning Inclusive God Imagination Open Understanding Sensory

4 Logistical issues 220 pupils – we had never met! No school hall or gym – space is a premium First week and tests in-between some of the activities Cover/ Non specialist staff Rain – outside! Team effort – 9 groups and 7 activities of 1 hour each

5 Journey Journey from Primary to secondary school Journey around the school and the 6 world religions Each religion page and a stamp Reflection space Itinerary World map


7 Gospel Singing Margaret Joyful, Joyful Different type of Christianity Experiential experience but also enabled pupils to reflect on the message and meaning of the song lyrics.

8 The pupils were really engaged and enthusiastic by the Gospel singing and everyone was on task and listening. They really enjoyed the energy and a different way to explore Christianity. I have had pupils since come up to me and ask when we are doing this again. I know some of them have been to pester music to see if they can sing this there. It was really refreshing to see pupils of faith and no faith completely committed to singing but also looking further into the song lyrics.


10 I really enjoyed the singing as we got to dance! I never knew being a Christian could be fun. Chloee I love to sing. Gospel singing was really cool. I am going to see if we can do this at Church. Henry

11 Hajj Pupils would have little to no knowledge Move around the site as if on Hajj Experiential but also reflective (temptations) Ihram / equality




15 Hajj was a fantastic opportunity to do some experiential learning and get out of the classroom! Something we don't get enough opportunities to do! Students really responded well to it and were excited to take part in the opportunities. The brilliant thing with this, is actually it didn't take a long time to set up and yet was a brilliant learning experience which students valued and enjoyed.

16 It was well cold outside but when we had to run between the trees I got really hot. I was glad of that water from Miss. That Hagar lady must have been well tired. It must be well hard being on Hajj if its hot. Don't think I could do it. Josh I liked it when Sir put on the white clothes and told us about going on Hajj. I didn't know it was so hard to do. Do Christians have to do anything like this? Henry

17 Hindu art and dancing Creative, exciting but also a time for reflection Meeting faith community members Visual reminder for each form (fabric printing)

18 The Hindu activities were really engaging and inclusive for all pupils. The pupils learnt about key concepts and symbols within Hinduism at the start. After this they had the opportunity to be creative and produce their own Rangoli patterns which they really enjoyed. So much so they did not want to stop! They also got involved in some Hindu dancing which was really enjoyable for the boys and girls alike. The feedback was really positive.



21 Meeting Mr Singh No knowledge of Sikhism Talk and objects Pupils were totally fascinated and a real desire to learn more.

22 It was fantastic to see Year 7 students engage with Mr Singh, a practicing Sikh, and pose such insightful and interesting questions to him regarding Sikh beliefs, tradition and identity. The discussion with Mr Singh undoubtedly helped inform students awareness of a religion they perhaps knew the least about. It was also particularly useful for myself as I look to develop a scheme of work on Sikhism for Key Stage 3, the one major world religion not currently featured in the KS3 curriculum at Blue Coat.

23 I enjoyed it when Mr Singh showed us his knife. If I came to school with a knife I would be in trouble but I learnt it was a different type of knife like a special knife to show he was a warrior. I hope we are going to look at Sikhism this year Miss. It is well interesting. Miss are there lots of Sikhs in Oldham? Alex

24 Buddhist reflection Non specialist could do! Origami Lotus flowers Hour of silent reflection and decoration

25 Decorating a Sukkoth Avoid Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah as we teach this. Sukkot which is on now. Festival of Thanksgiving, journey and a new home which mirrored pupil experiences of a new school.

26 Thinking about the Jewish people remembering their time in the desert and 40 years of no proper home makes me really grateful for my house and family. I am so lucky compared to some people Aimee I liked learning to shake the lulav. I suppose its a bit like people shaking the palm when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Oh and miss taught me some cool words in Jewish. Jacob




30 Meeting the Chaplin Not RS Teacher School verse of the Year Important that the ethos of the school was shared. Lolly stick crosses


32 P4C Circle time Trip Advisor display Enquiry Peace Day

33 What could you do?

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